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  1. Aww, congrats! And don’t worry, that commercial is a bit of an exaggeration. There are plenty of little boys out there without a knack for destruction and a love for slugs!

  2. I understand! Its like you kind of have to mourn the loss of all things baby girl.

    I was really apprehensive about having a son. Now, 13 months into parenting him, it seems silly. Not that you are being silly, of course. Just that… he isn’t as gendered as I thought. He makes car noises and wears a lot of blue, but its not like he is a teenage boy with those annoying habits yet or anything.

    I bet Maddy is excited. Little girls love brothers!

  3. Hurrah! I guessed right, what do I win?
    Awww, Maddy is gonna love her little brother. Then hate his guts. And then after puberty, love him again, lol. You’re such a cute lil preggs. Congratulations!

  4. i wasn’t freaked about having a boy until i had him… and was peed on everyday for 2 weeks… but then you get really good at changing diapers really fast :)

  5. Well, as a mom of a boy, I both agree and disagree with Carly. Boy clothes CAN be super cute- but the super cute ones are hard to find! In any given store, the baby/toddler boy section makes up like 1/4-1/3 of the store and the girl section is the rest. Annnd when I finally find something cute on the one rack of boy stuff for K, it’s sold out in his size. UGH. I hate it! BUT- on the bright side- you can borrow our stuff ;-)

    You’ll love having a boy and a girl- they are both pretty stinkin’ awesome!

  6. Boys ROCK!! But as a mom to 4….yes that’s F-O-U-R boys I’m a bit bias!
    You are truly blessed to have been blessed with one of each. A few things to keep in mind…
    Flowers from your sweet little boy are the best, even if they are weeds.
    Dressing is so much easier but don’t let anyone fool you, you will still have a TON of shoes for them cause you have to have the right ones to match.
    Potty training is so much easier (or so I’m told) not to mention that finding a potty in an emergency is so much easier. See that tree. Gross but believe me you’ll do it.
    Best of all, knowing that in his eyes you will always be the most “bootiful” girl and every girl will have to be up to your standard.
    Congrats! :0)

  7. YUP, this ad is pretty darn accurate…minus the level of aggression/rage. Boys are INTENSE.

    But they can also be really great- strong and independent too…
    (Never mind that girls talk sooner, potty train sooner etc etc etc…) Guess I wish I’d had at least one girl!?….

  8. I guessed wrong..

    But you know what? I think you can be lucky that it’s a boy and not a girl – puberty? And then twice? With two girls? You would get crazy! :)

    Also, boys really, really love their moms or aunts or sisters or what ever. And they enjoy cuddling very much – until they reach a certain age and girls suck. xD

  9. I thought you would have another girl!

    Don’t worry–little boys are SO fun (I have a 10 month old little guy).

    Yes, they’re crazy. Yes, they’re messy. Yes, they can be destructive. But they love, love, LOVE their mommas.


  10. I only have one boy, and that is all I can handle! I swear he is more drama then his two sisters some days!
    Just remember when changing diapers, to always point the weiner down!

  11. Woah. That commercial is frightening. LOL. But congrats on your baby boy!! Boys are a lot easier than girls!! Their clothes are a lot less expensive… and they looooove their moms!!!!

  12. bahaha, what do I win?
    If it makes you feel better, they only tend to break stuff for like the first 20 years or so… then they start fixing stuff. With any luck, it’s the boys that help you do stuff like heavy lifting and replacing your roofing and lawn care when they’re older. You just have to get past the peeing-everywhere stages first.

    Actually, I retract that last bit because I’ve caught my husband peeing in the back corner of the yard. They actually don’t get past that stage, they just get sneakier about doing it.

  13. this post cracked me up!
    how exciting though! little boys are nothing to worry about! they are so much fun and just as sweet! congrats!

  14. I’m being positive! Boys are great (I think?)!

    Maybe we’ll both have boys and then we can compare.

    Although to be totally self-centered for 35 seconds, hearing that you’re having a boy just made me realize just how much I want another GIRL.

    Which obvi means it’ll be a boy. Because that’s just how those things work.

  15. You’ll do great with a boy, don’t worry! I thought I would NEVER want a boy, and you know what, I am SO happy I have one! Yay for dinkies!
    But yeah, they do like to destroy things, even at 1.

