Maddie is Two

Yesterday was Maddie’s 2nd birthday. It’s blowing my mind to look at these pictures of when she was born. It seriously feels like I was JUST in the delivery room, bawling my eyes out while holding my pretty new baby for the first time.

She went from this...
to this.
From the peaceful newborn, asleep in my arms...
to the silly, cheesy-grinned wild child.
From 6lbs 13oz of pure sweetness...
to 30lbs of ... well, pure sweetness.

Happy Birthday to our Maddie Jo. You’re our big girl and we love you!

21 thoughts on “Maddie is Two

  1. Happy 2nd birthday Maddie Jo! She’s got to be one of the cutest 2 year olds in the blogosphere, and an adorable name to boot!

  2. Happy Birthday Maddie!

    I’ve been going through Diana’s baby pictures as we get ready for her brother to come. It blows my mind that I have a 6 yr old.

  3. Agghh I can’t belive she is two years old!!! And again, I love LOVE that picture of her cheesy gigantic smile! SO FREAKING CUTE

  4. She seriously has THE BEST SMILE EVER. I love her! I so wish I got to see you guys more, every time I see a picture of her or hear a story about Maddie I can’t help but smile, you guys made one ridiculously adorable child. Happy Birthday sweet Madelyn! <3

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