Confessions of a Makeup Addict – Part 1

I have an addiction. A problem. An obsession. I can’t seem to walk past the MAC counter without snatching up a new eyeshadow.

It doesn’t matter if I have a grumpy toddler in tow or if I’m so hungry I could gnaw off my own arm; that is one stop I just can’t pass up. Don’t get me wrong, the lipsticks are fantastic and the glosses make me swoon pretty hard as well. I don’t discriminate, yo. It’s just all those eyeshadows… they really do a number on me.

One of the great things about MAC is that you can bring in 6 empty containers and trade them in for a lipstick/gloss/shadow. No joke, I just traded in 12 old eyeshadow pots and 6 lipgloss tubes for some new FREE stuff. It’s truly an amazing thing.

After I cleared out the empty containers, I saw that I didn't have nearly as much stuff as I thought. Must fix this immediately.

One of the first memories where I can recall being a little crazy about makeup was in 7th grade, when I actually wasn’t even allowed to wear any yet. I had this box of Avon stuff that my great-grandma had given me and I kept it hidden under my bed. When I was done with my homework I’d sneak into my room, close my bedroom door, turn on The Spice Girls and paint the living crap out of my face. (Do you love how creepily secretive I was about it? You’d think I was popping pills or something. ISSUES.) Glitter may have been involved. And since we’re being honest, there was usually about 3lbs of icy blue eyeshadow on each eye. Hot mess.

One time I even managed to sneak out of the house and make it to youth group with purple sparkles all over my eyes and cheeks, clumpy mascara on my lashes and frosty pink lipgloss. My mom noticed when I got home and proceeded to ground me from my box of sparkly makeup happiness. I never saw it again.

Thanks a lot, Mom. No, I’m serious.

Recently, I’ve become quite addicted to watching hair and makeup tutorials on Youtube, with Pixiwoo being one of my absolute favorites. You have to check these sisters out. They have the most adorable accents in the world and do such amazing makeup tutorials. I’ll seriously sit and watch them for hours with my giant bag of hot cheetos while soaking up all the info because I’m THAT big of a weirdo.

…ANYWAY. Breaking up the awkward silence. That’s just a glimpse into my weirdness. In Part 2, I’ll show you guys the products I use nearly every day. I use a good mix of drugstore brands and some higher end stuff and omg I’ll stop talking now before you all run away in fear.

40 thoughts on “Confessions of a Makeup Addict – Part 1

  1. Haha, i used to buy a lot of eye shadows, all different crazy colors, but come to find out, I only wear about 3 different colors so I kind of grew out of that rather quickly :)

  2. At least you wear yours! Mommy has two drawers of makeup in the bathroom (with her own fair share of MAC) and she *never* bothers to put it on anymore. Tinted moisturizer and chapstick are about as good as it gets these days…

  3. I have always, ALWAYS been obsessed with makeup. I’m pretty sure my grandmother alone kept Clinique and Estee Lauder in business. She used to have drawers FULL of makeup, and would always send the Free Gifts to my mum and me, even when I was really young. Walking into a Sephora is pretty much an orgasmic experience for me. Hell, even going to the damn drug store is heavenly. I’ll have to check out these Pixiwoo gals, I love makeup and hair tutorials too!

  4. when i was pregnant with my son i also got really into all those makeup videos on youtube. it got me more into makeup in general and i learned alot from watching them, so i actually know what i’m doing (kinda) when i put it on.

  5. Ahhh love this post!!! I’ve secretly become a make-up addict too :) Even going so far to use liquid foundation! Note: apparently I deem this as “real” make-up, tossing aside my loose powder, which I painfully considered the best way to mask my (cripey) aging face. If you’re loving youtube tutorials, have you found michele1218 or floooof? Love them :) Though one thing, I’m very wary of eyeliner… I can’t ever imagine making fully lined eyes work on me, but I continue to try, try and try again… enjoying all the make-up shopping! BTW I had no idea you can return MAC empties, it’s like a recycling coupon!

  6. haha,I saw your tweet about going to the MAC counter yesterday, and was hoping a post like this would was coming.

    I too have a MAC addiction. I’m working on my third eyeshadow palette. I blame those beauty gurus on youtube. :)

  7. #1: I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE MAC eye shadows and lip glosses!!

    #2: I’m going to have to start towing my 6 empties to Fresno to trade them in…the dingbats in Bako only let me trade them for a lipstick – which is fine (it IS free!) but I’d MUCH prefer a lipgloss or shadow!!

  8. Totally have that same addiction! I try not to have a HUGE collection, so old stuff usually gets passed down to my make-up-obsessed teenage cousins.

  9. I’m a big make up addict, too.

    I have found that my favorite brushes ever are Sonja Kashik from Target. They apply so much better than the cheapies and the Clinque ones I’ve had.

    I recently had to downsize my makeups. Its a hard thing to do. I have a tray of what I use everyday (or could use everyday! If I needed four different types of shadow… and three different bronzers and blushes) and then only one small make up bag held back of ones I like a lot and might wear again and won’t spoil. I had to throw out like five pounds of stuff that I collected since or through college that just didn’t need to be around anymore. I felt like it was a mini funeral.

  10. OMG middle school makeup memories: I totally had the icy blue eyeshadow stick, and loved pairing it with a matching light blue wet seal t-shirt and matching light blue braces… mm mmm cute.

