Baby #2 – Twenty Three & Twenty Four Weeks

23 Weeks
24 Weeks

Welp, as of Saturday I’m 6 months pregnant!

I’ve been trying to think of something… ANYTHING… to put in this update and for once in my life I actually have nothing to say. Things are swell. The baby’s still kicking. I make love to nachos every night.

Nothing new. :)

I do plan on sharing some ideas for the kids’ shared room sometime in the next few weeks though! It’s going to be cute.

I am boring. The end.

14 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Twenty Three & Twenty Four Weeks

  1. Yay for halfways!
    I am equally exciting. Due date come and gone. Still pregnant. Nothing more to say, but if I say nothing everyone assumes I’m off having a baby. Would love to have nachos, or this baby. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily NOT in that order either.

  2. i think your hair looks really good in the second picture! :) and you still look awesome! i hope mother nature is going to be that nice to me when i get pregnant one day!

  3. I made love to nachos like 2 times last week, and I have no excuse, so live it up, mama, live it up.
    HOW in the frick is it possible that you’re 6 months ALREADY!?!? I guess to you it could have gone by slowly, but to me, the gal living through you and your pictures, it’s been really FAST.
    Adorable as always.

  4. You look amazing! such cute clothes too! :)

    What eye makeup do you wear in all these pictures? I love how you do it with your darker hair! Very pretty. :)

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