Baby #2 – Thirty Five Weeks

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and my due date is getting kind of close…

And umm… does anyone notice how FREAKING HUGE I am all of a sudden? The belly is full-on bullet status. It seriously terrifies me to think of how big I’m going to be in 5 more weeks.

Bare pregnant bellies are just flipping weird, by the way. This is only the second time I’ve ever taken a picture of it with my shirt up because… well, just look at it! That mole was not that far away from my belly button a few months ago. And yes, I strategically posed my body away from the camera so you can’t actually SEE my belly button. That thing is good material for a Twilight Zone episode, right there. It’s hovering in a disturbing place between Innie and Outie and I just want it to make up it’s mind already.

Sooo, are you fully grossed out yet? :)

31 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Thirty Five Weeks

  1. Ahh your so dinky :D im 23 weeks nearly and larger than you-i dont get it lol. saying that im 5ft nothing and my last one was 9pound 9oz and a week early (no where for them to go sides outwards hehe) so guess that might have something to do with it :) Realy hope it all goes well for you :)

  2. Sensibly Sassy & Lisa: YES. We totally do, haha. Thank you guys. I think I’m just getting to that point where I feel huge and blah and ready to get the baby out already. The possibility of there being another 6 or 7 weeks kind of makes me want to punch a wall, lol

  3. omgeee you look freaking awesome! ireally hope to look like you when i get preggers (*crossing fingers i get preggers sometime in 2011*)

  4. Awww, you have an adorable bump. It’s actually quite dainty (at least compared to the all-over puffy look that I sported during my pregnancies)!

  5. if it makes you feel better, my baby girl’s belly button is hovering between innie and outie, too. I think once she starts crawling and stops being such a meatball it will probably swing towards innie, though…
    You’re still looking cute. But you definitely ‘popped’ there. Hey, you’re gonna have labour soon! I mean, hemerroids! I mean, a baby! :D

  6. Yikes, 35 WEEKS! That’s amazing!
    I very much agree that pregnant bellies are bizarre, but at least yours is concentrated in one round area directly where your belly is, rather than all over your body and face like mine will be. That bloat seems to travel to my thighs and cheeks as equally as the belly!
    YAY, Almost There!!!! You look amazing :)

  7. The fact that you look that adorable in every work photo, 35 weeks pregnant, with a little one to take care of… makes sort of hate you and also want to be your best friend.

    I hope the next 5 weeks go really smoothly for you!

  8. Grossed out? Are you serious Mama? You are far and away one of the cutest pregnant ladies I’ve ever seen. You didn’t balloon to the size of a walrus (like I may have) and your skin and hair are still great. (i looked like death in the last few weeks…)
    No more ragging on yourself, you’re adorable! Good luck in the these last few weeks…I know they aren’t easy!

  9. it’s so funny because I LITERALLY thought you were teeny tiny! Even tinier than last time!

    Also, someone wanted me to DIY that Anthro little triangle necklace you did so I’m gonna send em your link, just fyi :)

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