Baby #2 – Seventeen(ish) Weeks

Sooo, as much as it pains me to admit it… the majority of you were right about it being a boy. I was wr-wr-wr-wr-wrong.

Okay. NOW what?

I’m completely lost! I’d be fibbing if I said I was confident in my ability to mother a boy, but I do know that I’m excited to try. Dirt and cars and questionable odors are going to be a new experience, but I recently realized something very important: I can still buy ridiculous things and force him to dress HOWEVER I WANT. BUAHA!

Little Jack, I promise I’ll never make you wear a pink bunny suit. But I am picturing some miiiighty adorable big boy shoes in your future.

I can do this.

29 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Seventeen(ish) Weeks

  1. You look fabulous! And don’t worry, even though little boys are weird, they’re also super sweet and snuggly and say tons of funny s**t.

    Love the owl from the previous post! And I love the name. My nephew’s name is Jack :-)

  2. How exciting! I have this weird feeling that when I decide to have kids I’ll have a boy. Even though I would probably be much better suited for a girl. I’m sure you will be great and the weird little boy stuff will become endearing in some ways.

  3. The bond between a mother and her son is suppose to be one of the strongest. I think you are in for a real treat!!

    Just think of all the cute baseball hats you get to put on him, or the adorable little ties he can wear! Awww…

  4. You will find that baby boys are just as sweet smelling and adorable as baby girls. You just have to learn to change the diaper a little quicker (in the early days), and deal with a more limited selection of clothing in the stores!

  5. Boys are great! I have a little girl who is 7 and a boy who is 9. I had my son first. There is something special about a mom-son relationship. Something warm and affectionate and touching. Sure we as moms aren’t necessarily the ones to teach them how to change spark plugs but we teach them a lot of good life skills and most importantly how we are with our boys will one day influence how they are with their wives-I think it’s a incredible responsibility! I love my son, and I love having a boy! There is just something special about it! You will love it too! Just watch it when you change those nappies! Once my 2 week old son peed straight up into the air and into his dad’s mouth!! {yes, it really does happen!!}

  6. I have to agree with all who mentioned the wonderful bond between a mother and her son. My oldest is a girl, and she was daddy’s girl right from the get-go. My 2 middle children are boys, and my youngest a girl. And while I love all my children equally, there is something about the mother-son bond that is indescribable until you experience it!

    Good luck!!

  7. HAHA – Love the captions.

    Lucky you. I pray for boys when I have children. I’m so a football mom. I could never do the whole ballet or drama or hormones that comes with girls. But guys in the Navy are cursed with girls so who knows!

    Good luck. Love the sneakers. :)

  8. Boys totally get a bad rap but IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! Dress him like a little badass stud and you can’t go wrong. Also: I fully endorse styling their hair as soon as they have a full head of it. Don’t tell my husband or he won’t let me have kids…

  9. Those converse shoes are adorable! You will love having a boy, but it will be a totally different experience then a girl. I have 2 boys (ages 4 and 3) and a little girl (age 16 months) and I have to say, girls are so much more work! Boys make lots of messes, but you can take them in public covered in mud, and everyone stops to tell you “what a cute boy” or “he is SUCH a boy!!” But if my little girl even has a little speck of dirt on her, I get evil eyes.

  10. If you think growing a penis inside of you is weird, just wait until you have to see a tiny little penis EVERY DAY. It’s so weird to say, “I think he has some poop on his balls. Wait. Is it bad to call those balls since he’s my baby son!?”

    Gabe isn’t quite a boy yet, he’s still quite a baby. But I’m already SO GLAD he’s a little boy. (And I so wanted a girl. But now? I’m SO GLAD he’s a boy. It’s weird.)

  11. okay. when i *first* looked at the ultrasound picture, i thought his LEG was the penis, and i was like ‘OMG WTH baby penises are that big?!?’ hahaha then i figured it out.
    god, i’m stupid.
    if it helps, i hear that boys are easier to raise, at every age. and i’m sure you’ll be a GREAT momma to him!!

  12. My boy has worn strictly Chucks since he was 3 months old. I think they make him more bad ass. Also, overalls are a must. Trust me. You can still spoil a boy :)

  13. a little mini-Justin sounds adorable. he will be so cute, you will want to put him in your pocket.

    having 4 boys, I have to say the styles are completely different with each boy. My 1st and 3rd could pull off the little rebel look with ease. My 2nd and 4th were more babyish and chunky and looked much better as vintage or hippie babies–you know, lots of fun color and layering and wool. and handmade etsy stuff.

  14. Coming from a mom of two, almost grown owners-of-guy-parts….you will love having a boy! You will learn all kind of cool stuff, like the way they laugh when other dudes get groin injuries on tv or how to turn any object into a car, complete with revving noises. No worries, they are fun people to raise~ and you make such a beautiful pregnant lady, lucky you!

  15. I am obsessed with little vests!
    my boys are so much fun. I know you’ll love it. they say girls are easier when they’re little but harder when they’re teenagers and the opposite for boys.
    both of my boys are currently mommy’s boys. I can’t wait to teach them how to treat a woman!

  16. First, you look AMAZING!! Second, you will LOVE having a son! I also have a little girl who is two and just had little boy a month ago. I love, love, love (did I mention love) having a little girl and all the girliness that comes along with it, but there’s just something about my new little man that just melts my heart! Ask me again when he’s 7 and in that weird little boy stage, but for now, I’m loving my BOY! ;)

  17. Yeah, aside from the fact that having any sort of baby terrifies me, I feel like I could handle a girl much better than a boy.

    Sometimes I think my sister and I were much worse than boys though so it will probably be fine.

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