Look for Less – Kristen Bell

I’ve had several readers kindly remind me that I’m WAY overdue on a Look for Less post. Thank you for that, ladies! Seriously, how did I forget about all the fun I used to have finding these cute celebrity outfits while I was sitting in the office, putting off real work like the committed employee I am?!?


Kristen Bell is beyond adorable and always seems to be dressed in pretty, feminine outfits. That polka dot top she’s wearing makes me all happy inside. Aaaaaand I’m pretty sure I’m going to hunt down those shoes the first chance I get. Yes, they’re a tad hookerish, but sometimes I’m okay with hooker shoes. Judge me not.

Note: This post was actually not written during office hours. You know, just in case my 6’4″, middle-aged, manly boss ever gains an interest in my blog and decides to read about these fashiony-type things...

10 thoughts on “Look for Less – Kristen Bell

  1. What a great look and what GREAT finds! Thanks for the heads up… I’m going to have to find a way to sneak some (or, you know, most or even all!) of these pieces into my closet…

  2. I love Kristen Bell! She’s such a normal celebrity, how can you not like her?

    That outfit is adorable! I love the sweater-over-cute-top look.

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