We’re just a bunch of awkward white people at the beach

Remember that time I made the most hideous face of my life which resembled an old white trash cackling witch with no teeth who also had a windblown mullet? I don’t either, but apparently it happened.

(Justin always looks normal in pictures, for some INCREDIBLY UNFAIR REASON. So we will skip him.)

And ohhh, Maddie. We were so excited to take you to the beach for the first time and were positive you would love it. Not so much. I’m sorry for the trauma we caused. Who knew sand between your toes could be so terrifying??

10 thoughts on “We’re just a bunch of awkward white people at the beach

  1. haha. we took the boy to the beach this weekend for the first time, he sat on the beach blanket with me pretty much the whole time. he didn’t like all the water either, there was a lot of screaming when his uncle took him in

  2. The above commenter and I must be talking about the same boy! LOL.
    We took our son to the beach for the first time in May and I was so excited I was busting at the seams. But my son was not thrilled like I thought he would be.
    He was losing his mind at the mere mention of going near the water. Better luck next time.

  3. Finn screamed bloody murder the first time we took him to the beach. Then he was doing ok for a second and his father let him get soaked by a wave and he wanted nothing but to leave.
    Ahhhh good times.

  4. I think it’s normal. My son was doing–literally–a mission impossible pose when exposed to sand for the first time.

  5. hahahahah You never ever fail to disappoint, this picture is hilarious and I love you for posting it. Why didn’t you make this picture clickable, you KNOW I want to see it bigger LOL!
    Malachi hated the beach too, you’ve seen the video proof ;) You just have to take her often and she’ll get used to it, I mean, I think? Who hates the beach?!

  6. Oh…I bet she will like it later on in life.
    I loved it as a teen…but now…too much work. Sand in the food, then you have to shower before you leave, then sand in the car, car needs washing when you get home.
    See?!?! I see all the “work” involved and it doesn’t sound fun to me either Maddie! ;)

  7. Oh my god, this is freaking hilarious. I have a toddler too and just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! I often say, “O, I’m so incredibly sorry for daring to offer you a cookie (or other food typically enjoyed by children) – what a terrible mother I am. Please forgive me.” as she screams in horror at the fact that I dared to offer her said item and merely held it out to her to see if she wanted it. Fun stuff!

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