The Men of my {Pregnant} Dreams

Last night I had a dream I was driving behind the slowest person in all of humanity. I rode this car’s tail and was becoming all hulkish and crazy-anxious to get to my shopping destination.

All of a sudden, the car stopped and a man stepped out. With both hands in his pockets, he casually strolled back toward my car and stood right at my window. Cocky jerk. I couldn’t see his face, but as I rolled down the window I was fully prepared to rip him a new one. Road rage, much?

The mystery driver bent down, looked through the window and stared straight into my eyes…

Andy Samberg??? Oh. Umm… Okay?

Andy smiled and I immediately melted like butter (???). He politely asked if I’d like to go get a slice of pizza with him (???). Just as I was about to say the words, “Yes! Take me to pizza and then let’s ride on a white horse off into the sunset together”, I woke up.

I seriously don’t know what the deal is with my crazy pregnant dreams. They almost always star a somewhat strange and quirky actor, none of which I find attractive or sexy in any way. I have no clue why they keep popping into my dreams like this. And a slice of pizza? Is THAT the true way to my heart?

Skeet Ulrich… Andy Samberg…  Where is Jason Statham when I need him?

(If you see Jason, tell him he’s welcome to pop into my dreams any night he wants. And that I prefer Chinese takeout over pizza.)

12 thoughts on “The Men of my {Pregnant} Dreams

  1. I had a dream like this once about Jack Black, but only it was worse, way worse and I feel sick just seeing his face. BLEGH.

  2. haha! I love this. Crazy dreams like this are the best. I usually don’t see any faces of men in my dreams unless they are family members. Or I call them one name but they look like someone else I know.

  3. omg i love jason statham. have you seen The Expendables yet? it’s kinda dumb but he’s hot in it.

    and i kinda think i might’ve had a (non-pregnant) dream about andy samberg. and he was hot in it. hmm. weird. maybe he’s dream-hot only.

    yes. dream-hot. it’s a thing.

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