Baby #2 – Twenty Weeks


Man, does it feel FANTASTIC to say that!

But seriously, where has the time gone? WHERE? I’m kind of freaking out a little, considering I have approximately 9,034 super important things to do and only a few months to do them. Nesting has currently taken over my life, and if you’ve ever gone through it you know that it’s nothing to be taken lightly. You get something in your head and it has to be done like, yesterday. My brain is going crazy with planning right now and it’s like a swirling, raging tornado-of-a-to do list up in thurr.

The kids’ room needs to be redecorated! Jack needs clothes! Sheets! Blankets! When was the last time I cleaned the baseboards? I need to organize under the sinks! That stain must be scrubbed out of the carpet or I will die. Sweep the patio! Clean out the fridge! Buy new storage bins! LABELS! ORGANIZATION! NOW! LABELS! ORGANIZATION! NOWWWWWW

and BOOM! That’s how a head explodes.

– Edited to add –

I’m 5.

37 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Twenty Weeks

  1. I was just telling my hubby last night that we have (actually him) HAS to clean the baseboards before our Little girl arrives next week. I am a neat freak but it is hard to bend over now to clean those things. :)

  2. I was just thinking about having a cleaning crew come over and do a really good deep clean while I am in the hospital- like the baseboards, blinds, fans etc. I am a clean freak but have not felt like doing any of those things and don't feel like that right now for sure.

  3. I remember nesting… I wound up making an entire curtain and pillow set for our and Maddy's bedroom WITHOUT A RULER! Your belly is cute with the sharpie drawing. :)

  4. adorable! i need to know where you purchase your maternity clothes, girl. i could never find anything cute to wear last time, and i told myself i would try harder this next time around! haha

  5. Where DID the time go????!!!!!
    And there’s no mistaking that, right there, that’s a full on pregnant belly!
    Make sure you take some time to relax as well, in 20-ish weeks you’ll be busy enough!

  6. Oh girl, do I feel ya! I was just wondering if this level of OCD was part of pregnancy ! i thought it didn’t happen until the very end!!! Oh well….You look amazing!!!! SO CUTE!

  7. Time FOR SURE flies by like crazy lately! I still remember seeing those very early posts of your pregnancy like it was yesterday. And if it feels like that to ME (the not pregnant visitor) it must feel a million times faster to you!

    I sure can’t wait to meet Mr. Jack Gable! :) You must be super excited! It’s getting closer & closer!

    Have a lot of fun getting everything done^^

  8. bahahahaha!
    Also, don’t forget the black cloud of rage that accompanies nesting. All of the above tasks must be completed with mental swears and lots of fury. At whom, who knows, although many things can be blamed on The Husband.
    Rage! Scrub! Shove furniture! Swear! Rage! Dust! Rage! Rage! Label! Rage! Finish! Pull Everything Out And Start Again! RAGE!
    or is that just me? >__>

  9. bhahaha..i was the same way.

    and….i don’t believe there was ever a baby in there before..WHERE ARE YOUR STRETCH MARKS?
    not fair..
    Better be glad your too cute ;)

  10. At least that little mustache man is singing right now, soon he’ll be sticking out his tongue. Oooh pregnant bellies.

  11. hahaha
    Omg, I just saw your “edited to add” photo. You are so hilarious! I love it!

    Congrats on being halfway there! You look great! And I do love that top!

  12. bahaha. love the stache. congrats on 20 weeks! can i just buy all your maternity clothes off you when you’re done? you always look amazing!

  13. did you draw that yourself? if so, that’s talent!!

    ahh nesting. if you can focus, you get so much done! if not, it just makes it worse, lol

  14. i can’t believe you’re halfway there, that’s so crazy and exciting! and umm i totally go through nesting phases and i’m not even pregnant, haha. seriously it’s like i have to do something RIGHT THIS MINUTE, it’s sort of ridiculous.

  15. LOL! Did you draw that on your own belly? You’re so funny!!! So happy to see your belly growing, I can’t wait to see it in just over a week! Oh, and you I suppose ;)

  16. Oh yay! Congrats! The half-way mark feels so satisfying!

    You are a doll! Love the belly button man.

    So, how’s the Brittany halloween costume coming along? What exactly are you going to wear (in addition to the obvious cracked out wig).

  17. hahah!! That second picture made my whole weekend, that right there is FUNNY STUFF.
    I can’t believe you’re already halfway through!! That’s insane to me, time flies by so quickly! You are looking fantastic and the sleeves on that top are super cute!!

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