My child will not be named after a well-known action hero.

Ahh, choosing a name. It can be a fun, exciting chance for expectant parents to bond or it can be a freaking nightmare, depending on who your husband is. I’ll give you one guess as to how splendid this experience has been so far.


Agreeing on a name for this baby has been a tedious process for Justin and I.  It was pretty easy for us to settle on Madeline, being that I had it chosen for my future daughter since I was 15 and was never going to change my mind, so help me God we both absolutely loved it right off the bat. This time around, he’s not been so cooperative. (Shoot.)

The man is more than just picky.  If he had a legitimate reason to rule out a name that’d be fine, but he’ll come up with these super ridiculous name associations as reasons why the would never work for a child of ours. They’re not even real reasons, they’re just… I don’t even know. Feel my pain as you read ACTUAL excuses he’s given me:

Amelia – “It just makes me think of a World War I plane.” You mean like Amelia Earhart?

Pearl – “Sounds like an old woman who smells like mothballs and shops at Penny’s.” My Great-Aunt Pearlie doesn’t smell like mothballs. I’ll have to confirm the JCPenny thing though…

Elijah – “It’s just because you want to call him Eli, isn’t it? No.” BUT IT’S CUUUUUTE!

Liam – “Prime rib.” …Really????

He doesn’t really contribute any ideas, he just disagrees in a really annoying way. I can’t work like this. All Justin knows is that he wants our kid to have a badass name. If this baby is a boy, he is going to fight me tooth and nail to have his middle name be “Danger” just so he will be able to say “My middle name is Danger.”  Aaaaand you think I’m joking.

As of right now, this baby is being referred to as Jack Bauer Bruce Wayne Schwarzenegger Danger Gable. It… it just doesn’t have the classic sound I’m aiming for.

I’ll keep you posted on any new developments. Prayers are welcome.

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  1. OH gurl, I can relate to this….What is it with our nice, sweet natured, good Christian boy husbands that want dangerous and rebel baby names?….don't​ even get me started on the ones Cody has come up with….

  2. Names are tough. I’m sure you’ll get one eventually. Plus, you’ve got time. My dads parents were teenagers when he and his siblings were born and they named them all after movie stars.

  3. hahahaha!
    what happend to Jack Ryan (yes..I asked that ? on formspring!)?!

    And Ameila is freaking adorable..he’s crazy…Maddie and Mia..OMG, presh!

    GOOD LUCK :)

    Name “her” Ansley…lol..I’m obsessed with that name but my hubs doesn’t like!

  4. I had a rough time with my husband too. For our first, a girl, he wanted to name her “Sundaria” or “Andersly”… I was like , “Whoa there, I want unique but this is crazy. We finally settled on names for our kids, but two times we made our final picks in the hospital.
    1. Abriella Jayne
    2. Hudson Perry
    3. Penelope Jolie
    And PS I know someone whose boy’s middle name is ACTUALLY Danger. … His name is actually Deacon Cash Danger Cothran. We all just call him Danger boy and it’s pretty cute. I know another boy whose middle name is Blaze. His mom gave in and he’s now 10 and she still doesn’t like his middle name. :)

  5. This is a little freaky. I have a list of about 20 or so baby names (because my freaking biological clock is ticking and I can’t find a decent man to have babies with already) and Amelia, Liam, and Elijah are ALL on that list. Not so much Pearl, but I know someone with that name so I’m biased.

    Other names on my list?
    Caydence, Elena, Michaela, Ella, Katelyn, August, Avery, Ethan, Isaac, Rhys, Pierce, Keegan, Chase, and Lucas.

    P.S. YES, it is because I want to call him Eli.


    Welcome to my world. Jenna was easy peasy. As soon as we knew boy….husband had 1000 opinions not welcomed and was set on names…well honey you are as white as they come so tyson, tyrone, marcus, william, curry….really?

    Result…I got emo and cried and slipped in my top pick.

    I have a feeling it won’t work on Justin. Not so much. Jack Danger Gable

    I actually love it. Ha!

    Jack and Maddie is the cutest ever.

    Can’t wait to know for sure!!!

  7. Sorry Morg but Danger is a sweet middle name. Haha. I thought it was Jack or Jane?! Me, You g-chat date during work tomorrow!?

  8. Had that problem with both of our kids names! Our oldest didnt' get a name chosen until I was in labor (btw, being in excruciating pain gave me some leverage so I got the name I wanted :) and Hubby complained that I didn't let him help pick out the name. So for our 2nd, I told him to make a list of names he liked. He did, after I read an entire baby name book to him (I skipped the names I hated).

  9. Now try being a teacher, putting the name through tests like, "how can we turn this into a taunt used on the playground at recess" and "what will it sound like if he has a lisp or speech impediment" and your list gets even shorter.

