When you’re married to a geek…

Every purchase I make is heavily scrutinized and deemed silly, yet he doesn’t hesitate purchasing things of this nature on a whim:

Because you know how important it is for my son to learn the alphabet by associating each letter with a Star Wars character.

(Okay, this book is kind of cool, I have to admit. As long as Jack doesn’t start calling himself Jabba I’ll be fine.)

Edited to add:

Sadly, they aren’t taking any more orders on the book right now, but the guy in charge says to check back in a couple weeks. His email: brandonpeat@gmail.com. I’m sorry for getting all your hopes up, you big bunch of geeks. :)

17 thoughts on “When you’re married to a geek…

  1. I feel ya. Leopard print leggings for Nicole for $8? Waste of money. Little stuffed moose wearing a forest green polarfleece Cabela’s vest for Nicole for $35? WORTH IT.

  2. Eee! That book is perfect for my friend! Gonna order it now if I can figure out where in the site to do so. It’s not on the store page. Hmm…

  3. Oh snap. The geeky husband just informed me that it’s not for sale anymore. I’m sorry guys!

  4. i actually really like this. what a cute way to incorporate the hubs nerdy taste into an acceptable design aesthetic. i immediately sent this to my husband and fully expect him to say we have to get it now, even though we are sans child.

  5. What a cute book :) My husband is building a light sabre for our son (who is 6 months old) – oh, the joy of being married to a Star Wars nerd!

  6. I love how there are little hearts around Darth Vader!!
    These would be super cute framed in his room..

  7. hahahaha, dying laughing. that is a hysterical book. and sadly, now that my boys are extremely obsessive over star wars, they would love to teach tweetle beetle the alphabet in this manner. and i would love to buy it. guess i’m turning geek squad over here.

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