Baby #2 – Seven Weeks

I apologize for the lack of posting lately. It seems as though blueberry sized babies have the freakish ability to suck every last ounce of energy from your bloated little body, leaving you on the brink of falling asleep at any given moment. And don’t even test me right now because I already took 3 naps while writing this paragraph.


And I am bloated. Like, really bloated. See this picture?

99% gas, 1% baby. It’s gross, really. I could totally double as a life raft with all the air that I have in there.

I would also like to take a moment to salute the women who are able to keep their pregnancy under wraps until the 12th week because HOLY CRAP, complaining about my symptoms to everyone who makes eye contact is the only thing getting me through right now. You women are my heroes.

39 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Seven Weeks

  1. Well you look adorable if that’s any consolation! :)

    And I’m seriously jealous of how casual you can dress for work! SERIOULSY JEALOUS!!!!

  2. Okay, explain to me PLEASE how you still manage to look hot when bloated. Oh, and prego.

    Tell me your secret!

    Love and miss you.

  3. Ugh. I couldn’t eat chicken for months. I got over it, but I still can’t even think about lentils without gagging.

  4. Time seemed to stop for my pregnancy until about week 9. Then I started feeling better and now it’s flying! Unfortunately I realize that two weeks feels like an eternity to you right now, sooo hang in there!

  5. Gotta love that lovely hormone relaxin slowing down your digestive system so that you can absorbe every possible nutrient from the little bit of food you do actually want to eat. Hence the bloating and gas. ;)

  6. The bathroom looks so much more cheerful this time around! :) You are gorgeous!! love you!

  7. You make me sick you hussy!

    Such a cute little gas baby bubble.

    Your east coast bff.

  8. hawtness! you look great!

    I know what you mean about people being able to keep their pregnancies under wraps, it’s crazy! a friend of mine didn’t tell anyone until she was 4 weeks away from giving birth! (the one who gave birth on the toilet) nobody had a clue

  9. UMMM, I think you look HOT!

    My last pregnancy I lived on wings. So I totally get the bloatedness thing. You don’t look it though.

    In other news, I still look about 3-4 months preggos.

  10. Oh my, my husband and I had a good laugh about complaining about symptoms getting you through. I can’t wait to tell everyone next week that we’re expecting (10 weeks) – mostly because I feel an overwhelming urge to whinge!!

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