  10. OH gurl, I can relate to this….What is it with our nice, sweet natured, good Christian boy husbands that want dangerous and rebel baby names?….don't even get me started on the ones Cody has come up with….

  11. I personally really like Ameila & Liam – they are cute names. :)

    I hope Justin & you can agree on a name & middle name sometime soon – if nothing helps try to involve Maddie too and ask her what she thinks of the name ideas. Yeah, I do know that she’s still very young. You could also argue that some names would be too difficult for lil Maddie to pronounce and stuff. And she should be able to say her brother’s/sister’s name. ;)

  12. gah. I know exactly what you mean, but it both of us with the problem. Obscure tv and movie references, we both are really having problems with finding a name to even put on a list to consider!

  13. LOL same boat over here with our first child i put her name on the birth certificate before he had a chance to see it but with our second child we decided to name her when we see her less then 7 weeks left hope we can agree on something lol goood luck. fyi liam and amelia are super cute but my husband didnt like those eiather

  14. Ahhh…I went through this, except it was with my MIL and my husband. At least he was more reasonable. :) At first, we had a hard time picking out boys’ names because he insisted on naming a boy “Hank” so he could play football in high school and be able to be called, “Hank the Tank.” Seriously. My MIL, on the other hand, is still salty that we named our baby (a girl, so no Hank!) after her MIL, instead of her mother, and refuses to call the baby by name. *sigh* Never a dull moment! :) PS – her name is Lila, and our alternate names were Claudia and Claire, if you’re still needing suggestions – ha ha! Good luck!!

  15. We have five girls. On the fourth one my husband gave up the dream of having a boy and started naming them after baseball parks. We have a Camden (Baltimore Orioles) and a Wrigley (Chicago Cubs) He had to get the boy in there somewhere. He wanted to give Wrigley the middle name Mac after Mark McGuire. I drew the line there. I felt she needed something that would designate her as a girl so we went with Ann.

  16. Tristan, you caught me. :) Jack is still the top name for a boy and won’t change… these were just the other options we briefly talked about, haha.

    Melissa, that is hilarious! Except now, Justin is going to read your comment and be that much more determined to use Danger, lol!

    Jennifer (B), isn’t Eli so cute!? Right?? And my husband did the design on my blog. Thanks. :)

    Shea, oooh my gosh, I forgot about Eric’s choice — TYRONE. Can you imagine Dawson with that name? HAHAHAHA… and yes, it’s still Jack. I just didn’t want everyone to know our final-final choices yet, but I’ve told too many people about Jack already to keep it under wraps, lol

    Anna, you know it!

    Swetlana, thank you! Maddie’s nickname of “bubble” has sort of stuck… let’s hope she comes up with something a little better, haha!

    Krista, Caine sounds like he could be a pretty badass cage fighter. PROTECT YOUR YOUNG FROM CAULIFLOWER EAR!

    Erin, I can’t wait to see what you choose for your girls! Actually, I just can’t wait to see them, period.

    Jennifer (perrilyncreations), I seriously cracked up just now at Hank the Tank. Husbands are so funny with their choices!! Lila is so cute, and Claire was always a top choice for me, but one of my besties loves it so I gave it up long ago. SO CUTE.

    Sal-my-gal, that is awesome, hahaha. I once knew a family who named their children after cities in Texas.

  17. I don’t think my husband and I ever had a single serious conversation about naming our child. Every name I suggested, he would come back, “What about Cletis? Or Xavier?”


  18. totally totally understand.

    i wrote a post (below) back in april – while we were trying to decide on a name way early on……..

    …….now i’m at 34 weeks, and we know its a boy, but still CAN’t get a name set.

    my husband insists we pick a MANLY name and not one that is the least bit ‘femmy’ sounding (hence, he hates jude – my fave, and thinks cooper sounds like a dog)

    he’d probably love to tack on DANGER as middle name to Jack ……. (jack is his obsession even though EVERYONE likes jack) ………oh i can hear it now, “Jack Danger Leif”

    anyways……..what is it with guys and their obsession for
    ‘strong/manly’ names…….

    can’t WAIT to see what you pick!!!!!!!

  19. My husband was bound and determined that our son was going to be named “Captain” for the LONGEST time. He also wanted to give him our last name as his first name. As it is, he filled out the paperwork wrong so our son’s name is technically “Kristopher Reuben Nathan (Last name) Last name” ~ which he claims was an honest mistake but I have my suspicions :D

  20. Hahahaha – I love it.

    I’m not even pregnant but J and I discuss baby names all the time. I would love to name our son Chase because it’s J’s middle name. He says no because he knew a guy in high school named Chase and he didn’t like him.

    Really? How old are we? And what kind of wacky reasoning is that? Sigh.

