2nd Grade Morgan Dreams Big

Back in the day, I had some coolness issues. I know it’s hard to imagine (meaning, not at all hard to imagine), but I was seriously the biggest nerd ever. I know I’ve shown you pictures of myself before, but just take another look at this mess:

Internet, meet 2nd grade Morgan. She likes to ponder the mysteries of the weather, enjoys wearing shoestring hair clips and has no idea how bangs THAT wispy can make her look extremely white trash.

Now you have an idea of what we’re working with here.

Anyway, I remember spending countless hours daydreaming of this one famous boy. I thought he was just SO dang cute and I doodled his name on my school notebooks. I imagined that somehow, somewhere, someday, we would meet and instantly fall in love and he’d marry me and we’d live in a pink mansion. Then I’d be best friends forever with the Olsen twins and have a regular spot on Full House as Michelle Tanner’s friend, because obviously these famous kids ran in the same circles. I’m serious, these were my actual hopes and dreams.

That famous boy pops into my thoughts from time to time, and now as an adult I have to wonder WHAT, PRECISELY, WAS I THINKING??

Oh, JTT, you wormy little creep. You used to make me swoon. You were so dreamy, with your unnatural looking tan and fluffy lesbian hairdo. That was so kind of you to bring me flowers, but I am now going to have to respectfully decline.

So yeah, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was my weird childhood crush. Now tell me, who was yours?

It can’t be any worse.

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  1. mine too! HA! It's funny because as he got older, he became more of a sissy homo – that's when I lost interst. We would have been friends in 2nd grade because we would have compared who had the bigger glasses. At least your mother dressed you. Have you seen my dad? Try picking out clothes with an 80's hair metal guy – i'm not talking cool glam rock, I just mean scuzzy with bad hair.

  2. Kristina, I forgot about our old men crushes!! Uncle Jesse was the hottest.Natali, Jimaie reminded me of Andrew Keegan! LOL, he was such a badass, that one.

  3. Um, so my crushes definitely go back way further than these ladies. I think I was 5 when I saw Footloose and crushed hard on Kevin Bacon (still think he's pretty good looking), and I can't forget about Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid, and Scott Baio from Charles in Charge.

  4. I had a small crush on JTT, but my crazy psycho crush was on the guy who played Casper (as a real boy), Devon Sawa. I would go crazy at the end of the movie to see that kid!! Haha!

  5. hahahaha…see my wayback when-nesday post..lol..i sported gawdy headbands and hideous sweat shirts!!

    Oh..you think JTT was bad..try hulk hogan..ICK.

  6. Tristan, HULK HOGAN!? hahaha, that is pretty hilarious!! And man, what was up with our moms letting us out of the house with these ridiculous hair accessories?!

  7. Well Morgan, you may have had the bangs, but I had THE MULLET!. I question my mom’s decision often on why she let some woman who called herself a “hair stylist” cut that style on me…or any little girl! Grrr…

    I am not to ashamed of my crushes, Kirk Cameron AND Jon Knight. Those aren’t bad, right?! Denise Knight had such a ring to it! :)

  8. Kristen, OMG YES.

    And Denise, mullets definitely take the cake. I’m so sorry. lol

  9. Hahaha that is priceless! I totally dug JTT too! What were we thinking?
    My other embarassing crush was from Star Wars…..nope, not Harrison Ford (which would totally make sense, he was hot!) but Mark Hammil. I literally called out “Luke! Luke!” in my sleep! Gah so embarassing!

  10. Andrew Keegan! Him and JTT were my faves. I ripped their pictures out of my Teen Beat magazines and plastered their baby faces all over my walls.
    And then there was (is!) Hanson. But let’s just leave it at that ;)

  11. Omg, and Devon Sawa!
    2 words, WILD AMERICA.
    If they would have cast Andrew Keegan as the 3rd guy in that movie instead of Scott Bairstow (who the heck is HE anyway) that movie would’ve contained my trifecta of teen swoonage. I may have passed out had that been the case.

    p.s. “fluffy lesbian hairdo” made me die.

  12. I was insanely obsessed with JTT back in the days. I even took all my clothes out of my closet so I could fill it up with posters and hide in there with my closest girlfriends and just stare at JTT and gossip. Hahaha!

