Baby #2 – Fifteen Weeks

Man. I must be one of the lucky girls who escapes the horrible morning sickness that lasts the whole pregnancy because with each week that goes by, I just feel better and better. Which means I have been able to eat whatever I want and not get sick! Which means I’ve had chinese food three times this week already! Which meaaaaaans, I HAVE GAINED 5 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS.

Mother of mercy.

It’s okay though! It is! I’m not really all that panicky about gaining weight this time since I kind of know what to expect. And, those were the first 5 pounds I’ve gained since I started this magical little journey. Not too bad. My butt may be out of control in a few months and the chipmunk cheeks may return, but right now I feel like this:

Can’t hold ME down, baby fat. My hills are aliiiiive!

Now gimme some chow mein.

26 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Fifteen Weeks

  1. Is it kinda sad that I am always excited to see an update on your pregnancy? I don’t even know how many times I a week I check your website to see if there is a new weekly update.. if it is – I am sorry. :)

    But anyways.. you still look great and you sure only gained weight in the right parts and your baby bump looks really cute!

  2. Without a doubt you are pure cuteness!! Sickness during pregnancy is the worst, but it does keep the el-bees down. I wish I could say that I was able to eat chinese freely, but with both my kids it resulted in a massive weight gain and afterwards a massive diet (for like 2 years post baby). It IS shocking how easily the weight can pile on! But you’re adorable so I agree,, bring on the chow mein!

  3. Just found your website today and LOVE it. You are too funny! I’m actually 14 weeks 4 days today. Such an exciting time!

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