Baby #2 – Nine Weeks

Well, hello Mrs. Muffin Top.

How are those size 6 skinny jeans finding you today? Not so well, you say? Cutting off the circulation from your ever-expanding balloon body, you say? THEY ARE WAY TOO SMALL & IT’S TIME TO LET GO OF THEM ALREADY, you say?

Well then.

If you look closely, you may be able to see that my jeans are unbuttoned. I would like to say it was because it simply slipped my mind, but that would be a lie straight from the flaming pits of hell. I am actually unable to button them safely and without causing myself physical harm and discomfort.



25 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Nine Weeks

  1. Oh my, I am so switching to maternity pants the second I am pregnant with number two….because I CAN! Maternity pants are friggin gravy. So comfortable!

    Bella bands also rock my socks!

    You are too cute!

  2. i love your sarcastic-honest-self
    it rocks my socks.
    and you’re one hott momma.
    but seriously. you are.
    and you can totally get away with wearing pants unbuttoned……heck. today i went to the store without a bra (BIG MISTAKE) and just walked around with my purse and grocery list covering the chest area :)

    i suppose this is quite the way to introduce myself.
    but i do like following your blog. so i thought, i’d better say hey.

  3. Thanks Imelda, and it's SO true. They are the best thing that has ever happened to my stomach, haha.Anna, definitely. I've read that everything happens a month earlier this time around, from showing to feeling the baby move and all that. It's crazy!Kristy… I think it's time for my belly to see your belly over a lunch date. Just saying.

  4. I love me some maternity pants. Today I was told by a family member (older man, mind you) that I might need a wheelbarrow for my belly pretty soon. WOW.

  5. I’m just going to jump on the “you are so adorable!!!” bandwagon b/c dang, you are! :)
    I’d say you’re ready to graduate to preggo pull ups now, how excited are you?!

  6. “but that would be a lie straight from the flaming pits of hell.” — Ha! Love these posts. Ok, fine — I love all of your posts! And yes, you are looking good, mama! xoxo

  7. Awwww, you are super cute and are the smallest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. (I happened to have read the latest post prior to this comment but mean exactly what I said).

    I managed to piss a pregnant woman off with my latest blog post about how I don’t like babies. To be fair babies don’t like me in return so I’m not sure why she’s offended.

  8. Isn’t that true?? So many opinions and words of wisdom (or otherwise) from the ignorant and uninformed! Maybe you can keep them quiet with some dagger-throwing glares from your cute preggo self! People used to tell me that I looked ‘not pregnant’ from the back. Is that supposed to mean I was super fat from the front? lol

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