And Miss Maddie… the very cheeky, headless giraffe

I have a pretty strict No Store-bought Costumes policy, which to be honest is only about 10% because I want to be original and 90% due to the fact that Halloween superstores CREEP ME OUT. They have a weird smell. And I always have this feeling that I’m going to somehow contract an STD if I go anywhere near the adult costume section.


The original plan for Maddie was to be the Chiquita Banana lady, complete with the fruit tower headpiece and the fancy blue dress.

It would have been ridiculous, right? I know. I love it.

So, in typical Morgan fashion, I waited until the last minute to get started on her costume and ended up absolutely nothing because I am a horrible mother. My mom came to the rescue with this adorable little giraffe costume (did you see the stuffed belly? HA!) and it was such a lifesaver. Maddie loved it.

The only thing is that when we tried to fit her big noggin into the head part of the costume, her face was all squished, she felt like she couldn’t move and she started walking all stiff. It was hilarious looking, but we couldn’t put her through that. Instead, she walked around with a huge stuffed giraffe head hanging off the back of her neck.  This family aims for class.

17 thoughts on “And Miss Maddie… the very cheeky, headless giraffe

  1. LOVE it. And actually – we saw zero giraffes around these parts this Halloween (just lots of monkeys)! So yay for originalityyyy! :D

    I’m afraid I’m going to be a really bad baby costume snob… sigh. :( We made her costume this year and when I saw little girls that were like fairy princesses, I told my husband, “Let’s not let her dress so mainstream.”

    She’s four months old.

    Yes I’m serious.

  2. Chiquita Banana Maddie would have been amazing! (if not a tad challenging for a toddler…fruit basket on the head and all)
    But a cutie Giraffe is a great second option!

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