  21. The danger thing made me laugh so loud. Seriously? ZOMG. My boyfriend loves the name Stone, as in Stone G. Jr. from Pearl Jam. Which I can live with as a middle name, not a first. But Danger does tickled me. You just have to be sure that Little Danger can back up his saying or he might be in a world of hurting at school.

    Naming a child can be so hard I’m sure – sometimes it just fits others it’s a battle. I’m sorry you’re having to fight the good fight right now.

    I love Eli! What about Elliot and call him Eli?

    I also love the name Gage, I say that for you because well, I cant’ name my child that because my BFF’s husband wanted to name his boy that and he lost the fight against her I think he’d hate me a bit if I got to name my boy the name he wanted.


  22. I know I’m not going to help matters any, but Jack Bauer Bruce Wayne Schwarzenegger Danger Gable DOES have a certain ring to it….

    I kid, I kid.

    As much as we want a boy someday, I’m so scared of the name choosing if we do end up with one. We do not see eye to eye at ALL on boy names. I love the classic boy names… such as George, and it just so happens to be my dad’s name, which I love. But then my husband tells me that if we use MY dad’s name in any way, we have to use HIS dad’s name too. His dad’s name? Jimmy Dale.

    I’m SO scared.

    best of name-choosing luck to you, my dear. :)

  23. I actually like “Danger” as a middle name. But if he gets that, then you should be able to name him Elijah. Eli Danger Gable.

    Also, Prime Rib? Say what?!

  24. Amelia would be SO cute with Madeline :\ My hubby did the same thing… but my name choices were a little less friendly, too. I really liked the name “Story” and hubby came up with all kinds of awful rhymes that he was convinced other children would sing-song at her… *shakes head*

    His name suggestion was like Kyla… until I reminded him he has a cousin named Kyla and that’s where he got it from…

    We didn’t have a name officially until I was like 8 months pregnant. Ridiculous.

  25. If it’s a boy just name him Batman. If it’s a girl name her Batgirl. Done. :)

    I know whatever you guys pick will be so adorably cute. I CAN’T WAIT!!

  26. Omg, dying laughing right now. It sounds like you are working with the same thing I am… Brian also thinks the middle name should be danger. I can’t even count how many times he has brought this up. I also like the classic sounding names, (Fynn and Liam are my top 2 for boys)he is on board for one of them to be the first name, but Liam Danger ??? Wow, writing it and I kinda like it… scary.

    Guys are funny, they only voice their opinions we don’t want them.. but everytime I ask what he wants for dinner he has NO input….

  27. Cale says the SAME THING anytime I bring up Amelia… Who cares about Amelia Earhart anymore?! Or Sofia = Sofa. Seriously? Who would call someone sofa. I have a feeling Cale must have been really mean in elementary school because he can think of a mean nickname for ANY possible name choices.

  28. Wow. Well we’re not going to be able to come up with a name for our children, mostly because we can’t even name our animals. You know, my cat named Kitty. YEAH.

    Whenever we talk about names, figuratively of course, lol! – we always say something like ” is always a douche bag name”

  29. Prime rib?! What? Haha–Liam was on our short list for a while, and if the last pregnancy had stuck, Amelia was the girl name we settled on. I love hearing what people think about different names.

    Good luck!

  30. good luck on that naming thing! we always had a hard time too, Lizzy had a completely different name for 5 hours of her life and we changed our minds with Zach’s name an hour before he was born.

  31. I know someone with the middle name Danger too! Actually two someones… a brother and a sister (not twins). They both got the name. Pretty crazy. :)

  32. I heard the name Amelia last night and told my husband how much I like it.

    But I’m with your husband on Danger. I kind of love it :-/ but I also named my son Phoenix too.

  33. Man, second-child-naming is difficult/awkward all around. I decided I was absolutely in love with the name Griffin. My husband/love of my life/bane of my existance was like, “No, that reminds me of Peter Griffin from Family Guy.” and I was like “ARE YOU @$#@ING KIDDING ME, THAT IS A VALID EXCUSE?!?!?!!” And then one of my friends was like, “aw its a cute name. Middle name?” and I was like “I want to name him after my hubby, and if it’s a girl I’ll do the same but I’ll use Christiana for a girl version.” and my friend was like “You want to use his name…. Chris… like… Griffin Chris? Like, Chris Griffin? Have you thought this through?” and then I just hated everyone in the universe. And no, not Griffin Chris, how dumb does that sound even sans family guy… Griffin Christopher! phbbt. Anywas then I had to move on cos hubster wasn’t budging and we liked Olivia Christiana for a girl so we thought maybe Oliver until we realized that when we paired it with a middle name it sounded like “All Over Christopher” or “All Over Andrew”. Fortunatly we’re having a girl so I can stop wanting to shoot myself in the head over boy names now.
    BOY NAMES ARE @#$(*@#)984’23094823ING HARD. <- that is an imaginary kazillion-word swear. It's pretty badass.
    You could name your baby that, maybe.

