How do you scare a bee?

Okay, we all know I talk about the boobs too much. I’m sorry, it’s just the woman I’ve become after saying goodbye and then reuniting with them so many times. It’s how I deal with all the trauma. Now, Maddie, on the other hand… she’s just discovering these things. She actually knows most of her body parts and will proudly poke you in the EYEBALL or stick her finger straight up your nose if you ask her to locate them. It’s a bit painful.

How she discovered boobies was actually an accident. A month or so ago, I was getting out of the shower and had this ridiculous purple puffy shower cap on my head. I love the thing because it works super well, but Justin won’t even make eye contact with me while I wear it because it’s just so hideous. I’ve learned to use this to my advantage. I mean… what?

Well, little Maddie Jo skipped up to me from across the room as I was getting dressed and was pointing that little chubby finger up at me. “What’s thaaaat?” she asked (another favorite phrase of hers).

“This is Mommy’s shower cap!” I said. Maddie then stepped closer to me and fully poked me in the boob as she does with every other body part. She repeated again, “What’s thaaaaaaaat?????”

“Oh. OHH. Umm. Those are… boobies.” She’s only a year and a half, but still… AWKWARDNESS. Maddie repeated, “BOOBEEEEEZ!!!” and ran out of the bathroom saying it over and over. And she hasn’t stopped since.

So yesterday my grandpa took her swimming. My Grammy told me she pointed to his chest and told him he had boobies. She also yanks on people’s shirts in attempt to show everyone in the vicinity the boobies. It’s becoming a problem.

20 thoughts on “How do you scare a bee?

  1. I am cracking up! Maybe she gets her infatuation with boobs from her mom. Just sayin’ ;)

    My little brother used to hold his arms up, squeeze & open his chubby hands, all while yelling “boobies!” – to any woman in site. Him, age 3- Me, age 13…humiliating in public! He is 16 now and he never really grew out of it so I have no advice for you, lol. Hope that’s just a boy thing.

  2. so cute! i can’t help but laugh and say awwww. but i am sure it wasn’t so cute when she was pulling ppl’s shirts down…

  3. gotta love it! I had a niece who would put her hand down the shirt of whoever was holding her, nothing like being felt up by a toddler!

  4. Aww! I’m sorry, but that’s cute. In a weird way. But still. Cute.

    I wear a lime green shower cap that to this day, my husband hasn’t caught me in. THANK GOD.

    Although, good idea, you! (Using it to your advantage.)

  5. bahaha, my brother was staying with us for a bit and he’d gained a bit of weight and it goes straight to his moobies. He came out of the bathroom after a shower with a towel around his waist and my daughter pointed at him and was like, “Look, Uncle Douglas has boobies!” *snort* I almost died. Of the laughter.

  6. Finn is three, he stopped breastfeeding at 15 months and he still refers to them as my ‘milks’ every chance he gets. He recently asked me if his friend Sophie was going to have milks too. I’m hoping by the time he’s 16 he’ll be past it or things are going to be really weird with the girls he’s dating.

  7. this only furthers my love for this child in every possible way, I LOVE BOOBS TOO MADDIE!! I mean, wait…what?
    The title of this post made me laugh and I just accidentally typed “title” as “tittle”…that’s not weird at all.

  8. thats so cute!
    my daughter calls them “mommy feed you eli belly” (eli belly is what she calls her baby brother)

  9. hahaha that is hilarious! I do love it when kids point out the things that you definitely didn’t want them pointing out. Like that huge zit on your face. “Whaaaatt’s thaaaaat?” Fine, it’s a zit, and you’re going to get them too! Though, most of the time, I make up a ridiculous story about some huge bug. That’s not weird, right?

    And I really want a shower cap, too. Thanks for reminding me.

  10. So I really don’t comment on people’s blogs (unless I know them) but I LIKE YOU! You crack me up! I am not a big reader but I actually enjoy everything you write. I also have an 18 month old and she sounds ALOT like your baby (wild, crazy, so cute you could eat her).

    I also love your DIYs. You explain them so well that I actually dare try them. Anyway just wanted to say. Congrats on your new baby, I think I am headed that way soon…. Heart burn from hell hear I come.

  11. This is always uncomfortable be it your 1 year old child or say in my case my boyfriend at the bar ;) hehe

    My boyfriend’s little sister asked me the other day when she would get some of he own. She’s 6!!!! Lord help her!

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