  11. You think you are weird? I have TONS of makeup but I hardly wear any…I know it is odd! This year I really want to get into wearing makeup, you know, like a big girl!

  12. Stevie: FREE GIFTS ARE THE BEST. And I can totally relate… the first time I walked into Sephora, I couldn’t even speak. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

    shevy: The videos are addicting, right? I watched a ton when I was pregnant the first time too! I wonder if it has something to do with feeling hideous everywhere but my face right now? It’s the only thing I have some sort of control over, haha

    tristan: YOU ARE NOT THE LOSER. I still play dress up with mine in my free time, just like I did when I was 12. I need a life.

    calisara: I need to check those out! I’ve heard of floooof, but haven’t watched any. YAY! NEW CHANNELS!

    Sara: I love the palettes. I was on MAC’s site and saw they have one with room for 15 and I about died. That is my goal for 2011. Fill up one of those babies. :)

    Susan: Yeah, do it! Most of the stores only trade them in for lipstick, but of the 3 we have in our mall (ridiculous, right? THREE IN ONE MALL.), the one outside trades them in for shadows and gloss too. I was so happy when I found that out!

    Bethany: Those brushes from Target really are awesome! Huge fan right here.

  13. Hilarious that your first makeup was from your great-grandma from Avon. Sounds hot! :) My first make up was the freebies my grandma got from Clinique. She still loves that place….and the freebies.

  14. I love makeup, but it gives me the sads when I have to trhow out old stuff because I had so much it was getting funky :(
    Reminds me that I need to go to MAC this weekend and pick up a few “presents”. LOL!


    i think that pretty much sums it up.

    oh btw do you use the MAC palettes? i love them.

  16. I usually don’t wear much make-up, nor any MAC, but I do love that they have a trade-in program!

    I’m a loyal Benefit user. Their boxed blushes/bronzers are my must-have, daily-use item.

  17. MAC makeup + me = addictions. I am on my 4th pot of the tinted lip conditioner and if I think I have misplaced it for even a moment I start having heart palpitations. I ♥ me some MAC.

  18. The Pixiwoo sisters are great…I’ve been watching them for ages (you learn SO Much from the Youtube beauty gurus!) I really like Makeupgeek and Emilynoel83 on youtube as well. They seriously take the addiction to the next level.

    Once you start reading the beauty blogs you see HOW many other people are totally obsessed with makeup too. In fact you’re probably totally normal by some standards.
    The MAC counter truly is the mother-ship…

  19. Helloooooo!

    I just needed to say that I, Carolina, don’t even wear more mascara on a regular basis is OBSESSED with watching Pixiwoo. I, too, spend countless hours watching their tutorials while huddled over my laptop so my husband can’t see what I’m spending so much time doing. I now even browse MAC online and fantasize about all the make-up I’ll never buy because I’m cheap and oh yeah, don’t really wear make-up.

    Also, sometimes I sneak into my bathroom and try to hastily redo some of their tutorials with my crap make-up and then wash my face so that my husband isn’t traumatized by my make-up abilities at 10 PM at night.

    I love your blog – I pretty much snort-laugh at every one of them.

    Happy New Year!

    All my best,

  20. I can attest to this. Even this week when we went shopping so you could help ME find jeans, we had to stop “real quick” at Sephora and Mac to feed this obsession. But I must say, your eyelids always looks great!! ;-)

  21. I feel you on not being able to walk past a MAC counter! Anytime I see any pretty new color I totally have to have it.

  22. I have a decent amount of eye shadow because I am also drawn to all the colors and possibilities. However, I cling to liquid eyeliner and only that because no matter how much I’ve messed around with eye shadow in my room, I always end up looking like a clown. Or a prostitute. Neither are looks I’m going for. I think I really need to check out those tutorials! :)

  23. question: does it need to be MAC empties that you trade in? or can it be any brand? I don’t own any MAC but I would definitely clean out my makeup bag(s) to try some out for zero dollas.

  24. I think I’m lucky that I live in such a small town because there’s no MAC counters to be found. If there were, my collection would b much bigger and my bank account much smaller.

  25. I’m totally addicted to make-up too! There’s no shame in it! Never, ever bought Mac before tho…

    This is probably going to sound lame-o, but how do I get a pic to go with my comment? Thanks :)

  26. I am OBSESSED with Pixiwoo and youtube tutorials in general. Except they make me want to run out and buy EVERYTHING. I seriously sit there watching and writing down every product, and then looking it up online to see where i can order it from. It’s a sickness. I am loving reading about your make up obsession- it makes me feel less guilty. :) I love reading reviews of products and hearing your suggestions. You should do a video tutorial!! :)

  27. haha this is so funny! Because I, too, watch Pixiwoo videos for hours, they’re REALLY amazing!!!! I only wish mine were as good! And that is REAALLY cool that you can trade in empty M.A.C. containers in exchange for new ones!!!! I had no idea and I’m freaking out… in a good way! haha

    Anyway, I totally understand your makeup obsession because I am super obsessed as well!

    p.s. I love reading your blog, you are so funny!


  28. I am the same way! Your secret stash story really hit home with me… I used to close the bathroom door and get into my mom’s and my sister’s makeup when I was little. My sister eventually gave me a Jordache all-in-one makeup kit she was tired of, and I thought I’d won the lottery. Not that I was allowed to wear any of it outside the house, but still.

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