A tiny bit of progress on Maddie and Jack’s room

Do you know what a huge challenge it has been to decorate a shared girl/boy room? Oh dear Lord, kill me now.

Before I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I had big plans to transform Maddie’s super girlie pink and green nursery into more of a big girl room. It was time.

Maddie's old room

I had my sights set on doing a cutesy woodland theme, complete with owls, deer, flowers and toadstools… Well now I have a little man to consider. A little man who proooobably won’t appreciate an abundance of flowers and pink. I still think a woodland theme will be appropriate for both a girl and a boy, but I’ve had to be super careful in the execution of it all. So I finally decided on a theme of Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf.

That being said, I don’t really have much of the room completed yet. I know… I’m nearly two months away and I need to get on this business! I just wanted to share a few little things I have been up to…

I bought these wall decals from an Etsy shop called Sign Chick. The wolf sort of reminds me of a confused donkey, but that’s okay. Little Red is adorable, and he didn’t need to be a scary wolf anyway!

This funny little print came from a shop called My Paper Crane. The toadstools make me happy.

And last night I made another yarn wreath! I’m telling you, these things are so addictive. I’ve made 5 in the past month and I see no end to the madness. I could really put one in every room of my apartment and be just as happy as a clam. Anyway, this one is pretty girlie with all the rosettes, so I decided it’s going to be hung on the wall above Maddie’s bed. She’ll rip it down within an hour, bless her little destructive heart.

I’ve also purchased a pair of curtains, scored a great deal on a Target rug, and have handmade bedding in the works for both kids. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of the room as I go!

(By the way, be looking for a quick yarn wreath tutorial in the next few days. I know they’ve been popping up everywhere around the internet lately, but I’ve had a few requests so I’ll be sharing my simple little process soon!)

24 thoughts on “A tiny bit of progress on Maddie and Jack’s room

  1. I love those yarn wreaths. I have made a couple and they are addicting! There’s another way of doing them too that’s so cute! I need to send you pics of them. A little more time consuming but so cool!

  2. best line… She’ll rip it down within an hour, bless her little destructive heart. :)

    I LOVE your wreath…stunningly sweet…I am in awe of you…

  3. Love the wreath! I made one for my front door Christmas time and its super easy! One question, where do you get your felts? I have only found some at Michael’s and its a small supply of some funky and boring colors.

  4. Dottie: I’d love to see what you’ve been working on and learn your other method for the wreaths!

    Amy: :)

    Aimee: Thank you! They are pretty easy, aren’t they? A little time consuming, but not too bad! I find most of my felt online. A shop I’m loving right now is called Giant Dwarf (http://www.etsy.com/shop/giantdwarf). Sue has a ton of colors to choose from and they’re such great quality. It’s amazing how much easier it is to work with nice felt!

  5. I made my first yarn wreath a few weeks ago and, yep, they are very very addictive. A fun little activity to pass time while watching multiple episodes of Dexter.

  6. I like my wedding centerpiece! Hahaha.

    Also, I’d like to think I found some of those cute LRR items for you :) It’s going to be soooooo adorable!

  7. ohmygoodness that wreath is just so cute! you and kerri need to go into business together already :)

    also, love the theme of the room, very cute.

  8. love the new theme! josiah’s room has a lot of toadstools, gnomes, and forest creatures, but we are hoping to take it up a notch before the next baby comes and really make the nursery a woodland wonderland! that wreath is amazing!!!

  9. EEEEE! is what I thought in my head when I saw the wall decals and when I saw the little wreath. MAKE ME ONE.
    I can make my own but I’m too lazy. Uh, I mean, busy. Too busy snuggling babies and eating gingerbread! Uh, I mean, salad.

  10. i am in love with the little red riding hood wall sticky! so so so cute. and the “confused donkey” comment made me laugh out loud. so funny.

  11. I’m a new follower. Totally enjoying reading your blog so far! I love, love, love the idea for the room. So cute! Is there a how-to post about the yarn wreath? That is seriously adorable! I’ll have to check it out. – Amy

  12. Amy: Thanks for introducing yourself! I’ve been a total slacker over the past few weeks, but I do plan on having a yarn wreath tutorial up by the end of this week. It’s SUPER easy!

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