  34. TJ is this exact same way about names! It’s so infuriating b/c I completely understand hating a name…if you give me a freaking reason!!! But to just say, “meh, don’t like it.” and when I ask you why to then answer “I just don’t” THAT IS NOT HELPFUL! lol He hated all of the girl choices I’ve presented in the past- Amelia, Sofia, Isabella, Eleanor (I was really heartbroken over Eleanor.)
    Why do they do this to us?
    It’s seriously a wonder Malachi ever got named, when we decided on one finally I was like praise jesus! I felt like we should throw a party or something!
    Now we have this Old Testament prophet theme going with our kids names which narrows our choices down even more. FUN!

  35. haha! I’m 14 weeks pregnant and am also having a more difficult time coming up with names. I too really really like Elijah if I have a boy (and I too want that name so I can call him “baby Eli!” OMG OMG), but my husband can’t get past Elijah Wood. He asked if we’ll have to give him Wood as a middle name. I think though, that I’ve beaten him down! :-)

  36. Hubby and I have decided on names for each of our kids before they were made. We’ve always had a girl and a boy name waiting in the wings. If we ever get a boy he’ll be named Conner. And I was thinking Conner John, but of course the husband wants it to be John Conner (cue Termintator soundtrack). Hahaha! We’ll cross that bridge if we ever come to it. Danger is interesting. I could see it growing on a person. Well, hopefully y’all can get the name stuff ironed out. :)

  37. Bahaha! My husband did this too! He would be like, “It sounds like a stripper name.” Or “Nope, dated one of those in high school.” or “Nope reminds me of that Adam Sandler movie…” “No no no, that’s my second cousin’s friend’s, neighbor’s, step-brother’s, mother-in-law’s, third aunt’s, dead uncle’s BFF’s barbers name ….. and no one ever liked …him …! Seriously? Every other question in the marriage, comes along with the answer, “I don’t care.” “Where should we eat?” ” I don’t care.” “How about THEESE curtains?” “Don’t care.” Why can’t they just go with that on this for once! ;O)

  38. billie joe armstrong (green day) has a kid whose middle name is “Danger.”

    i don’t know if that helped or hurt your situation.

    disregard and carry on, please.

  39. I’ve had this conversation 3 times, for 3 boys. I had a list – he hated every name. He had no suggestions, he just hated every name to pass my lips. We ended up going with Aidan for #1, which means little fire, hearkening to his occupation as a firefighter. #2 ended up being Logan, from my master list, because it went with Aidan and sounded good with the middle name. #3 we could not agree on ANYTHING. We each told the older boys our 2 favorite names, and let them name the kid. So we have Aidan, Logan and Gavin. Then again, when yelling (as is most often the case) it ends up being “YOU! Yeahhhhh YOU. Get over here/Knock it off/Stop doing XYZ to your brother/Stop climbing-swinging-eating-pushing-pulling that!!”

    What happened to “Yeeees dear”?

  40. I’ve got 2 kids already and their names are far from normal. Since hubby and I are Shakespeare fans, we gave them names from the plays. Cool, yes. Easily pronounced by the typical Filipino? NO. Hahah, we get a kick out our the baffled looks though.

    Oh, a trick that worked really well for us was this: practice introducing yourselves as a family. “Hi, My name is Morgan and this is my husband ____ (sorry, I don’t know your hubby’s name!) and these are our kids, Maddie and _______.”

    Somehow it helped us get the feel of introducing our son Tybalt and dughter Hero.

  41. Can I just say, I really like your blog. Your point of view and your writing is refreshing and fun to read.

    As for the names…yeah, it’s a trick one! With my first child, my husbie did the same as yours, naying All of my names, but never giving me alternatives. Finally he came up with:
    You may not remember, but this was right in the midst of Sisqo and “The Thong Song”! He wanted to name our little innocent baby after The thong-tha-thong-thong-thong song! After the birth, (and me crying for months about Sisquo) we agreed on Matthew Kevin, now he’s 10 and he goes by Mattie).

    So, After all the DRAMA with baby #1, I decided that I would pick a name for #2 and he could pick a middle name (If I approved).
    I has Marissa “picked out” ever since we found out she was a girl! I didn’t tell Dad until she was born (I don’t know how I kept the secret! In my mind she was already named!) When he came to see us (he missed the birth by 8 minutes because she was so quick. Almost gave birth on the freeway…) I passed the baby to him and said “Meet your little Daddy’s girl, Marissa!” He loved her name, and decided on Carey (with a “C” so that the children don’t have identical initials).

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