I made an owl for Mr. Jack

(Oh yeah, did I mention that yet? We’re naming him Jack.)

The stitching is far from perfect and it almost looks like it has devil horns, but I think this little felt owl will have no problem making a cozy home in Maddie and Jack’s soon-to-be shared room.

What do you guys think of making a few more of these owls and turning them into a mobile for the baby’s crib? I’m getting the crafty bug!

67 thoughts on “I made an owl for Mr. Jack

  1. That owl is adorable – and makes Mommy wish she had skills… I *love* birds, so I think a flock of owls a my mobile would be supercool, but I could also see it being a little scary.

  2. Lorelei and Spencer are going to be sharing a room soon (his crib is still by my side) and to be honest, i’m not ready.
    I don’t know how to make the transition smooth for lorelei. I’m so worried that she’s going to crawl into his crib lay next to him (because she’s done it before).
    but hopefully it’s easy peasy.

  3. Erin, you flatter me! I really hope the thing turns out alright… then maybe I can perfect them and put them up in my shop at some point. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, haha.Jennifer, it's just Jack. People keep asking me that question, it's funny. But no Jackson, just plain Jack. We like it simple. :)

  4. Random alert! I couldn't sleep AT ALL last night and I LOVE your blog. I was going through your archives and stumbled upon the Jr High moses sandals, glitter everything and butterfly clips. OMG, I was laughing so hard to myself, I just thought I'd let you know even at 2am, someone out there is loving Mrs. Priss!

  5. There are 2 things I love… owls…. and mobiles…. so I say go for it. I think it would be adorable. You could even make little felt twigs for some of the owls to perch on!

    p.s. I love the name Jack.

  6. A wonderful name and a beautiful idea for a mobile!

    I’m curious to find out what you have planned for a shared kid’s room. My son and daughter share a room and it was a challenge to decorate.

  7. My oldest son’s name is Jack (Jackson), so I think it’s a great name! :)

    And I love your owl! Great idea on the mobile. My baby is 5 1/2 weeks old and needs some room decor, so thanks for the idea!

  8. Thanks you guys!!

    Tristan and Lisa: I’ve decided on a woodland theme with Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf (a happy wolf, of course). We’ll see how it goes!

  9. What a “hoot” if an idea! Ok, was that cheesy?! No honestly, I think the idea is great! Go with it Morgan.

  10. I don’t knwo if I have ever commented before, so…if not, Hello and I love your blog!

    Also, Jack is an ADORABLE name, and that owl is too cute, great for a mobile!

  11. What a cute little owl for him!!!! I love the idea of making a mobile out of them and holy cuteness, I cannot wait to see their room come together Morgan! It’s going to be so dang cute!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Jack and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Little Red Riding Hood theme!!

    i want you to be MY mommy.

    (what? is that weird?)

  13. Uh can you put some of those in your Etsy shop?

    And I love the name Jack — I’ve always thought it conveyed a very strong, trustworthy, and reliable feel.

  14. the room theme is absolutely adorable. cant wait to see how it turns out! i love your devil-horned owl too! oh, and the name jack! if i weren’t a jill we would have named corbin jack!

  15. I think there’s already a link in a comment posted earlier, but this is a blog that I fell in love with..all kinds of adorable home-made toys and crafts (and owl projects). I wish my kids were little again so I can make Joel’s awesome things!

  16. just found your blog- love it-

    here is a blog with a soon-to-be-mama who’s crazy about owls and is an artist and designer who specializes in just those!

    just thought you might like to see- she’s about to open up an etsy store….

    (I have a Jack. It’s a pretty awesome name. :)

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