Baby gender anxieties. Also, why I’m scared of boys.

I’m going to be frank with you right now… little boys make me nervous. It must be something to do with the whole ‘fearing the unknown’ thing because I have very little experience in caring for baby boys and I honestly have no idea what it’s all about.

I always dressed up and played house and painted my nails and baked cookies and was generally silly and dramatic. I am a girlie girl, and so is Maddie. That’s all I know. If you asked me what little boys do for fun, all I could really give you for an answer is… eat dirt?

this gives me heart palpitations. GIVE THIS CHILD SOME SOAP!

Also, I don’t have a ton of experience with changing little boy’s diapers, but let me just say that the few times I’ve been present for the blessed event, there has always been some sort of a pee malfunction. ALWAYS. I don’t handle streaming pee in my face with calmness and grace, I’ll just say that right now.

On the other hand, I’ve held baby boys and they are the most cuddly, squishy little things. They are so, so sweet and man, do they LOVE their mamas. That’s definitely something I envy. Madeline loves me, sure… but she’s a Daddy’s girl all the way.

Five of my friends are currently pregnant with boys. FIVE. It’s an epidemic… and with another ultrasound right around the corner, it’s possible I could find out early like my friends did. I am getting sort of anxious to know whether or not I’m going to be a part of the bugs-mud-pee-stream-in-face club or remain in the pink-dramatic-sparkly-fit-throwing club.

Either way, I’ll be thrilled. But if it’s a boy, I’m going to need some major help.

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  1. i {think} i would totally be the same way. i grew up with only a sister, and i have always been a very girly girl, and interact better with peoples’ daughters better for sure. but it’s something you learn as you go, right?!?
    for the pee thing, there’s these doohickeys you can get called ‘pee pee tepees’ and you put it over the penis as you change them so you don’t get an unexpected shower. actually, they’re just made of thick fabric – you’re crafty, you could probably make them!

  2. Oh girl, I’m a total girly girl, too! I was a dress wearing, pink/sparkly loving, doll playing girl my entire life. I even grew up with my mom (who was a single mom) and one sister. Had no clue about boys.
    Then, I had three of them. And, while they love dirty and bugs and adventure and danger they are amazing. And, definitely love their mamas. My four year old little boy is the most cuddly, kissy, affectionate, sweet kid ever.
    And, you already know that girls are amazing! So, it’s a win-win situation! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having!!

  3. Omg…I have all sisters, but I’ve babysat and done nursery duty too too often for it to bother me when we started babysitting a little boy. I’ve never had a pee malfunction (knock on wood,) but I can understand the fear because if I ever get married and have a boy I can’t imagine potty training him. They are AWESOME though, and I’m sure if you have one you’ll be captivated.

  4. I am the opposite. I fear having a little girl. All the bitching, whining, sneakiness and drama! Probably because I have 3 borthers and my mum is not a girly type either.

    I also hold Dr Phil accountable. Every child problem is with girls. He scares me :)

  5. Errr…my oldest daughter eats dirt. And rocks. Hahaha! Sometimes she’s not very girlie, though she definitely doesn’t pee in an upward moving jetstream. :) She mothers her baby dolls but LOVES trucks, cars, and and airplanes. I’m guessing we’ll see more of her feminine side as she gets older. Luckily you get another 4.5 months to get used to the idea of having a boy (if that’s what your baby is) before you get to go into those uncharted waters!

  6. I didn’t eat dirt as a kid, but I did feed my little brother roly polies. Girls can be gross too. ;)

    But seriously, I’m dying to know what my kid is too!

  7. Yeah, I feel the same way. I’m one of 3 girls, and have also never really been around little boys. I don’t think I ever babysat boys, and I babysat a ton growing up. Have you tried looking at the Chinese Gender Chart? That thing is creepily accurate a lot of the time.

  8. I totally understand your fear. Each gender brings their own challenges… I think boys would be easier in a lot of ways, but to me the scariest part is that eventually they’ll be teenagers in a world filled with Jersey Shore and “sexting.” Yikes.

