Happy belated Halloween! Love, Britney and K-Fed

You know you love my bra and his classy little chain.

A conversation from just now via chat, after I saw these pictures for the first time:

me: justiiiiiiin. your stupid kfed face!
Justin: better than the OUT OF CHARACTER SMILE
Justin: no she doesn’t. not in those pics.
me: whatever. i gave her life.
Justin: and you mocked me for practicing my kfed look in the mirror
me: my mom was the one laughing
me: …okay, yeah. me too

41 thoughts on “Happy belated Halloween! Love, Britney and K-Fed

  1. You bring this element of class to the internet that it is otherwise lacking. That’s why I keep comin’ back.

    For some reason I want cheese doodles….


    You guys are amazing, I don’t know what I was expecting but Justin freakin blew this out of the water. That chain! Those boxers! LOL!

    And you, you’re hilarious. Those heels with those shorts and that bra! And then you just sealed the deal with the frapp. The only thing missing was the cheetos! (You bought ’em and at them didn’t you?? ;) haha!)

  3. i bet britney & k-fed would be jealous at you guys! you at least still look classy – well, classy and a bit stoned on justin’s part. xD

  4. bahahahahahaha!!!! you two turned out PERFECT. I love it.

    Justin’s face CRACKS me up. ohmygoodness. And the bra is just right. But, Morgan, you still look way too hot to really be pregnant Britney.
    However, I suppose you can’t help that. ;)

  5. I couldn’t wait to see how you guys turned out since you showed the Brittany pic of what you were going as for Halloween! This is hilarious!

  6. Justin rocked it! And I think your wedge flip flops totally topped of your look perfectly! You guys looked great! Hope you had a great Halloween!

  7. This is so much awesome. I love Justin’s chain hahaha. And you look far too amazing in short little shorts being pregnant.

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