  13. I love this – what ever happened to JTT? I was obsessed with that show!

    Other than being completely bonkers for NKOTB (Joey and Jordan in particular) I had odd crushes… are you ready?

    Bo Duke of Dukes of Hazzard and Burt Reynolds when he was the Bandit. What’s up redneck roots?!?! ;)

  14. I was in love with Devon Sawa (spelling? I’m too lazy to look it up). Then I found out he was dating Stephanie from Full House and it was all over.

  15. LOL! That was my guess, every girl I knew was in love with him.

    Also, I too had ridiculous hair clips on top of my head.

  16. Ah, this post reminds me of playing MASH with my friends on the playground. Did you play that game?

    I was totally in love with Nick Carter. I printed out pages and pages of photos of him off the internet and taped them all over my room.

  17. I had the MAJOR hots for Elijah Wood. Which is CA-REEPY to me now because he is SO weird looking!!! Little hobbit boy. But back in the day when he was in that movie “Huck”… I thought he was where it’s at. I cut out pictures of just his cute little face and kept them in a box under my bed. Ugh. I also had weird crushes on animated characters in Disney movies… but we just won’t go there.

  18. I totally had glasses almost identical to those, only mine had purple and pink swirls on the sides… yeeeah.

    I was head over heels for one Devon Sawa. I thought he was so dreamy in Casper and Now and Then. However I now see that he had terrible bowl like hair cut and a giant gap in between his teeth.

  19. I had 2: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (still is, actually) and Taylor Hanson. But that was back in middle school. I think that in the 2nd grade, I was still kicking boys and running away and looking for chicken chuckers. chuggers? I still don’t know what they were called. Though, when I was watching Home Improvement I was totally more of Zachery Ty Brian gal.

  20. JTT!!! I used to have his pictures stapled all over my walls. Honestly, what WERE we think? He looks downright creepy now. Ick. I can understand why some girls like Justin Bieber, but JTT? No.

  21. hahaha! Look at that VEST! Don’t feel bad, I had a JTT AND a Rider Strong poster taped onto my closet… probably from Bop or Tiger Beat. Yes, that was LEGIT reading material back in the day.

  22. I totally had a massive crush on JTT when I was younger. So if you’re weird, than I’m weird right along with you.

    Matter of fact, I think I had that exact poster (picture?) of him hanging in my closet, hidden from my parents. Heh.

  23. That is quite possibly the cutest little Morgan picture ever! And I had SO many homemade hair barrettes like that. How about a clear plastic bow with colorful beads inside?! Why hell yes!

    I LOVED JTT. He was my all-time favorite. Then I also liked Rider Strong, but only because we had the same birthdate so I thought maybe that meant we were soulmates.

    (also growing up my entire set of closet doors were covered with pages from Teen Beat, Bop, and any other teen mag I could get my hands on)

  24. Devon Sawa was THE ONE for me. And JTT wasn’t too bad either. Loved them both pretty equally. And then there was Andrew Keegan. Be still my heart!

  25. Same as you! JTT. Ah, that boy – I used to write him letters, littered with stickers and squirts of perfume that never ended up being sent. I, also, was sure we’d fall in love. I’m pretty sure I even cried over him one time.

  26. I has a crush just as massive on him too, all my friends did. I really wonder what we were thinking!

  27. I’m probably a decade older than you, but my crush was Chad Allen, who was on a show called *Our House* in the ’80s. I loved him so much and wanted him to love me so much that I sent him a photo of my much prettier friend in my fan mail package so that perhaps he’d actually write me back. He STILL didn’t. Jerk.

  28. I couldn’t remember any of my embarrassing ones until I read the comments, Devon Sawa, I loved him! and also… Joey Lawrence. eek, I can’t believe I just admitted that lol. I also remember loving Luke Perry, but that’s not embarrassing, I still opening admit that

  29. ugh. I meant “openly” admit that, daughter screaming her head off right now is not helping my brain connect to my fingers

  30. morgan, what WERE you thinking? lol jokes
    i am no better, i had pictures of vanilla ice all over my room. yes, i’m serious. and also new kids on the block. but i don’t apologize for them, they were hot. :p

  31. omg, read all the comments after i posted, and i had forgotten about so many of those guys! hilarious.
    i forgot to mention: i was *obsessed* with joshua jackson in mighty ducks. CHARLIE! so cute. and then he turned into pacey so i guess i was onto something.

