Things I accomplished this weekend that I will remember when 2:00pm hits and I feel guilty for wanting to do nothing but lay in bed and watch What Not To Wear reruns

I’m trying this new thing today called Not Going Nuts. It’s all about not going nuts. Quite the concept, right?

No but really, I’m on the brink of a nesting-related meltdown. I am sitting at work right now, unable to concentrate on anything because of the list of things I have to do RIGHTTHISSECOND or I may in fact, die.

(Don’t question me on this… I’ve dropped dead at least 30 times in my life due to an ailment I like to refer to as Dramatics. It’s very real.)

I have accumulated so much makeup/hair/beauty-related junk under my bathroom sinks that I can’t think of doing anything but going through it all, tossing the old stuff and neatly organizing my nail polishes by color in a nice little basket. Or quite possibly lining them all up on a several little shelves on the wall like they do in the nail salon.

Actuallyyyyyy… that’s not that bad of an idea—NO, MORGAN! Focus.

Or how about working on those 4 tutorials I have in mind for this blog? Like the yarn wreath I promised I’d do like, a year ago? Or more like a month ago, but whatever? I’ll get to it, I promise.

This weekend I was super productive and I’m trying to keep that in mind right now. I am only one woman after all. I should be proud I accomplished the following in my beached whale-like state:

  • Washed/folded/put away 4 loads of laundry, including teeny tiny baby boy clothes (eeee!)
  • Went to dinner with friends
  • Organized kids’ room & closet
  • Made flag pennant to hang in kid’s room
  • Decorated kids’ room with new wall art
  • Made a cute blanket for Jack
  • Made some hair clips for a friend’s baby girl
  • Attended a wedding
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Scrubbed down kitchen
  • Dusted/vacuumed entire apartment
  • Painted two thrifted frames, hung them up in our bedroom
  • Organized Maddie’s 5 billion books
  • Organized Maddie’s 5 billion shoes
  • Lost 2lbs (Not kidding. There was no time for nacho consumption this weekend.)

I’m a machine… but an extremely exhausted machine.

I do have a little over a month left until the baby is supposed to arrive. There’s time to organize my nail polishes and you know what? If it doesn’t get done before Jack is born, oh well! OR I’ll just do it the day we come home from the hospital. I’ll need that extra space under the counters to store all my mesh-granny-panty-post-partum-yucky-supplies anyway. Priorities.

(HOLY CRAP. Just realized I need to make a list and pack the hospital bag. I don’t even remember what I’m supposed to bring. Something to do with a coming home outfit and nipple ointment. Haven’t I done this before?)

…This isn’t working.

16 thoughts on “Things I accomplished this weekend that I will remember when 2:00pm hits and I feel guilty for wanting to do nothing but lay in bed and watch What Not To Wear reruns

  1. Man, you did way more than me in that short span of time. You’re going to make an awesome stay at home mom!

    Also, breathe….breathe!

  2. OMG you crack me up! I love your blog!

    You should organize your polishes alphabetically by brand, and subcategorize the brands according to color. LOL

  3. I am in the same position as you–except I don’t have pregnancy to blame for my current state of cray-cray. All I can think about all day long is the billions of closets I have to clean out and painting my bathroom and how I need a new soap dispenser right this second. And I am OBSESSED with sewing new pillows for my den–except I don’t have any fabric, have not sewed anything since middle school home-ec and the sewing machine I got for Christmas is STILL IN THE BOX. Phew. Thank God I don’t have preg. hormones to take my nutso-ness up another notch or 1,000.

    PS- I totally did a yarn wreath tutorial on the ol bliggity blog and guess who’s tutorial for felt flowers I used? Totes gave you credit–and you’re welcome to copy and paste our tutorial and just use your pics. As copycats, we certainly have no room to talk. :)

  4. Well, I’d say you accomplished enough for this weekend.

    Although, my nail polish is organized and color coordinated in two pretty little baskets, and swatched by brand on those little nail wheels, so I feel your pain. ..and I don’t have nesting to blame for my craziness. lol

  5. I absolutely hate sitting at work when there are a billion things I could be doing at home! Oh and if you do figure out a good way to organize those nail polishes…do share! :)

  6. This pretty much brings (traumatizing) flashbacks of my own 3rd trimester 1 1/2 years ago. Only my to do list was 1) put sweats on 2) eat curly fries & 3)get in bed. But it all seemed so important at the time. It kind of still does! I dread what my to do list will be while I await a second baby someday. I’m making a note not to buy ANY nail polish before then lest I end up dead!

  7. I just have to share, that I, too, suffer from the ailment called the Dramatics. It can be quite debilitating! Even worse, and this is important to know…the Dramatics is genetic!! Yes, that’s right. I have two teenage girls and they both suffer from the Dramatics. As matter of fact, my youngest tells me almost every day that she’s ‘just going to die!’ from something or other. So, friend, I share your pain. Maybe we should start a support group!
    (lol…thanks for a making me smile today!)

  8. I have been thinking that I want to display my nail polishes for all to see too! I am becoming a bit obsessive about my nail polish collection and I think the fact that you agree that they should be displayed just sent me over the edge…in a good way of course

  9. good to know someone feels the same way I do! we just have to remember that everything does not have to get done this-very-instant….relax. enjoy this time. baby is coming soon…

  10. I remember being where you are. I still get that way from time to time, and I’m neither pregnant nor stuck in an on-site job. I just can’t organize absolutely everything in one day.

    Don’t push too hard, especially while pregnant. It ramps up any damage on your joints something like ten fold, or at least that’s what it feels like. I gave in and tried to clean and redecorate in the course of one weekend while expecting my first, and I think I had to call in sick that Monday because I threw my back out and aggravated several old injuries.

    Have you ever heard of It’s helped me deal with my housekeeping dramatics a great deal.

  11. The bit about mesh-granny-panty-post-partum-yucky-supplies and nipple ointment just made me not want to have kids ev-ar. I mean I know about all of that stuff but it gives me the hibbie-jibbies every time I’m reminded of what awaits me a few years from now.

  12. Um, can you stop being so productive? You’re making me feel bad. This weekend I watched two movies, napped on the couch and put *some* of my Christmas stuff away. It was exhausting.

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