Baby #2 – Thirty Weeks

Well, 29 weeks 5 days. But who’s counting?

(I AM. Every. Single. Day. Matters… Amen.)

Well, I had my OB appointment this morning and found out that I am measuring 4 weeks smaller than where I should be. I was all, “Really? I’m small?? I LOVE YOU.”, then picked up my purse and started to frolic out of the office until my nurse started talking about ‘growth retardation of the fetus’ and ‘not enough nutrients coming through the placenta’ and you know, all those happy types of things.

I had a feeling I wasn’t growing right, being that about 5 people in the past week have looked at me like I was nuts when I said how far along I am. Now I’m more than a little nervous about whether Jack is growing properly or not. The good news is I have an ultrasound this afternoon to find out for sure what the deal is. It could be that I’m just small and I just keep repeating that to myself. I’ll post an update later and let you guys know what happens.

Another nugget of good news is that although my belly seems to be measuring small, the rest of my body is still chugging along and growing at warp speed. Four pounds in a week, baby. Oh yes. Those hot cheetos really seem to be paying off.

Joy to the world.


Well according to the ultrasound, Jack is doing just fine and is measuring right on track. My belly is just small, apparently! Thanks so much for your sweet words today… it helped me calm down from all the ‘growth retardation’ talk. Love you guys!

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  1. You're SO cute! I never feel cute prego, so I know every prego woman needs to hear that…alot. ;)Ok, I always measure behind, like 6 weeks behind. They always freak out and always make me do 2 ultrasounds just to measure the growth. The baby's always fine, and I know Jack is too. He's just hiding in there. ;o)

  2. I think Maddie paved the way and worked the elastic of your insides. Jack has his work cut out for him and just going to sail on through the process. Maddie was bigger on purpose just to give you a preview of teenage wrath

  3. Good luck with the ultrasound–the fundal height measurements are notorious for being off, so don’t worry too much. I’m glad you get more information today!

  4. Thank you, Michelle!

    Elizabeth, that really helps to know! I don’t know why my nurse decided it would be smart to use the word “retardation”. Doesn’t she know how easily we freak out? AH.

  5. sorry the nurse said those things, that had to scare you! I’m sure he’s doing fine and you’re just small, not every pregnancy makes you huge. I was small with my first, they were positive I’d have a 6lb baby and out came an 8lber!

  6. I really think nurses at the OB should be trained to never use certain phrases and words–it’s like they forget how freaked out they can make us! Let us know how little Jack is doing when you know!

  7. I have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to these sorts of experiences, but from other people’s comments on the post it sounds like OB nurses are overly cautious and don’t always choose the best words/phrases. Boo! I wish the nurse would have put the situation in a different way rather than totally scaring you! Grrr.

    I’m thinking about you and Jack — and sending lots of love! I hope you hear some good news at the ultrasound today. That’s awesome you don’t have to wait to find out that Jack is doing just fine! :)

    And yes — you look so adorable! Your hair looks so cute. As do those bangles! Love you. xoxo

  8. Hope everything is good! For a while there Olivia was measuring ahead by two weeks and then behind further and further and in the end it turned out they were just having measurement issues because hi, did i mention she was 9lb 5oz? Numerous times? WELL THATS COS I HAD TO PUSH HER OUT MY VAJAYJAY.
    Hot cheetos? I am unfamiliar with this, and that seems kindof criminal.

  9. I’m just now seeing this post and I’m hoping and praying everything went ok!! I’m sure it did, especially after seeing other people’s posts about their experiences but GEEZ! Why on earth would the nurse use those words to let you know they might be concerned? You would think that working in that field they would know to tread carefully.
    You look amazing, for reals, can’t even see those 4lbs a week! Where are you hiding them woman?
    love you!

  10. you look adorable!! and if it makes you feel any better… i am measuring 3 weeks BIGGER than i should.. hahaha! hope the ultrasound went well :)

  11. I measured small all four times. I think it was just my body because all of my kids were in the 7 and 8 lb range. My midwife would always say, “you look small” and I was like, “I feel HUGE!” My kids were healthy and perfect and I’m sure Jack is, too.

  12. I’m so glad to hear that you and Jack are both doing great! I was anxious for you yesterday, and so grateful for you today. Can we trade, though? If one more person tells me they think I’m going to deliver tomorrow, I will cry. Or kill them.

  13. Girl, if only I could have measured small. People kept asking me if I was carrying multiples when I was pregnant with Rian. Glad to know baby Jack is doing okay.

  14. I just found your blog…I was looking for fabric flower tutorials!!! Love it :) I am a new follower!!!

    Congrats on Baby #2!!! You are one of those “cute pregnant women” I have always looked at in awe….because when I was pregnant with my daughter I was huge and swollen (it didn’t help that my blood pressure was high during my pregnancy!)

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