Baby #2 – Twelve Weeks

I hit the 12 week mark last Saturday, which basically means I was able to start breathing again for the first time in 3 months. They say you’re supposed to be in somewhat of a safe zone after you make it to 12 weeks, so I’ve pretty much been fist pumping my way through the first half of this week. Huuuuge sigh of relief.

(I promise I’m normally quite jolly and do smile with my teeth on occasion.)

So yes, I was feeling great until yesterday morning. I went to the bathroom and —MEN, LOOK AWAY NOW— I noticed I was having a little bit of a bleeding problem. HELLO. Cue the pregnant woman hysterics. And this happened, seriously, 10 minutes after I posted this little bit of joy on Twitter:

I knew I wasn’t imagining those flutters, but what perfect timing mother nature has, right? I was a confused, terrified, blubbering mess, wondering if those were the first and last little movements I’d ever feel from this baby. So. Many. Tears.

My nurse was able to get me in a few hours later, did a check up of my lady business and said everything looked pretty normal, but that I do need to be taking it easy for a while. That’s all I will say for fear of making you all gag and run for the hills, but just know I’m fine.

She also listened for the baby’s heartbeat and COULDN’T FREAKING FIND IT, so naturally, there was more crying. I was sent to get an ultrasound, which normally means !!!!!!!!!BABY!!!!!!!!!!!, but this time was more like …!?…!????:(

I held my breath as the ultrasound tech started working, and again, started crying when I saw this sweet thing do a big jump:

Baby #2 is just fine. Thank God.

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  1. ok, you honest to goodness scared me. i’m so glad everything is fine! yay to being done your first trimester.

    and yes, your top is adorable.

  2. Agh, I hate moments like that. I’m so glad that everything is all good. That baby may owe you a few rounds of drinks after that mini panic attack (s)he put you through, though.

  3. Sorry for your scare, what a terrible feeling. But very happy for you that everything is ok. I hope the rest of your pregnancy less frightening and that you both remain healthy as can be!

  4. So thankful things are okay. That is incredibly stressful (I had to go in at 7 weeks for bleeding)!! That baby could be the cutest little thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! Taking after momma already :)

    Take it easy the rest of the week (soooo easy with a toddler, huh?) and drink lots of water (my cure for everything!). Can’t wait to hear more- I love new baby bumps!

  5. I’m very glad everything is ok!!! I KNOW how scary it is when something like that happens. I KNOW how every second feels like hours when you’re waiting to hear the heartbeat or see the baby on ultrasound. I am SO happy all is well. Also… where do you find your clothes!? I swear you always dress so stinking cute. I never find things like that when I am pregnant! I always look like a bag lady.

  6. Ohmygosh Morgan, I’m so sorry you had that scare yesterday! That must have been beyond frightening! I can’t imagine. I’m SO Happy you and lil baby Gable #2 are just fine. So cute that lil baby did a jump for you! Awwww! So adorable. Oh, and I also love your top, girlie. xoxo

  7. I cannot even begin to imagine how scary that would be! You look amazing btw!!! So glad everything is going to be ok.

  8. Emily, Thank you! It was really unnerving, but I’m just so thankful it was nothing!

    Shannon, I’m sorry! haha… I just HAD to give you guys a full update on all the haps. And yes, I am SO glad to be done with the 1st trimester. It’s the best feeling to be able to move on from this mess of sore boobs and worry. lol

    and my top is from Forever21 :)

    BeautyandtheBanker, thank you so very much for the kind wishes!

    AEOT, how stressful for you too! Any sort of bleeding in the first tri is awful and I completely feel for any woman who has had to go through it. I’ll be taking your advice!

    Kourtni, ooooh gosh. I find it hard to believe that you EVER look anything other than perfectly put together. You’re a doll! Right now, I’m still wearing my normal tops… I’m at the point where the maternity shirts are just too bagged-out looking. ehhh. Forever21 is my savior for cheapy tops right now.

    Sarah, thank you so much! I was in the middle of writing you and Jimaie back when it happened, so that’s why I dropped off the face of the earth! I’ll get around to that email, eventually. :)

    Susan, amen.