  9. Ha! Mommy’s a little afraid of baby girls – I’m tough, but when she sees my girl cousins, she’s afraid she’ll break ’em… and, for what it’s worth, I’ve never once peed on her yet (Daddy yes, Mommy no)

  10. ha, I’m right there with you… a lot of my friends have boys, and there’s more with only-boys and none that I can think of actually with only-girls. And the only-boys friends are scared of the little girls and thier drama! I’ll be honest with you, I’ll take the drama. When I got pregnant this time around I was all stars and unicorns and rainbows over the idea of maybe having a boy and having that ‘perfect set’. Now I’ve spent the last six months watching in horror as my nephews quickly dissassemble everything in sight. And they breaks things. And then they hide them. I’m not saying my little girl never breaks anything but if she does she’s all “AAAAAHHHH MOMMY DRAMA DRAMA I BROKE IT! NOOOOOO!!!!” … I can always tell if my nephews broke one of my things because I find it in some crazy place, hiding. I guess they are so busy taking everything apart that they break a lot so they got over the “!!!” and started hiding shit.
    My husband, by the way, is equally terrified of baby boys at this point. We’d be overjoyed to find out we were having a boy, but we’d both be crapping our pants a little with the fear. (i’m finding out next weekend at a 3d ultrasound! really late in the game but i wanted it that way.)

  11. My mom has 9 sisters and 2 brothers. She raised 1 daughter and 8 sons. She has said she would rather raise 100 boys than 1 girl.

    When changing a boy, point it down. Come to my blog, I have three boys. You may learn a thing or two.

  12. I can completely relate! I’m a figure skater, so I loooove all things sparkly, makeup, pink, foofy, etc. I found out I was having a boy and wondered what on earth I would do with him. Not that I didn’t think I’d love him – it just was so much easier picturing what I would do with a girl. He’s a year old now and rest assured everything is fine. We did have a few diaper change mishaps. You get over it, and it really doesn’t happen that often. He’s a ton of fun! I don’t have a girl so I can’t say the differences, but at a year old he loves to climb, explore, and play outside. I love my boy – I’d love to have more boys!

  13. I have one of each. I always kinda wanted a little boy but I was completely motified to have all boys. Ever seen ‘Malcolm in the middle’? I had visions of my house being like that. When my first child was a girl I had a sigh of relief.
    Also, my son is almost a year old and has never peed on me, but I guess i’m lucky! :)
    and that picture of the kid covered in mud gave me heart palpatations too.

  14. Ewww, that picture!!! I totally don’t know anything about baby boys either, but I don’t think I personally really care because I definitely want to have at least one of each :)

  15. Well, I’ve got three boys. With the diaper thing–you learn to hold the diaper in position until you can do the switch to the clean diaper, then get those tabs in place quick. It’s a learning process, but wonderful. I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything… mud and frogs included. :-)

  16. I have little brothers and they are a lot of fun because they just go for it. They showed me (a total girly girl) how it can be fun to get dirty and you know all that other fun destructive stuff. I think you will be just fine if it is a little guy.

  17. I can’t wait to find out what is growing in there! I’m sure you’ll be great with a little boy :) A preppy little boy with sweater vests and khakis. hehe

  18. it’s all good, my best friend has a baby boy, they aren’t so scary. except for the occasional biting and bugs thing :)

  19. You crack me up every time.

    I only had pee malfunctions in the beginning, but I had them with Bean too (remember the poo shooting across the room incident I blogged about?).

    I don’t know about the mud and bugs yet, but I can tell you that Sprout is very cuddly and all about me. I love it because Bean is totally head over heels for her Papa. Bean loves mud and bugs though, so I think it really probably just depends on the kid and the mom.

    Anyway, I was also afraid and it seems to be working out just fine. ;)

  20. ok first –

    I’ve never used them but I think they’re awesome.

    Second, I have two boys and I’ve been peed on 3 times. not in the face, because it’s not like a steady stream. it’s more like, oh wait, that’s cold hair, here comes a quick stream! and it ends up on your hand. or shirt.

    Poop is more likely to occur, but I hear it’s not really limited to boys.

    also, I think your friends are evening up the playing field. all of my friends have girls. I know one person that has a boy and he’s a bit older.

    but omg, they look so cute in their little vests that you can get them with the little pin striped shorts. ugh, the cuteness!

