Sometimes I Make Things – Felt Pinwheels

I spent the afternoon making these felt pinwheels and I’m kind of obsessed. Me and a few others are throwing a carnival-themed baby shower for a dear friend of mine in a few weeks. I’m thinking a bundle of these in an old mason jar would be quite adorable as a centerpiece, don’t you?

I’m so excited to see how this shower comes together. I’ve recruited my talented sister-in-law of Frosted Cakery to help me with cupcakes and other sweet goodies to go on the dessert table. I also ordered some of these striped straws from Hey Yoyo to work into the mix. I die.

I’ll be sure to take a ton of pictures to show you all when the time comes!

25 thoughts on “Sometimes I Make Things – Felt Pinwheels

  1. Those are adorable. (: I have an idea for the cupcakes, if you even care. Haha, but maybe you could find a candy ferris wheel and put it on top of the cupcakes? (: I don’t know, sounds cute to me!

  2. I made some paper pinwheels a few months back, but I haven’t figured out how to display them. They are top heavy so I need the perfect vase or jar to hold them up and I haven’t fount it yet! So they sit in all their wasted cute-ness in the closet!

  3. A suggestion… I threw a baby shower with pinwheel centerpieces and bought fancy milk in glass jars to use as the vases (similar idea to using mason jars). I thought it was adorable. :)

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