  16. yay! Congrats!! I was sooo scared when I found out I was having a boy… my family is all girls so I always dreamt of pink baby clothes and cute baby girls lol
    But boys are usually closer to the mom, and it’s so much fun!! enjoy!!

  17. I think we live parallel lives! I’m married to a geek, have an EXTREMELY strong willed child as well and just found out I’m pregant with boy number two… I cried. I wouldn’t trade my little monster man for a thing in the world but man alive… I hope we both get to shop in the fluffy-frilly sections of the stores soon! Here’s a little link to what we both have to look forward to! http://garbettfamily.blogspot.com/2010/07/day.html (this is my friend who has two boys a year apart. Hopefully you won’t go through a day like this!) Little boys, little boys!

  18. I was so convinced I was pregnant with a girl and then surprise!! It’s a boy! So I can understand. :) But congratulations!! After the idea sunk in, it just feels right!

  19. What a hilarious way to tell us! I’m surprised. That commercial scares me too and I have an-almost-2 year old. While he loves his cars, trucks and trains, he hasn’t quite reached that caricature from the commercial. I haven’t had a girl (yet – this Nov!), but it is true that my boy does seem to luuurve me to pieces. He makes me feel special. :)

  20. oh boy! just think of all the crazy new things you will be able to blog about..the adventures of baby Danger…you will rise to the occasion, I am sure.

    And it’s true. He will be your biggest fan and tell you how pretty you are…and gaze into your eyes…You will be a puddle of mush, I promise:)

    and with a boy around, you will never have to learn how to program a new cell phone ever again.

  21. hehehe, I love Davi’s comment. So sweet and funny.

    Obviously, I can’t say anything about boys since I have never experienced them personally (yet, I hope), but I just know you are going to be an amazing mom to your BOY, and that you will be incredibly blessed. Can’t wait to “meet” him. :)
    SO happy for you and your little family! Also, I’m quite looking forward to your chronicles (which I’m sure will be inspiring and hilarious) here on this blog of life with Baby Danger. Buckle up, internet, it’s going to be fun. ;)

  22. Wow! I think I’m as shocked as you are! And I have no idea why, I mean, I’m not a psychic or anything. What did the Chinese Gender Chart predict? I’m always curious to see if those things are correct (and usually they are which is really weird). So. Whoa. BOY!

  23. aw, congrats on the little boy!! I’ve babysat plenty of baby boys and they’ve all been a dream.

    Although I standby the notion of being happy regardless of whether I have a boy or girl when I get pregnant, I would love for my first kid to be a boy.

  24. As a mom of 3 boys (kudos to the mom of 4!), I can attest to the fact that they lavish love on their mommas. Mine will also truthfully tell me if I look fat in something, will pick out my clothes, accessories and/or attempt to dictate my hair style, all in the name of having the prettiest mama.

    Sure I find dead earthworms in the map pocket of the car, dried up pillbugs under the bed and suspicious slimy smears on various items of clothing (slugs? snot? glue?), but I wouldn’t trade my little men (5, 3 and 1) for a battalion of girls. Especially girls like my niece! LOL

    Congratulations mommy – you’ll be great. Oh, and iVillage has a message board for “all boys” moms that you may want to hit up for some awesome advice. I know I love them over there!

  25. Congrats! As everyone said, having a little guy shouldn’t be too bad! I’m sure you’ll do great! Now for the superhero names!

    How does little Maddy feel about having a little bro? My 4 year old daughter used to say it HAD to be a sister, but has since become a bit more open minded.

    Eeeek! I find out today!!!

  26. i know i already said congrats, but yay!! and also, on etsy there are the cutest onesies with ties and i about die every time i see one because they are so precious and yay for a boy!!

  27. New reader to your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    I, too, had a daughter first. I adore her, she is my princess and I’d do anything for her. (Read: Enduring screaming children to get her to the Jonas Bros. concert on time last night!)

    I also have a son, now 4 and a half (three and a half years younger than my doll). There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING like the love of a son. You won’t know it or believe it until you hold him, but truly – NOTHING.

  28. I’m really late on commenting but congratulations! I only wanted girls but ended up with 2 boys and even though I was really afraid at first, I love them so much and would never trade them for a girl. You’ll be a great mom of a girl and boy!

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