It’s not all cuddles and kisses – Part 2

Last month I invited you to take a peek into my joyous little world of raising a toddler. Meaning, not really all that joyous. Meaning, quite the opposite. Meaning, MY HELL.

Here’s another example for you.

(Please ignore the blurriness and the obvious fact that I haven’t mopped the floor in two weeks.)

It’s a tutu, for crying out loud. How can you be any sort of angry while wearing a tutu? I’d wear one every day if it was socially acceptable.

I know my family is looking at this and thinking to themselves, “Poor little baby. She’s so mistreated. What did Morgan do to her to upset her this time?!?” Well, I’ll tell you.

Me: Maddie, let’s put on your new tutu!

Maddie *slap-punch-giggle-run away*

Me: Madeline. Let’s put on your tutu.

Maddie: GOOGDLE! (this translates to “noodle”)

Me: We’ll watch Elmo and Mr. Noodle* later. Let’s put on your new tutu and get you some juice.


Me: *wrestles with 30lb child to get new tutu up and around kicking legs*

Maddie: JOOOOCE! *runs into kitchen, stands by refrigerator for 2 seconds, makes it known that juice has not been poured quickly enough*

See above photo.

*Mr. Noodle is by far, the creepiest part of Sesame Street. Nightmare inducing, even. I have a post dedicated to him, but I’m thinking of saving it for Halloween.

26 thoughts on “It’s not all cuddles and kisses – Part 2

  1. lol Oh my goodness! She’s still so cute, but I can imagine that she’s quite fearsome. It looks like she has some serious volume happening <3

  2. omg, Mr. Noodle is SUCH A CREEPER!! It’s almost as if they stuck him on the show so that kids could learn that creepy McCreepersons are just A-ok and not child molester types at all. Sure kids! Just hop in that car and go get that free candy from the man that looks like Mr. Noodle!

    Also, this tutu is from Costco isn’t it? The last 3 times I’ve been there I just want to dive into that big bright pile of tulle and roll around in it. Why can’t they have those tutus in MY size?!

  3. Guess it’s good to know what I’m in for! But as a pregnant for the first time girl, I request some “cuddles and kisses” posts!!!
    Hope Maddie cheered right up for you. :)

  4. that’s one thing about boys: yes, they have meltdowns and tantrums, too, but their cries are no where NEAR as ear piercing or deafening as baby girl cries. :)

  5. Oh the joys that are to come with a diva toddler which i know my child will turn out to be. I am scared.

  6. Hey, is this subtle a rip on my “Bumps and bruises, cuddles and kisses” post? ;)

    Bean has thrown plenty of similar fits over not getting her way in recent weeks, especially over juice. I’ve been trying to wean her off the stuff and just get her to drink water so there has been some serious drama!

  7. hey mine does that too! except instead of screaming noodle, she screams monsers! (monsters inc.)
    which we proceed to watch twice maybe three times that day.
    but i don’t mind, it is better than noodle.

  8. She still looks cute! Her hair is adorable :) But I doubt she could ever NOT look cute. So much for trying to scare me out of having babies.

  9. my daughter did something so similar the other day!
    i made her a tutu and tried to get her to wear it (which little girl wouldnt want to wear a pretty pink tutu? mine apparently)
    i didnt get a picture though and i ended up wearing it myself but that still didnt get her interested and she still refuses to look at it…

  10. Ahhh lady, I feel your pain. My wild child of almost 2 years old is under the Elmo’s World spell! I can almost recite most of the episodes! Umm…not that we watch a lot of tv….. :)

  11. I’ve always found very pretty little girls dressed up like very pretty little girls acting like horrid little brats such an interesting and slightly amusing thing. Bwahaha.

    mind you, I’m certainly not saying Madeline is acting like a horrid little brat… I’m just saying that I’ve got a few who do that from time to time over here. ;)

    she is still adorable, mad-face and all.

  12. I see a very similar face every single day. My son comes home from day care and thinks it is snack time…NOW! Like you, I hope this phase passes…NOW!

  13. Why do kids do that? I mean, hi, I’m obviously pulling your drink out of the fridge and pouring it into your bottle/sippy/cup. Why are you howling? Are you afraid I’ll change my mind if you aren’t loud enough? Sheesh.
    At least my oldest is getting old enough that I can tell her to stop whining and 50% of the time she stops. But my 4 month old is starting pretty early. **sighs** The tutu is cute.

  14. you mop your floors????


    I need a girl. I’ve been told boys will be easier in their teen years and I can see why they would say that but I need a reason to buy tutus and pink stuff. and hair bows.

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