Baby #2 – Thirty Six Weeks

9 months pregnant!

Well, what you see above is the last bathroom photo shoot picture EVER because today was my last day! It was a bit sad because I love my bosses so much and have really been blessed at that job, but now I can finally say I am a stay at home mom! *Irish jig*

Want to know how my first official afternoon at home with Maddie went? I ate chips and then slept for like, 3 hours. Needless to say, we’ll be working on some things. :)

By the way, I was so blown away by all the incredibly sweet feedback on this post from a few weeks ago. You have all been such an encouragement to me and it really has meant the world. If I happen to have any more problems with PPD or need advice of any sort, I know I have an amazing support group to turn to. I’m so thankful for you all!

26 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Thirty Six Weeks

  1. Congrats, my love! I’m so excited for you!

    P.S. Once Jack makes his appearance, can I come visit? I miss youuuuuu.

  2. I still can’t believe there is a baby in so tiny :)

    hahahaha..sometimes I take 2 hour naps with my our good days where we have nothing to do..sometimes it’s needed!

    woo hoo for being able to stay with your babies!

  3. I was seriously sleeping all the time a few weeks ago. It was Lind of ridiculous how tired I was all the time. You are in third tri, it is allowed. Growing a baby is a lot of work. :) since I started taking a B vitamin complex though my sleep needs have greatly decreased, it is amazing! Well anyway, congrats to you!

  4. aw, I will miss your work bathroom. :'(
    yay on joining the glamorous ranks of the stay at home mom! May the poopsidents all be contained inside of the washroom and your phone calls all be free of background screaming! ;)

  5. yay for last days! Some days at home are just lazy, it’s nice when the kids let you be lazy once in awhile. though, it doesn’t happen too often

  6. He’s almost heeeere!

    Not only did your post on PPD help me but so did everyone’s comments. It’s such a personal and private thing to go through I’m so so glad you shared and I’m so thankful for all your wonderful readers. It does get better (that’s what I keep telling myself) :)

    On a totally unrelated note can you do a little tutorial on how to make one of those chrysanthemum (yes, I definitely had to google how to spell that) looking flowers on your yarn wreath below. I’ve already mastered the rosette and bow thanks to you.

  7. Oh and Kristy, I'm going to have to start taking them in MY ghetto apartment bathroom. Fun times. At least I only have to do it 4 or 5 more times? I hope?

  8. Congrats on officially being a stay at home mama! You’ll have to do bathroom photo shoots from the comfort of your own home now! :) You look beautiful! Can’t believe you’re already at 9 months!

  9. I hope you will still share weekly belly pics with us the next few weeks till the baby is born. I can’t wait to “meet” Jack via the web. :) Congrats and relax!

  10. ok, seriously! you are more stylish at nine months pregnant than i am not pregnant at all! not fair! congrats on becoming a stay at home mom!

  11. You are all baby belly and I love it! It was so fun to see those bathroom pics each week, and it will be even better when Jack makes his arrival!

  12. You look so tiny, good luck and enjoy the time with your sweet little girl and get all the rest you can. I look forward to following your blog after your little miracle is here also.

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