“Don’t come in here. We’re talking about Christmas…”

(Refresh your memory about that phrase by reading this post. Or don’t, because it’ll probably make you curl into a ball and cry a little.)

With Christmas smack dab around the corner (seriously? how is it December already?!), I’ve been busy trying to come up with some different gift ideas than what I usually do. This would be my normal, quite sane process:

…and then I die. It happens every year.

My goals this year are to:

1) Make by hand as many of the gifts as possible

2) Use thrifted and recycled materials

3) Keep the cost to a minimum

4) Not die. (A very wise goal, I do believe.)

I figured most people in my close knit group of friends and family won’t mind that I’m taking this route, being that they get something absolutely unique to them. I could be totally wrong though. They could all be waiting in anticipation for an expensive, store bought present from my SOON TO BE STAY-AT-HOME SELF, knowing that I’M ON A STRICT BUDGET but that would mean THEY’RE NOT IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON and would be quite SCROOGE-LIKE if you ask me. I just don’t expect that of these people. THEY LOVE HANDMADE GIFTS FROM THE HEART and VALUE THE THOUGHT AND EFFORT THAT GOES INTO THEM.

(I call that a subliminal guilt trip. It’s subtle, but it works.)

Anyway, here are a few goodies I’ve made so far.

Dessert/cupcake stands, made from pretty vintage plates and candlesticks. (Do you like my lone, strategically placed ribbon in the background there? I was feeling artistic at that moment. Don’t mind me.)

One of several yarn wreaths I’ve made so far. Wrapping that yarn takes some time, but man do they turn out cute. I may or may not be keeping this one in my entry forever and ever amen. (Did I say I was going to give these as gifts? Oh, right.)

What’s kind of lame is that I can’t share everything I’ve been making because most of the recipients read my blog, but I’ll eventually show you the rest. There are a lot of hair clips and pins and other things of that girlish nature.

So what about you? Having a handmade Christmas this year?

29 thoughts on ““Don’t come in here. We’re talking about Christmas…”

  1. i wish i was as crafty as you are, seriously the dessert plates and that wreath! so cute. i really need to work on my DIY aspirations some day, haha.

  2. I’ve made the gifts to my friends this year. Who knew that I could be this crafty with only 50 cent in my wallet? I’m always in awe of your craftiness, and I’ve been dying to try to make some hairpins from your tutorial, but I’m pretty sure I’ll mess it up, so now I’m drooling on your Etsy shop. Just have to wait until those two quarters have tons and tons of babies. Ahem.

  3. I just got my list of things to buy together today. I’m making sugar scrub and lotion bars for some of the ladies on my Cheistmas list.

  4. Very cute – you’re so handy with the craftz! I don’t have many people to give to this year, & we’re done now, anyway, because my family exchanges gifts at Thanksgiving (because half of us are Jewish & half are Christian, so we compromise at Turkey Day). I made candy for everyone – almond bark, chocolate-covered pretzels. Always seems to go over well, even if it makes me feel kind of lame.

  5. i’m doing a homemade christmas….and am having the same trouble blogging about it! most of my family members are avid readers of my blog….i hope….

  6. As I said on Twitter — those cupcake stands are pure genius! They turned out adorable! Thrifted vintage dishes are the best! Your wreath is so cute! I love how you displayed it over the mirror!

  7. I’ve been working on gifts since the last week of August, and I still have about fifty hours worth of work to do. (Our family is flippin’ huge!) And that’s not counting making cookies and fudge for the guys since none of them care for hats, scarves, or hair clips.

    I’m thinking I never should have tried knitting two afghans. Even using the French knitting method the first took eighteen to twenty hours, and I’m estimating the second, larger one will take me about eighty all together. (I’m fifty hours in now, so I’m gonna finish the sucker if it kills me!)

    Good luck finishing your own projects, and that yarn wreath is georgeous!

  8. mmm…those wreaths are WONDERFUL…I love them…I wanna make them…

    I’m pseudo crafting some things…I don’t feel quite good enough yet to gift too many things handmade. If I were you however, I would gift away – your stuff is amazing!

  9. Thanks Ashley! I used a glue meant for metal and glass… I can’t recall the name of it at the moment, but they had several options to choose from at the craft store and it was only a few dollars. Seems to be holding up really well!

  10. i wish i had the focus to make homemade gifts. but i promised my little sister a cute summery dress in MAY. today is DECEMBER 14th and it’s still not done. so if i made homemade christmas gifts people would get them as labor day presents or something.

    and gosh. i haven’t even bought one gift!

  11. I love your cupcake stands! I am doing handmade Christmas this year and I am *never* doing it again! I have had fun crafting all the presents, but I’ve found it so hard to think of a handmade gift for everyone (especially since about 85% of my family is male) and I’m still not finished >_< Next year's resolution is going to be selfish crafting … I'm making things for me! ^_^

  12. ok, after Christmas you need to put up tutorials because seriously, I am now starting my shopping today and I’m so broke! I usually go the baked goods route but some of your gifts are so cute I want to make them for the home. I’m so not crafty so I need plenty of pics and explainations please :)

  13. What did you use for adhesive for the homemade cake stands? Genius idea! I’ve seen homemade versions before, but never with candlesticks like that. It is a gorgeous and sweet idea! lol I’m adding it to my list of DIY wedding stuff :)

  14. @Rachel: I used a glue I found at Michael’s that is intended for metal/wood. I can’t remember what it’s called though, I’m sorry!

  15. Those cake stands are to die for. I will def. be considering those for Christmas gifts and for wedding decor. I found your blog looking for how to make shoe clips (yeah, I’m doing the boring heels, awesome clip thing because I cannot justify buying a pair of shoes to wear just once much less asking bridesmaids to.) I love all the tutorials you have and in all the planning chaos your blog is a welcome relief to know that DIY is normal and can be so cute. Thank you for a great site!

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