#77 ATV on the Beach & a List update

Dude, I'm hardcore. You see that pink hoodie? Don't mess.

And don’t worry… that was forever ago. No babies were harmed.

It feels like it’s been about 8 years since I’ve done an update 101 Things list. I’ve actually been keeping up on it, which is pretty brag-worthy considering I haven’t followed through with one single goal I’ve set for myself in ages. Or like ever in my life.

It’s funny to go through my list and see the things I accomplished right away, and then the things I’ve been putting off for the past year and a half.


Eat at 3 new restaurants. Easy.

Start planning for Baby Gable #2. Yeahh, I skipped that step and went straight for the gold. Now I’m being forced to plan though, sooo, done.

Bake a batch of rainbow chip cupcakes. Or 15.


Read 50 books. Umm. Try 2, both of which involved vampires and were found in the Young Adult section in Target. The shame.

Sing Karaoke. This is honestly the most terrifying thing on my list and I will be putting it off until the VERY last minute. It involves all my greatest fears: singing in front of people, standing on a stage & peeing my pants. (It’s inevitable.)

Go a month without buying lattes. I will surely die. Let’s just be real here.

I obviously have my priorities in line: Making babies and eating good food.

So hooray for goals!

12 thoughts on “#77 ATV on the Beach & a List update

  1. Hey for the Karaoke one just do one of the Wii games that is singing… it counts! :) Plus it’s fun and a good workout when you add the dancing to it.

  2. “Go a month without buying lattes. I will surely die.”

    hahahah….this was my exact thought too, if I ever tried it.

    I just discovered soy iced lattes are actually pretty good! I am not a soy milk fan, but allergies were causing a phlegmy situation I didn’t want to aggravate further, so I tried it, and it was great. Yum.

  3. Please don’t put anything on your lists that will cause death……skipping lattes will cause death….

    Double YAY for baby Gable #2!!! Eeeeeee! Still so excited!!!

  4. I really need to take a gander at my list and knock some things out. Though there are a few that I should just cross off now as “I don’t know what I was thinking, that was a dumb idea”

  5. Oh shoot, didn’t YOU get lucky that Karaoke fell through for my birthday! LOL!
    You look so badass on that quad with that helmet, it made me giggle a little bit, haha! I love it.
    I’m pretty sure planning/making Baby Gable was the most important thing on the list anyway, who cares about the rest!

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