  32. that is too hilarious! In middle school one of my friends and I would fight over who was cuter – JTT or Jonathon Brandis. I was for Jonathon Brandis! :) It was a long battle with no clear winner.

    When I was even younger I had a crush on Joey from NKOTB. When they were cool. The first time around. I was in 2nd grade. Since Joey was the youngest I thought I had the best chance with him. I actually remember thinking, hey, there’s only like an 8 year difference here… :) (Plus I thought Jordan had a monkey face. That’s what I called him, monkey face…)

  33. Kimberly, you’re remembering wrong- Danny had the monkey face! :)

    I totally crushed on the boys from Boy Meets World.

  34. I was so, so in love with Jonathan Brandis. I had 54 posters of him on bedroom walls and ceiling. Yes, 54. (I was very proud of the fact that I had way more posters than my friend who was also in love with him, which is why I remember the exact number.) Then a couple of years ago I Googled him to see what he looks like now only to find out that he died!

  35. I was in LOVE with JTT. I had posters and magazine pages taped all over my bedroom. And I even sent him a letter with an actual PHOTO of myself in it. How creepy is that? I am so embarrassed for Younger Me.

    The other guy I had a huge crush on was Gabriel Damon – otherwise known as Spot from Newsies. Oh how I adored Gabriel Damon. I would watch Newsies over and over and over just to catch a glimpse of him.

  36. Corey Haim and River Phoenix… sadly both passed away now, but both were serious cuties in the day.

  37. You guys are KILLING me!! I am seriously sitting here cracking up loud, alone in my office at work like a mental case. All the talk of sending photos and letters spritzed with perfume… you girls are the best.

  38. Nick Carter and his brother. Ohhhh boy, was I in love with him!
    Oh! And Hoby from baywatch. Can’t even remember his real name. But Hoby… ohhhhhhhh Hoby was my guy, even before Nick and Aaron C.

  39. I loved JTT!! I was seriously obsessed!
    Lets hope he doesn’t end up on Celebrity Rehab in a couple years (ya know thats what usually happens to the heart throbs)

  40. I am a new follower of your blog and am also a 24 year old newly-ish wed, no babies yet though! Can’t wait for them. :) I just HAD to comment because you pretty much could have replaced your name (and the name alone, you could even leave the picture) with mine and it would all still have been true. My maiden surname is even Morgan. :D Anyway, yes, I was half retarded for JTT myself and was positive I was a long lost Olsen Twin.
    Nice to meet you!

  41. 1. That shoestring hair bow is THA BOMB GURRRRRL! I had one my mom made me that was neon shoestrings. Holla!

    2. JTT and the other two made an appearance at the mall when I was younger and some of their headshots were left there (not signed) when we went the next day and we grabbed a couple. I probably still have them to this day.

    3. Those flowers he is holding are amazing. Were they for you?

    4. I know I had a huge crush but I can’t even remember who it was. I’ll have to read through my old diary and see.


    and then i found out he died a couple years ago. hadn’t thought of him in years. sad, huh?

    p.s. “fluffy lesbian hairdo” = hysterical.

  43. ack, I loved him too! D: bahahahaha. I also loved Nick Lachey, and was devastated when he married Jessica Simpson, because until then I always kindof thought we could make it work.
    I also always kindof hoped the guys from B4-4 would come to town and happen to run into me at the mall and think I was super cool and we’d be bff and then I’d date one of them.
    and now it’s all like, Who? Who? and Who???? lol. sadface.

  44. I was into older men back then, thank goodness. I can always say that Sean Connery has been my forever crush. :) Anyone find recent pics of JTT? Just curious. :P

  45. Haha ironically I had the same ridiculous crush…and I think the same thing now at 22 WTHell was I thinking??? P.S. Your blogs are magical! You write the things that I think about every day lol!

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