Baby #2 – Eight Weeks

Umm. If I seem slightly confused in this photo, it’s because I am.  I remember feeling this way around this point in my last pregnancy because my belly and chest will majorly vary in size from one week to the next. I know, it’s all camera angles and clothing choices and what I had to eat/gas, etc., but come on body! LOOK PREGNANT ALREADY!

New this week:

  • Pants are getting tighter. YESSSS… An excuse to go shopping and get some ridiculous pregnant lady pull-ups again! I know this sounds crazy, but I can’t even explain the relief and comfort you feel when you slip on a pair of maternity pants. It’s like buttah.
  • NAUSEOUS, LIKE WHOA. I’m not even kidding, I made eye contact with some cilantro and it made me ralph.
  • Am happy and smiley right this second. Was bitter and growly an hour ago. Am confusing and frightening to bystanders. Am beast.

Oh yeah, and this happened:

That tiiiiny little thing is the person responsible for all these crazies I’m experiencing. How freaking weird and amazing is that?? I LOVE YOU, BABEH!

17 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Eight Weeks

  1. You look adorable! And I think I love maternity pants as much as you do (I just don’t want to wear them again for a very. long. time.).

    Also, omg, thank you for your sweet little video you made for my little birthday surprise. So nice of you to give a little shout out, and the fact that Maddie was rolling around in ants at the time made me about pee my pants. Ah, kids. Anyway, thanks for indulging us :)

    Oh, one last thing – your hubby designed your site right? Cuz it’s badass. Is he into doing it for other people? ie: Me? For cash money?

  2. :) i can’t imagine having mine so close together (of course, i’m only 3 weeks in, so i’m still in shock/omg what am i doing? phase)… but you are going to be such a cute, fabulous mama to this 2nd little cutie face.

    i’m still sporting my maternity jeans, ow ow!!! my husband is like, “heh… real clothes maybe some day soon?”

    don’t hold your breath, buddy :D

  3. i think i can see a little baby bump!

    and yay for stretchy pants! i wear yoga pants as often as i can, and i don’t have any sort of excuse :-P

  4. I ralph whenever I make eye contact with cilantro, and I’m not even pregnant.

    You barely have a tummy! And look how skinny your arms are! Super adorable pregnant mom you are.

  5. I always wonder about girls that don’t wear maternity pants – its gotta hurt! I myself loved nothing more than wearing stretchy pants!

  6. eeep! Our first peek at baby Gable!!!! Look at that little nugget of love!
    Your hair looks so cute up like that, I don’t think I’ve ever see it in a updo before!

  7. Hair do…agreed. Love.
    Your just the cutest…and I can’t decide boy or girl. Dang it can we find out already?

  8. You are adorable, lil mama! As is baby Gable! Eeek! I love that you wrote “How freaking weird and amazing is that?? I LOVE YOU, BABEH!” Too precious!

    Those pregnant lady pull-ups sound amazing. I need a pair of those!

  9. I find the crazed/haggard-pregnant-lady look in your eyes when shopping with a toddler prompts store staff to entertain your toddler in the most unusual stores. We’re talking like, Aldo Accessories and Lush, here. Lush is my new amaretto&coke, btw. B/c my kid can’t drive me to drink right now. She drives me to a $10 bath instead (you know, once you add the water.)

  10. You look great! I’m still taken aback by how many moms of kids around my devilish darling’s age are about to be on their second right now. I’m so incredibly defeated by my kid about a million times a day. I’d spontaneously combust if confronted with two—I know it!

  11. Hi, Morgan! Congrats on the baby-to-be! We just had our THIRD little surprise on June 10th. So now I have a 10-year-old, a 15-month-old, and a 6-week old. I’m going absolutely CRAZY.

    Looks like you’re having a number of ultrasounds, so I wanted to share with you the little shock-of-my-life surprise we learned about the day our youngest was born because it could have been picked up earlier via ultrasound but it wasn’t.

    I delivered our little guy by c-section, and thank GOD I did because the doc discovered an in-utero condition present called “vasa previa.” Apparently, vasa previa is a problem with how the blood vessels of the umbilical cord connect to the placenta, and if I’d gone into labor naturally, the exposed blood vessels from the umbilical cord would have ruptured along with the amniotic fluid and the baby would have bled out and died. (!!!)

    I’m now telling all of the pregnant women I meet about this condition because it’s life-threatening for the fetus but it’s manageable if it’s discovered early on. ASK YOUR DOC to look for this when the time comes, okay?– especially if you’re planning on delivering naturally.

    I’m so thankful that we were in a safe surgical setting when the problem was discovered, otherwise we might have been part of the unlucky 95% who lost their baby.

    I wish you a wonderful pregnancy and the very best of health throughout. By the way– with all of your nausea, I’m guessing it’s going to be another little girl. Just my two cents.

    Best to you, Jennifer

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