  21. I have a little boy and I love it. He is four months old and I have only been peed on twice. It’s very rare that he actually pees while I’m changing his diaper. I’ve gotten pretty good at covering it really quick so he can’t pee on me or anything else. If you do want to take extra precautions then I think they have something called a Pee Pee Teepee. I saw it online somewhere when I was pregnant and kept saying I was going to get one but never ended up getting it. To me, you really don’t need it. Or maybe we’ve been lucky in that department.

  22. I guess it wouldn’t be so hard to raise a little boy. You’ll get used to it on the latter. I have a little boy cousin and I enjoy playing with him though he always destroy and mess up my stuffs. ;)

  23. boys are just as precious!!

    the only thing that makes me cringe is the whole circumsizing thing…i think i would pass out and die…i can verily handle when t-a gets blood drawn!

  24. Actually, I’m terrified of ever having a girl. Mostly because I remember what I was like as a child/teenager. BRING ON THE BOYS I SAY.

  25. I was so scared to have a boy, too, but oh my goodness. They are so much fun but in different ways! Once they get older, they are often VERY good sports when it comes to playing house and such. My husband loved to play with his sister’s Barbie mansion with them when he was little.

    I have never been peed on and have only had ONE close call. :)

  26. I have a boy; and I had the same fears when I was pregnant. I come from a family of four girls, FOUR GIRLS, I didn’t have any brothers. So, I was scared. But? ITS EASY! I haven’t had any “pee malfunctions” since he was a newborn and I was a new mom. I rock this diaper changing gig now {watch…now that I’ve said that, he’ll pee on me. haha}.

    I can’t wait until you find out! Man, I wish we were in a position to have another one!

  27. yup, I was terrified of boys too! as soon as I found out I was having one I made a bunch of those pee-pee tee-pees, never used them once though lol. but, yes boys do love their mamas, a lot!

  28. Oh, I think that’s my son. I’ve been looking for him everywhere!

    OK, so it’s not my son but totally could be. I have two boys and my baby (and last) is a girl. Wasn’t sure I knew what to do with a girl, but she’s bossy and tells me exactly what I need to know. lol.

  29. Add me to the list of people who felt the same way and had a change of heart once they had sons. I am a girly-girl too. I love ballet, I do musical theater, I would wear sequins every day if I could get away with it.

    I have two daughters who are just like me and then seven years later, I had two boys. And they’re wonderful. They are messier and higher energy and I have learned more about construction equipment than I ever wanted to know. But they are also unbelievably sweet and tender and lots of fun. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  30. Oh boy oh boy. We just found out last week that we are having a boy. My 4 year old ballet loving cupcake making daughter was a tad disappointed but we are all up for a new adventure.

  31. Haha! I’m also 11 weeks pregnant right now and I’m also sorta terrified of having a little boy. My daughter is 3 it’s been so easy with her. I too am a girlie girl! My husband feels the same, he is really hoping for another girl. Like so bad. <3

  32. I am like a lot of these people who have already left comments; one of three girls, boys were completely foreign to me, yadda yadda. I was really afraid to have boys. I wanted to have 3 girls, no boys! Well God thought I should have 2 boys, and now I wouldn’t trade them for any girl! To change diapers, just have the new one laying underneath, ready to go, when you pull the dirty one off. It makes for quick changes and less chances of a mess. When boys are tiny newborns, they pee every time you change them, haha, but it does stop. Throw a washcloth or burp cloth over them if you need more time to clean up the bottom area. I’ve NEVER had pee in my face or on me! On the couch or bed or wherever I was changing baby, yes, but I’d rather that then on me! My boys aren’t dirt lovers and they are terrified of bugs. So ya never know! My husband and I greatly discourage rude or crude behavior/humor so it really is not bad here in our house of boys. :) My kids are pretty sweet and pleasant to be around. I don’t think I’m biased when I say that either. :)

  33. This is funny to me since I’m wishing for the exact opposite. I will be happy with whatever sex baby I am blessed with (when that time comes) but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I pray for boys.

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