It’s not all cuddles and kisses

Like most parents, I tend to post flattering pictures of my child that reflect her little angelic side. You don’t want people to know your kid is really a brat, right?

Well after all this talk about babies and pregnancy, I wanted to be fair and contribute a little dose of daily life with a toddler as well. Friends who have been struck by baby fever, this is for you.

"You're not cutting my chicken fast enough!! AHHHHHHHH!"
"I am faking this to get more attention! How dare you safely watch the road and not ME!? AHHHHHHHHHH!"
"I'd rather break your pinky than sit still for two whole minutes while waiting for the doctor to see me for my illness! Even after you took extra time off work & had to skip your lunch just to bring me here! SELFISH WOMAN! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

34 thoughts on “It’s not all cuddles and kisses

  1. I love this!! LOL. I have to say though… I am much more into the toddler stage than the newborns. Genevieve spent pretty 13 months screaming at me and I had no clue what she wanted. Lately we’re having a language explosion…. and now… it’s not that she doesn’t still scream at me… but I can figure out what to do to make her BE QUIET a lot faster. Why yes, I am up for Mother of the Year. ;)

  2. Is it sad that my baby fever is so bad that those photos didn’t even affect me negatively? I looked at them and was like, “oh yeah, bring it.”

  3. You’re still a hot mom. MILF may not be appropriate between you and I…but you know….it’s kinda true.

  4. bahahaha!! ooohhh morgan, your face in the last shot MAKES this post, seriously.
    I have so many pictures of my boys like this when they were toddlers mainly b/c laughing AT them is the only thing that keeps you sane while enduring their demon fits, am I right? lol HOLD STRONG MAMA!

  5. i’m totally having one of those “I refuse to take naps” & “Hey, lemme drag 9 day old baby brother around when youre not looking” day.

    i feel ya.

  6. I love that you posted this very important nugget of truth in being a parent. Online we glorify them far too much. Sometimes kidlets are just plain frustrating!

  7. Morgan I actually love you for this, so honest. I’ve been a total brood fest recentely too! Maddie hasn’t put me off though xx

  8. That last picture makes me cringe because it seriously looks like shes about to snap your finger….. AH!!

  9. This post cracked me up. And I can’t remember if I’ve ever commented on here, but I’ve been a reader for a while; and if I haven’t, well, then “hi!” I love your stories, and you make me laugh. Oh, and make me want to be creative.

  10. I take pictures like that of my son too. The good and the not do good come together in a package, might as well document it all. Then you can pull some of those pictures out at the graduation open house someday. I’m just saying.

  11. oh..I still die over her cuteness…is that bad?!

    hahaha…poor mama!

    Mine rarely throws fits…but I have a feeling she’s waiting til shes a tad bit older to start!

  12. That look on your face is permanently fixed on mine, daily.
    My boys drive me batty and my 2 year old’s fave new game is hit mommy and then run away laughing.
    They better take care of my ass when I’m old!!!!

  13. The last one is my favorite. I imagine I’ll have that expression on my face for the duration of my mothering period.

  14. Morgan,
    Thank you, this post made my day. I’ve been struggling with my daughter lately as she got 4 teeth in 2 days and this post made me less alone.

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