Tutorial: Cheery Yarn Wreath

I know the holidays are over and the whole idea of still having wreaths hanging up might seem silly, but bear with me on this one. Yarn wreaths are my absolute favorite craft of the moment. They’re inexpensive to make and though it does take a little time to wrap the yarn, they become quite addicting once you get the hang of it. My favorite thing about them is the versatility. You can quickly switch up the theme of your wreath with a simple little trick… but I’ll get to that in a minute!


  • Wreath form (I used a mini 8″ foam one, found at Michael’s for $4 or so)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Adornments of your choosing (felt flowers (tutorial here), rosettes (tutorial here),¬†bows (tutorial here), buttons, ribbon, etc.)
  • Glue or pins to hold your adornments in place (not pictured, whoops)

Step 1:

Tie one end of the yarn around the wreath and secure in a double knot… or a triple knot if you’re paranoid that a beast might come attack your wreath in the night. Don’t trim that little tail yet! I’m sure there are other ways of doing this, but I’m a simple girl and this is a simple project. (I’m also a bit lazy. Ain’t no thang.)

Step 2:

Wrap the yarn around the wreath form. This is the part that can and will take you 238 hours if you let it. I’ve found that the best way to go about this tedious little task is to not worry about perfection. You can loop the yarn through and tighten it each time to make it look seamless and without lumps, but no one’s going to pay that much attention to it in the end and you will probably go nuts (speaking from experience). This one took me about 20 minutes to wrap.

(And if you ask me, the little lumps and bumps add character. That’s what I like to tell myself in the mirror, as well.)

Step 3:

When you reach the end of your yarn wrapping journey, you’ll be back at the loose tail you left dangling in Step 1. Tie the end of the wrapped yarn to that loose piece and knot it a few times. NOW you may trim it. This is the back of your wreath, so no one will be able to see it that little knot… stop hyperventilating!

Step 4:

Decorate your wreath! This is when magical things happen.

You can use either glue or pins for this step. I actually have come to prefer pins because you can rearrange everything if you make a mistake, and as seasons and holidays change you can easily switch out your adornments to fit. That’s what I was talking about with the versatility of this project. Bonus: you don’t have to wrap yarn around a new wreath form any time you want a new look. Lazy girl wins again!

The Final Product, Version 1:

The Final Product, Version 2:

See? Pretty painless. :)

63 thoughts on “Tutorial: Cheery Yarn Wreath

  1. Okay, your tutorial finally convinced me that I should make one of these wreaths. Cute! Version one with the black and white ribbon by the flowers is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just may have to make one of these. I especially love the idea of using pins so you can change them up throughout the year. So cute!

  3. I love making yarn wreaths (just post a few pics on my blog last week) and find the wrapping part to be a nice calm down project at the end of the day. Plus I love to watch it come together. Instead of knots I use super glue or hot glue, then it looks neat and tidy, plus secure. But, I don’t care about perfection during the wrapping. I just wrap like crazy and enjoy what comes out of it.

  4. THIS finally put me over the edge on deciding if i like these yarn wreathes or no. Verdict: yes.

    Question. How do you make those OTHER flowers? You know, the ones you don’t have a link/tutorial for? Not the rosettes, or the bows, or the classic ones. But the OTHER ones?
    THOSE are the ones I want to make!

    Help please?

    And I like to tell myself my lumps and bumps add character, too…. :)

  5. Thanks, you guys! I’m glad you like it!

    Tawna: The pom-pom type of flower is one I’m working on a tutorial for as we speak! It’s super easy and very similar to the rosettes. I’ll post it in the next week or so!

  6. oh good. finally a yarn wreath i like. no, seriously…..i hadn’t really jumped onto the whole yarn wreath band wagon yet, but now? i just hopped on. with both feet, none the less.
    me’s off to hob lob this week to go make me a mrspriss wreath.
    thanks for the inspiration. and thanks for making the yarn wreath cute. you’re a pretty cute one too :)

  7. I’m glad i’m not the only one obsessed with these right now! I think with spring coming, they’re even more perfect!

    I want one in every corner of my apartment. Is that weird?

  8. I’ve been making these like crazy, too! I did one for the last two big holidays and am giving it a rest for Vday, but totally plan to make a spring one that can be left out longer! Whoooo!

    I want to make the other flowers, too! The felt ones look different from the pin you made a tut for before. And not the pom-pom ones. Know what I mean?

  9. I love these! I made one using a grapevine wreath – holy Captain Failmuch it SUCKED. The second time I used the same foam wreath as you and it looks much better! I hadn’t thought of using pins instead of glue, that’s a great idea.

  10. You’re crazy talented. I love the oh-so-pretty chalk board. Is that something you made as well? Is it just something painted with chalk-board paint and framed? Inquiring minds…

  11. I LOVE this wreath! I especially love how easily it facilitates my laziness:) Maybe I’ll make one for when Boy is born and one for his neglected sister (kidding).

  12. I love love love it! I was feeling a bit down, but you made my day with this tutorial! I literally jumped up when I saw that you posted a new tutorial! haha Thank you!

  13. Hiii! I found you through Jimaie. I think you are beyond adorable and make THE cutest pregnant lady ever! You are so tiny for being almost done!! :) Congrats on the baby! Also, this wreath is SO cute! I really should have a wreath up all year long! Thanks for the idea :) xo

  14. That is really cute! I was at Joann Fabrics last weekend and saw all sorts of cute things that could go on wreaths. I think I may need to make a trip there this weekend…

  15. Hahaha there is another comment on here from a ‘Whitney’ asking about the other pom-pom flowers too. I was just about to leave that comment then saw you are working on a tutorial, looking forward to it! Such a cute wreath I am planning on shopping for supplies this week :) Great tutorial too!

  16. T0000 cute!! I bookmarked you and then I tried to come back and find this before starting my wreath but didn’t use the bookmark link. Just typed into the toolbar/searched.
    Um, I need to pay better attention and BEWARE of Misspriss.com :s

  17. Thank you for this great tutorial. It has been saved in my craft inbox for a few months. I finally made it last night. The flowers were addicting and so easy to make. Congrats on your new addition!

  18. Thank you for your tutorial! It has me motivated to hit Michael’s as soon as my twins wake up from their nap! I’m sure I will have difficulty choosing colors…the possibilities are endless! :)

  19. THANK YOU! I absolutely LOVE your blog and am SO glad I stumbled upon it today! (I must agree however with some of your other followers that perhaps I need to stay away….hehe) I never got around to buying/hanging a wreath for spring, but have been inspired to make my own (just gotta get out for the ring!) Yours are so simple and perfect! :)

  20. I absolutely love this! And you are such a funny blogger! :) Will try to do this tonight! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  21. I made a wreath out of corks and used your thingamabobs bows on it but I am can’t seem to figure out the top part of the wreath. I used the wide ribbon but how is it hanging?

  22. @Brandi: I actually had a hard time with that part too, since I didn’t have a wreath hanger on hand. I nailed the ribbon into the wall above the frame, which probably wasn’t the smartest method, but it worked in a pinch.

  23. Love it! I’ve seen a few similar wreaths on Etsy and wanted to try my hand at making one. This is definitely a simplified version that I can tackle. Thanks for all the fabulous tutorials! (Yes, I know I’m totally slow on posting this) ; )

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