Baby #2 – Twenty Two Weeks

  • Jack is moving around a LOT. His little kicks can be seen and felt from the outside, which is cool, yet totally creepy/Alien-like. You can usually find me lifting up my shirt and staring at my stomach at inappropriate times. Like while driving. (Red lights, my dears. Red lights.)
  • My belly button is, how do you say? OMGDISGUSTO. It’s shallow and it weirds me out being able to see the back of it so clearly! AH.
  • I was talking to a friend and she said that someone else we both know was acting concerned. He finally asked her, “Is Morgan, umm… you know… ” and she said, “Pregnant? Uh, yessss.”

It keeps happening!! RAWR. MORGAN SMASH. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I feel like a freaking monstrosity in all my bloatedness and that it’s totally obvious that I’m not just gaining weight, but knowing that some people aren’t sure and are hesitant to even SAY the word pregnant in reference to my belly is just plain worrisome! Should I make a sign to wear? Something along the lines of, “I had sex.“?

Yes, I know. Pregnant girls… we are never happy. I’m too big, I’m too small. THERE IS NO PLEASING ME. Except if you give me nachos. You can tell me I look like Sasquatch and I probably won’t even hear you over the sound of my own crunching.

(No, I’m serious. Ask Justin. I eat nachos nearly every night AFTER dinner. It’s concerning even to ME.)

(Mmm… nachos…)

20 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Twenty Two Weeks

  1. you look adorable!! i just started feeling olivia too and i can see and feel it from the outside!! coolest thing ever :) no one has come up to me and asked me if im preggers.. i think i just look fat right now

  2. I think you look decidedly pregnant. I got SO frustrated at 25 weeks when someone was like, “Wow! You’re not even showing yet!” Bleh. People need to shut it in general.

  3. Hey dude, when I was 22 weeks I had some old lady guess I was 7 months pregnant, and then a few weeks later I ran into an old coworker – FEMALE – and she was all like, “just the one so far?” (she’d met my daughter, who was with me) and I was like “yup” and she’s like “you guys having another one?” and I’m like “working on it” with a smile, and she’s like “Oh – so you’re trying then.” Then I finally clue in she honestly does not see that I am pregnant and I’m like, “No, like I’m more than halfways done.” (rubbing my tummy)
    like, holy crap, how do you miss that? I realize it’s incredibly rude to assume a woman is pregnant if she starts to pack on a few pounds, but there’s a certain point where it’s just gravitationally impossible to be just fat. FAT OBEYS GRAVITY. Babies do not. Once you’re over the halfway point you just wonder how some people manage to get themselves dressed in the morning without getting confused.

  4. You look great! And clearly pregnant. You are only belly, the rest of you looks not pregnant at all but the round protruding belly gives it away :)

    ps- I definitely want nachos now!

  5. I’m with Trisha, I’m totally craving some freaking nachos dangit!
    You’re super duper adorable and I would totally rather be a tiny pregnant lady than a HUGE pregnant lady (uh, b/c I was twice, haha!!)
    Besides, people will always be stupid, that’s just one thing that never changes ;)

  6. Sometimes I want to get pregnant again just so I have an excuse to be fat. SIGH. :( Four months post-partum it’s not too cool to still be jigglin’… I’m just sayin’.

    If I looked as fantastic as you pregnant, and could nachos every night, I’d get pregg0rz again tomorrow. :P

  7. When my daughter started 1st grade this year I was closing in on 5 months. I didn’t look pregnant, I look like I spent the whole summer as a beer whore. To prevent people from just thinking I got fat I bought a maternity shirt that said PREGNANT across it. It saved me from MANY awkward moments.

  8. What?! You’re pregnant! Why didn’t you tell us sooner – like on your blog or something? You know what would be helpful? If you posted weekly pictures of your belly. And post updates on any cravings you’re having, and if you can feel the baby move, and tell us whether you are having a boy or a girl. Seriously, can’t believe you’re pregnant. I have to go now before my head explodes.

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