Today we’re celebrating our 4th anniversary! Holla.

I don’t do well with public cheesiness. You all know it’s not really my thing. So, I won’t go on and on about how crazy I am about my man or how handsome I think he is or what a sweet, amazing dad he is. I won’t say how I think he’s one of the smartest people I know… and most definitely the biggest smart ass. Or how FLIPPING EXCITED I am to be going out of town with just him to see the Giants play in honor of our anniversary because uhh, yes, that’s our idea of a romantic getaway.

I won’t say any of that.

2006 - Honeymoon in Maui
Year 2 - A few months before I was pregnant with Madeline
Year 3 - YAY! BABY! Let's not discuss my obvious chunkies.
Year 4 - Expecting another baby & the happiest we've ever been. Love sparkles hearts rainbows and all that gaggy stuff.

Love you, sugar. Happy Anniversary! :)

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  1. Thanks babe! Each year has been better than the last. Also thank you for the public declaration of your love for me #despitethefactthatyouusedtheworstpicturesofmeontheplanetbutatleastyoulookgood

    Love you!

  2. awww, congrats! We’re on our fourth year and second child(in-progress) too!
    In other news, try not to panic, but photographic evidence drives me to conclude your bosums are getting bigger every year. By your tenth anniversary that might start to become a serious problem…

  3. First of all, congratulations! I just want to agree with you on the mushy stuff, there are always things I think but I do not want to say them or make super gooey posts about my husband. Haha, glad to see I am not alone with the anti PDA.

  4. k, this is totally off topic but I noticed your comment on trey and lucy today and it was funny because those target pillows were my exact thought too when I saw her picture. I actually have a picture on my phone of the pillow because I was going to try to figure it out on my own.

    By the way, this isn’t creepy because I knew it was you since I read your blog too! ;) I guess it is creepy if I had to say that huh?!?!

  5. Happy Happy Anniversary to my favorite cousin sister friend. :) Any there is NO one in this world that fits Justin like you. You make him so happy…and I love it all. That we get to be related for life so Thank you Justin :)))

  6. Happy Anniverary! And seriously…I think we are meant to be friends…Giants?? Well, maybe not them, but football in general. :)

  7. Morgan,

    Happy anniversary! I gotta tell you, your choice to celebrate with the Giants warms my soul! That is also my husband’s and my choice for a romantic get-away.

    Go Giants – and have fun!

  8. happy anniversary you two!! Looking at these pictures, it’s no wonder that you two make such flippin’ adorable children. (I say children, because I’m 100% Jack is going to be just as adorable. of course.)

    hooooray for a grown-up get-away! even if it IS to see the Giants play. ;)

  9. Happy happy anniversary! I`ll bet it`s gone by so fast! Giant happy sparkles and smiles to you.

    And P.S. have you two made a deal with the devil… you DON`T AGE! Srsly you both look the same in all the pics….what is your magic youth secret!

  10. It’s really sort of ridiculous how good looking you two are, you know that right? Happy four years you too :)
    p.s. I love that Justin complained about the pictures you chose to put on the blog. I know you’ve told me about this issue before but I think I underestimated his vainity ;) haha!!

  11. happy anniversary, congrats on the new bubs.. you still have a few months to plan how to best deal with changing boy nappies.. I have a wee girl myself, but I hear there are some aiming issues…on the plus side there are some seriously cute boys clothes out there! love your little lovelies too!! keep the the good work!!

  12. Happy anniversary, anniversary twins! You two are just too cute together! This line made me smile: “Year 4 – Expecting another baby & the happiest we’ve ever been.” Awwww! So happy for you guys! It’s crazy how much life has changed for you guys in the past four years! You’ll soon be a family of FOUR! Wow!!! Oh, and I am loving your hair! And that top! You are just too gorgeous, lady!

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