Baby #2 – Twenty Seven Weeks

Well, it’s official: I’m in the THIRD TRIMESTER! Hollaaaaa.

Man, this one is seriously flying by. Doesn’t it feel like I just announced it? I feel like I always compare my two pregnancies, but I can’t help it because they’ve just been so completely different!

27 Weeks Pregnant with Maddie and apparently a fan of white lipgloss? I don't even... nevermind.

My hair seems to be in a little better shape this time, but my skin is worse. The weight gain is a little on the lower side with this baby, but maybe that’s because I’m not craving FREAKING CAKE FROSTING OUT OF THE JAR like I was last time. (I’m not exaggerating.)

And the body differences… oooooh, the body differences. My hips and butt aren’t widening as much as they were with Maddie, but each of my boobs have pretty much exploded to the size of my head. And I have a big head, let me tell you. In high school, some teacher brought in a tape measure so we could measure our heads for graduation caps. Well I had to keep my little paper hidden until it was time to turn them in because my measurement was like an inch larger than all the boys’. Even a kid named Odias had a smaller head than me. Doesn’t Odias seem like a macho, big headed-person’s name? That’s what I thought too. Morgan is apparently more macho.

(Is this painting you a nice enough picture yet? My boobs are huge.)

One day when I know for sure there are no males around here listening, I’ll tell you about nips. That’s where all this stuff stops being funny and starts getting REAL.

Anyway. Boobs. They happen.

25 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Twenty Seven Weeks

  1. Congrats girl! You are near the end! BUT, we both know that opens new "pregnancy doors' and uncomfortablene​ss, etc. You look FAB! From what you said, I think maybe your new name should be Pamala Anderson??? jk. Enjoy them while they are there :)

  2. Congrats girl! You are near the end! BUT, we both know that opens new "pregnancy doors' and uncomfortableness, etc. You look FAB! From what you said, I think maybe your new name should be Pamala Anderson??? jk. Enjoy them while they are there :)

  3. Yeah my husband is all wtf over the nip sitch I have going on as well. He’s gotten over the fact that my bra could be used as a hat, though.
    If it makes you feel better, my foggy sleep-deprived brain’s pretend mental math tells me I had a “white” lipgloss at around the same time. I think in person, or at least in the mirror, it looked charming. Just in photographs was it like ‘what the crap, zombie princess.’ I do believe when I got past that phase my next one was liptint, which was a much better choice.

    Holla @ third trimester! You’ll be screaming at doctors in no time. (Except the second pregnancy goes super fast but the last few weeks still slow down in a borderline sci-fi manner.)

  4. You must have somehow camoflauged your tig ol’ bitties really well because they look very normal-sized in your photo :) Also, is this the fastest pregnancy EVER? I can’t believe you’re in the third trimester already! You look great, though, for real.

  5. Yep, you’re looking a lot slimmer this time around. Although, I think putting your hand on your hip like that is doing a lot of the work. ;)

    Still, you look awesome. Radiant, even. I’m excited for your baby.

  6. I LOVE this outfit. Dang it, you are so much cuter at like seven months pregnant than I am ever. Wah.

    And I miss that little leopard tank haha.

  7. oh my gosh, i forgot how in awe of your cuteness i was when i first stumbled on your blog when you were pregnant with maddie.
    i mean, who else wears heels in their third trimester?! you are a rockstar and a true lady that’s for sure.
    …b/c you know, those 2 things just go hand in hand.

    p.s. THIRD TRIMESTER?! How in the heck did that happen so fast?! <–I think you'll appreciate that there was a typo that occurred wherein I accidentally said FATS instead of FAST. But anywho! You look fantastic and I love you! ;D

  8. Haha! The nips! I’m the same week in my pregnancy as you and I completely agree. They, along with the ole boobies, have taken on a life of their own. HUGE!

    Apparently, my Audrey, has a very large head too. Much like me (I had to hide my sheet of paper too). During every well baby checkup after she was born, we had to hear the hilarious (to the nurse) news that her head was in the 95th percentile. Yeah, real funny.

    You are adorable and hilarious! <3

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