Baby #2 – Fourteen Weeks

Okay, I’m getting seriously lazy with these posts because I’m actually 2 days away from being 15 weeks. And yes, I felt the need to tell you all that because the entire time you’re pregnant all you really care about is being farther ahead of where you are and you want the world to know that HEY, I’m really 5 days farther along than what the title of this post says and I realize it seems like a petty & insignificant detail, but I LIVED through those 5 days of constipation and grief so it makes a difference, DANG IT!

It’s an actual baby belly now & not just gas. I REJOICE!

This week I downgraded from Gold Level Throw Up Queen to a content state of Gagging While Brushing Teeth. It’s the little things, people.

Also, I’m going to a wedding this weekend and I’m currently on the hunt for an outfit that doesn’t make me look like I did at the wedding I attended two weeks ago. Which was basically a WHALE with flip flops and smeared eyeliner.

Horrendous, I know. I’d like to go for something a little less frumpy this time, and that requires me to find a cute dress today on my lunch break. Wish me luck!

24 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Fourteen Weeks

  1. aw, you look so cute! You're one of those cute preggo people. When I get pregnant and turn in to one of those huge preggo people, I will hate you. But for now, I'm happy for your cuteness!

  2. lol, Kim!! You're going to be so adorable whenever you get pregnant.Shea, I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO SAY THAT! hahaha… we'll see. Two weeks from tomorrow I find out. :)

  3. Hahahaha, thanks Kris! Did you see the convo me, Rachel and Anna were having about our old class with Sles? It's on my wall… it brought back some awesome memories, lol.

  4. You did not look like a whale! You are seriously one of the most adorable pregnant women I have ever seen! You could wear anything and look adorable.

  5. You’re still looking lovely and your baby belly is soo cute! :D

    And you really didn’t look like a whale at that wedding, you looked awesome. :)

  6. YES i am so excited about your bump! I was just thinking earlier about asking you if you have woke up yet and discovered a belly :) Can’t wait to see you IRL, xoxoxoxoxoxo.

  7. That IS the cutest 15 week bump I’ve ever seen. And I know people say that all the time. But you are seriously skilled at growing cute belly bumps. Well done, you!

  8. I cannot believe how adorable round that belly is!!!! I’m with Alyssa, I can’t wait to see you and molest that belly in real life! You look so skinny (aside from that baby belly, haha!) too! It’s no faiiiirrrrr :P

  9. Oh, you are the most presh preggo EVER! I am so jealous! I was enormous with #1, and I know that #2 will be even worse! You are SO not a whale.

  10. ha ha, you are too funny. What a cute bump you have! I am sure you will find something cute to wear. At least you were not 9 month pregnant with 2 days till your due date at your brother in laws wedding, looking like a beached whale wearing what resembled a bag with holes for arms (and yet on the clothes rack, was quite a stylish satin top!) and yes, I am talking about me!

  11. Hello,
    I just started reading your blog recently, it’s great! Please excuse this question if it is weird, but since I am pregnant also, and just right behind you in weeks, I am curious… you look great in your photos… maternity jeans? because if so, I seriously need to be pointed in the right direction. If you’re rigging up regular jeans, then great job!

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