    Micaela, thank you! I hope all is well with you and your sweet little one too!

    Tristan, yeah, really! I’m SURE Maddie will comply, lol.

  9. I am SO glad that everything is okay. I still can’t get over how scary that must have been! hugs x1000. (and when I’m pregnant I’m going to raid your closet. lol if only I could fit into ANY of it.)

  10. Aww, look at your little baby. I totally understand your freak-out. Not from experience, but I can totally imagine how I would be. And yes, I would be a freaked out blubbery mess too.

  11. 1) First and foremost, I’m so glad Baby is ok. What a scare! 2) I have that shirt that you’re wearing in your pic…it looks SO much better on you than it ever has on me. You and that adorable belly! Excuse me while I go burn it now, ahem.

  12. I’m pretty sure fetuses are only good for scaring the crap out of us. I’m so glad yours is doing well and that you were able to get peace of mind quickly. You look amazing–I’m a little (okay a lot) jealous!

  13. oh, those moments are the scariest and worst…. I got all nervous and scared for you just reading this! I’m so sorry you had such a roller-coaster sort of day, but I am SO thankful, SO glad that Baby darling is fine, you are fine, and all is well. Praise God! You know I’m praying it will continue to be so. :)

    and you look simply ah-dorable and lovely as always. just love you.

  14. Been following you online for a while now and yes, I’m insanely happy to know your baby is well! I can’t imagine how scary that is. :( Rest, rest, rest. :)

  15. Wow. Baby Number two must me on the dramatic side to put you through all that. I’m so happy for you that everything checked out okay. Very scary.

  16. aw, going googely gaga over baby #2. How dang cute!

    I had some bleeding issues at 7 weeks with my last 2 babies and it was so scary…thankfully everything was ok…totally understand how you felt. It really made me more aware of how miraculous each and every baby truly is!

  17. Oh, Morgan– I know your heart had to be in your throat for a good while there. During my last pregnancy, I didn’t even know I was pregnant for the first two months because I was bleeding so much I thought I was having my regular period and then some. Once I found out I was pregnant, I STILL bled and got all freaked out, naturally. It eventually stopped. Will keep you in prayers…Jen

  18. aww Morgan!

    ok, I will embarass myself for you. The first time I was preggo I was at work and I went to the bathroom. I saw a bit of blood AND FREAKED. I called the doctor and the nurse was like, were you straining? and I’m like, what????? I wasn’t trying to PUSH the baby out! and she was like no, have you been constipated?

    the end.

  19. First of all let me just say that even thought I’ve been warned about a trillion times i STILL managed to type in “” instead of for the first time ever when attempting to come here. MY EYES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

    Anywho, I love you lots and lots and I’m so sorry you had to go through this scare!!! I was literally petrified when you told me, I am so insanely glad baby #2 is PERFECT b/c oh my goodness. I really don’t know how it is that you manage to make pregnancy look so fantastic but I’m sort of scared to ever be pregnant around you in this lifetime. Why are you so cute?! STOPPIT

  20. so glad everything is okay… and i love the ultrasound pic, you can see the profile so well! I know how scary it can be… and worrying is good for you or baby either. Get lots of rest!

  21. I work at a crisis pregnancy center and honestly, I never tire of looking at ultrasound pictures. Lord, I love those babies! And yours is spectacular!


    (scare the living life? is that even possible?) ^^^

    I’m soooo glad priss 3.0 is all good in the hood.

  23. dude, I feel your pain, this happened to me at 11 weeks. what a rollercoaster. It was like, D: BLEEDING. and then :D I HEARD THE HEARTBEAT! and then D: D: D: D: BLEEDING MORE! and then hospital and being told I was probably ok and then ultrasound a few days later when they could get me in, and baby was fine. And then hubby treating me like a china dolls forever which had ups and downs. Up being that I got supervisory/bossy duty when it came to all the redecorating and renovating we’ve done this pregnancy. Down being that I wasn’t allowed to do anything fun. At all. Cue the laptop and the big dent the shape of my butt in the new leather sofa.
    Glad everything was okay! Pregnancy can be terrifying sometimes.

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