Baby #2 – Six Weeks

Holy puke, Batman.

My, what a naive and obnoxious little thing I was the first time around. “MY morning sickness only lasted a few weeks! teehee!” Morgan, I will slap you. This time around, I don’t know if it’s because I know what symptoms to expect, or that someone has a voodoo doll of me and is beating the living crap out of it, but man. Pregnancy symptoms are kicking my rapidly expanding butt.

The Good:

  • My boobs are back and they… are… magnificent! Oh, hi! Yeah, I tend to talk about my boobs a lot, especially during pregnancy. Welcome to my overly-informative world.
  • My hair and nails are already looking the best they have in ages. Goooooooo, prenatal vitamins!
  • My boobs are back. (Sorry, they deserves two bullet points. One for each, naturally.)

The Bad:

  • Like, I said, the morning sickness. I have only been able to eat pretzels so far today. Yummy.
  • Super-human senses. It’s SO weird… my coworker ate his lunch before I walked into his office, and I was all “Where’s the peanut butter and jelly? IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOD!” He was all, “I ate it 20 minutes ago.” I put this under “The Bad” because I am also able to smell a variety of other not-so-pleasant odors REALLY well. Like bad cologne and farts. :(
  • My mood. Oh my gosh, I am a hormonal mess. Ever cry for no reason? Then start laughing because you have no idea why you’re crying? There’s nothing quite like it.
  • Sweating. And my body could provide warmth for a small village.  It’s almost too much cuteness to handle.

The Ugly:

  • In a nutshell? MY FACE. My skin sucks and I look SO tired and haggard. Thank heaven for my husband who has been totally cool with me taking so many naps.

Good news! The first ultrasound has been scheduled, so that’s something to look forward to! These first several weeks are pretty much just a big ball of puke and pudginess, so seeing the little bug will be an exciting reminder of why I’m going through it all. :)

32 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Six Weeks

  1. And for the same reasons mentioned by Christine…gra​pe kool-aid! But stay away from watermelon…it​ sounds like a good idea going in, but it is evil going the other way! Good luck!

  2. When a friend of mine is pregnant with morning sickness I always tell them the same thing… EAT TRIX CEREAL!! Its the only thing that tastes the same coming up as it did going down… and sometimes that in itself is a blessing…lol Trust me, Im a mother of 4!

  3. And for the same reasons mentioned by Christine…grape kool-aid! But stay away from watermelon…it sounds like a good idea going in, but it is evil going the other way! Good luck!

  4. Lemons are supposed to help with nausea!!! In my class they talked about drinking lemonade and it made me want to barf thinking about it, but it did help a little. Then the lady said you can even cut a lemon and put half in your car, at your office space, in rooms through out the house. I guess they do that when they transport cancer pateints since they feel yucky from meds and stuff. Worth a try!

  5. I was so sick with my second I couldn't eat ANYTHING for the whole time – I couldn't drink anything but lemon-lime gatoraide. It's clear(which helps with nausea), has a faint lemon taste (which is good with nausea) and helps with hydration. My husband would bring home the huge size that had it's own handle for easy carrying! :}

  6. its the opposite with me my skin is soo pretty right now, but its my hair thats bugging me cause ive always had thin hair and now its so thick i practically have to rip it out brushing it. being six months pregnant in the middle of summer is no fun at least youll be big in the winter lol

  7. Lisa, SERIOUSLY. I didn’t even touch on the sore boobs and sex dreams thing. That’s for next week.

  8. I don’t even want to think about morning sickness anymore. I was so sure I was going to wake up at 12 weeks and it would be gone, but nooooooooo.

  9. It looks like our pregnancies are identical.. I’m 6 weeks too!! My boobs are huge As well but no one is allowed to touch them!! They just hurt so fricking much.. Congrats :)

  10. Yipee for babies!!! I love reading your blog and ALL that you share. But especially happy to hear that the boobies are back! Congratulations on #2!
    Kathryn DiPalma

  11. oh..pretzels were my very best friends while preggo!

    I’m sure you look great, get over yourself ;)

    Can’t wait to see the little baby!!!!!!

  12. omyword, could you be any more hilarious with your boob comments? i would be afraid to mention boobs on my comment for fear that my father would read and pass out:|

    sorry for the puking. i remember little finny holding my hair back all the time while i puked when pregnant with calvin. and goodness i think my morning sickness lasted til the bitter end with ollie and twain:(

  13. 3 cheers for BOOBS!!! hahaha!! Morning sickness is the single worst part of pregnancy to me, it’s just plain MISERABLE! And the super sonic sensitive smelling powers just play into that whole nastiness. I really believed the lie that it would magically be over the minute I hit my 2nd trimester but with Malachi it lasted until 18wks. WTH. Thanks kid. ;) I hope yours doesn’t last that long, I’ll say a little prayer!
    Oh and I’m thinking your next update? BELLY PIC. Woo!!!

  14. At the risk of sounding like a creepo since I’m a guy, I also celebrate boobs.

    But mostly this comment is because I had NO IDEA kid #2 was on the way until now! CONGRATULATIONS!

  15. congrats, it seems like everyone around me is pregnant too… i wonder if there is something in the water lol

  16. hurrah booooooooobs!!!! lol

    and boo on all the bad things. Seriously, pregnancy… it’s not exactly fun is it??

    I’m so excited for you though. hang in there, girlie. :) love you!!

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