Baby #2 – Twenty Six Weeks

Oooh okay, NOW I remember. This is the magical turning point in the pregnancy. The time where I’m juuuuust starting to feel normal and somewhat cute then my tiny little belly says, PSYCHE! and blows up to beast-status, the chipmunk cheeks make their grand return and I just look haggard no matter how much highlight powder I pile on my face.

26 Weeks pregnant with Madeline. Let's just not discuss this head to toe disaster.

Oh, pregnancy. You whore.

Despite the fact that my thighs are taking over the planet, I feel remarkably well! The baby is supposed to be somewhere around 2lbs right now, and I definitely believe it by how well I can feel his kicks and wiggles in there. Justin’s probably sick of me by now because I’m constantly bugging him to FEEL MY BELLEH! It’s just so crazy to think there’s a tiny person in there… I don’t think it’ll ever get old.

Okay, now I have kind of a sick question for you. I just had my monthly Chipotle lunch date with my friend Kristy who is due a few weeks before me. As usual we discussed our crazy symptoms, cravings and all the other gross stuff that we’re going through (it keeps us sane). Out of nowhere, I remembered something that happened at one of my very last checkups while pregnant with Maddie. It must have been just so traumatic that I blocked it from my memory, but I seriously can’t remember WHY it had to be done. So riddle me this… What exactly is the purpose of the butt swab at 36 weeks?

I’ll leave you now to ponder that.

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  1. Group B Strep? It's a type of bacteria you could have and pass to your baby. If you have it you will be put on medicine and so will your little one when born. Usually no other problems!

  2. I really hope I didn't have a butt swab and not know it. That would be embarrassing. I think they tested my blood for that. What doctor do you go to, for future reference.

  3. Oh My love! You look so cute! Did you wear green today in case you spilled some guac. or your shelf? lol! PS….I blame my future sleepless nights having night terrors of butt swaps on you…..Will I ever recover? :)

  4. haha, Ashley I had Lopopolo last time and she told me ahead of time that she was going to do it. It really wasn't that bad that I remember, I had just forgotten! Pregnancy is so freaking weird.

  5. lol, Kristy!! My shelf somehow avoided the guac today. And I'm sorry for 1) practically pummelling you to the ground after your bowl juice spilled and 2) the butt swab night terrors. Love you. :)

  6. Um, I think they just missed your vagina and swabbed your ass by mistake! haha. I asked my Mother-in-law whoe is anurse and she said maybe they did it for STDs because they do Strep B test and stuff with a vag. swab. Other than that, there shouldn't really be a reason besides STDs…like warts, herpes, blah blah blah.

  7. sorry sucker, but you ARE IN FACE THAT CUTE!!!

    such an adorable preggo mama! and your thighs look nice and slim, so you just stop.

    that color of green looks smashing on you! oh, and strep b test. the reason for the butt swab is a strep b test.


  8. I don’t remember them actually doing that to me but I’m pretty sure it’s to test for Strep B, so they’ll know whether to give you meds when in labour.

    ps. You’re looking super pregnant cute!!

  9. yea totally looking forward to the butt swab at my next appt wednesday- NOT. But I hear it isnt painful so thats a plus…i guess…lol

    and you look adorable- love the shirt, those are the kind of maternity clothes I like- cute and comfy :D

  10. btw it tests for group B strep, apparently it can give your baby a infection and may not affect you so they check for it towards the end- if you are a carrier then they give you anitbiotics during labor to prevent the spread to the baby, im sure most women have had it done since it is common practice but i’ve also heard some doctors dont even say anything about it and can get it done without you even noticing while theyre checking your cervix so that may be why people dont remember it

  11. Casey’s right – it’s for group B strep (GBS). If it comes back positive and you want a vaginal delivery, they give you antibiotics during labor. If it’s negative…. yay!

  12. Yes it checks for GBS. Everyone gets the “butt swab” you may just not have noticed. They do it vaginally first and then sneak it in there afterwards. I suppose if your doctor is super sly you may not notice, I however DEFINITELY did :-)

  13. Man! There is a big difference in your belly between week 23 & week 26! Jack is a’growin! You look so cute in that color green! And I promise you that you don’t look like you have chipmunk cheeks at all but I remember that feeling lol! I can’t believe you wore heels all throughout your pregnancy with Maddie, dude, you are hardcore.
    I need to see you soon and rub da bellah!!

  14. hi morgan!
    i was googling “thick lowlights” today, trying to figure out what the heck to do with my hair, and lo & behold i think i came across your pic on google page 6? so weird, i was like, is that the blogger i read? neways, here’s the link that the pic lead to :
    just thought i’d let you know you’re sort of internet famous?
    also, congrats on getting to 26 weeks! am long time reader of your blog, but first time commenter!

  15. ash, thanks for pointing that out! I’m cracking up over here right now! That is so funny!

  16. butt swab? ew that is gross!! I don’t remember that being done and I’ve had two kids! Maybe it’s one of those tricks : “hey look at that giant spider on the wall”
    and then before you know it , your butt has been swabbed and you didn’t even know….
    Could happen…

  17. First of all: You look adorable! Almost makes me want to get pregnant again… :)

    I didn’t get a butt swab, but I remember signing up for research where they had to do a swab thing during child birth (hm, might have been right after when I think about it), but that never happened because of some complications I had…

  18. I don’t remember a butt swab but I do remember the jelly finger at the six-week post natal checkup to make sure my episiotomy healed right… *shudder*

  19. WTF? A butt swab? How come no one tells us this crap before we go and get knocked up?

    In all seriousness though, let them swab your bum fo’ sho! My Dad nearly died last January of a Strep C infection. If Strep works the same way grades do, I am sure Strep C is worse than Strep B, but let’s not take any chances. Mommies everywhere should get swabbed. Prevention is half the battle.

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