Baby #2 – Thirty Three Weeks & a Baseball Baby Shower

Okay, for one week I will take a normal belly photo in good light and without looking ridiculously depressed. But don’t get used to this special stuff because we’re back to our regularly scheduled work bathroom photos next week. :)

Last Saturday, an incredibly sweet group of girls threw me a baby shower. I feel so blessed to have friends who would coordinate such an event during the holidays, while working AND while living in different cities. Thank you Steph, Alyssa, Sarah, Jimaie & Shea! I love and appreciate you all so much!

It’s no secret Justin and I are huge baseball fans (GO GIANTS!), so that’s what the girls chose as the theme!

The invitations were designed to look like game tickets! So AWESOME. Thank you for designing these, Sarah and Johnny!

Cracker Jacks were given as party favors (I took home like, 5 boxes… not gonna lie). Guests were invited to leave a note for me on little slips of paper, and when I got home and read them I was cracking up. All my friends who have sons gave some seriously wise advice: “Make sure to point it down.”

Steph made some adorable centerpieces with old baseballs and Alyssa made the tissue poms and had them hanging up around the place. So cute! We’ll just pretend that blue hat is orange and black. :)

My favorite part had to be what was served to eat… NACHOS and cupcakes! These girls know me.

Jack has clothes now, thank goodness.

Jimaie recently announced that she’s expecting too! Baby #3 is coming this July, eee!

And Kristy, another dear friend of mine since high school, is due in just a few weeks. This girl and I meet for regular Chipotle lunch dates. Hey, our sons make the rules… we just follow them.

Maddie Jo came too, of course. I still don’t know if she fully grasps the concept of there ACTUALLY being a baby in my belly, but she does know that Baby Jack is around here somewhere. Everyone keeps talking to her about him and she’s probably wondering where he is so they can play already.

You can check out more photos from the shower here! Thank you again to all my girls who threw the shower and the ones who came as guests! Maddie and Jack are lucky to have such sweet aunties. :)

33 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Thirty Three Weeks & a Baseball Baby Shower

  1. I’m so glad I was able to help do this for you! It’s almost like I DON’T live 200 miles away :) I’m so glad it turned out so nicely, and I’m so excited for Jack to get here!

  2. It was so much fun! I am loving throwing parties…putting all the decorations and such together – so I am sooo glad we were able to do this for YOU :)

  3. Haha Lisa, those hats were my dad’s so of course LA Dodgers and that BC one… that would be good old Bakersfield College. lol!

  4. ummm, you look stinkin’ adorable. i love the shirt.

    what a cute shower. oh, and hiiiii, i can’t wait to “meet” jack. i’m just going to live vicariously through you until hubs gives the green light on our own little nugget.

  5. aw man maddie is growing fast alluvasudden!
    speaking of growing, where are you carrying that baby, in your boobs? I looked like an enormous hippopotamous at thirty three weeks. Not a regular hippo, an ENORMOUS one.

  6. best baby shower ever! I love that it was baseball themed (as I am a sucker for the Giants and baseball themes oh and baby boys!).

  7. What a fabulous shower! And you are the picture-perfect mama-to-be! How fun that 2 of your friends are prego at the same time! I can’t wait to see this little boy!

  8. I will be using those ideas for my shower if and when I should ever have kids. Soooo cute! And you look amazing! :)

  9. Wow!! Cutest baby shower ever. The invitations are TO DIE. And maybe it’s a little smug, but I love that the Dodgers showed up to the shower a lil’ bit. ;)

  10. Thank you, Camille! It’s just a cheapy top from Forever21. I think it cost me $11 or something like that. :)

  11. I just came across your blog! You are the cutest preggo lady ever and your shower was so cute. I was nick-named “Preggo Greggo” by my loving sister when I was pregnant with my son because I looked similar to a man. Ha ha. Looking forward to following you:)

  12. Looove your baby shower! Little Jack is so loved already. As I’m sure you know these next couple weeks are going to be the longest and shortest of your life.

    I also didn’t want to compete with 92 comments but your post before this one was my all time favorite. My son was born 10 weeks ago and I’ve been struggling with a little depression. It’s awful because I feel so guilty about being depressed which is only making it worse. It totally melted my heart not only hearing you talk about the tough stuff but I loved how your readers shared stories too. It helped me so much.

    This time you’re a pro mama bear, I know you’ll stand up for yourself (something that’s so hard to do when you’re pregnant) and have an absolutely beautiful delivery.

    Here’s to our little guys :)

  13. This is probably one of the cutest baby shower I have seen in a while! You look amazing, Mandy! :)

    Also, how did Maddie grow up so fast? I feel like she’s been that little baby just a few weeks ago! It’s insane. Time flies by like crazy – and probably even faster for you! Almost time to meet baby Jack! :D

  14. Where did you get your jeans?? They are cute! I’m 26 weeks pregnant and cannot find a good pair of maternity jeans anywhere! I have searched the Internet and gone to all of the local stores!

  15. Hey Morgan! :)

    Wow, you are such a beautiful pregnant woman! You seem to really, really love it!

    And what a great idea is that baby shower? Major credit to your friends to think of something like that! The invitations rock!

  16. Thank you, the flowers were fun to make and a lot easier than I thought!

    Looks like the shower turned out great, and what a cute theme! I’ll keep checking back on your blog, I really love your photographs and of course your crafts!

  17. I feel so blessed to have been a part of the group of girlies that got to plan and host this shower for you!!
    It was so much fun to see all of our ideas come together right before our eyes and to hear and see that everyone loved it, especially you, is awesome!
    I’m so excited to meet baby Jack, he is so loved by his aunties already!

  18. What amazing friends you have to throw you such an adorable shower!! :) I love the invitations – too cleaver!!! I can’t believe he’s almost here! I remember following your tweets (i.e. stalking you!) when you were in labor with Maddie!!

  19. Yay! So glad you loved your shower! We had a really fun time putting it together! :) And I gotta say I was impressed with Steph’s decorating skills! And Alyssa’s cupcakes. I could go for one of those right now. Yummm. You looked so beautiful at your shower! I really love your top! So cute! Love you! xoxo

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