Little Mama

Lately, Maddie’s really been getting into baby dolls. I was worried for a while there because she has this one doll whose eyes open and close, and she thought it was the most hilarious thing to poke the baby’s eyeballs. She was actually quite obsessed with poking those eyeballs.  NOT exactly the most comforting thought when you’re bringing another baby into the family soon.

Thankfully, she’s learning to be gentle and more motherly and I have a feeling she’s going to be such a sweet big sister in just a few short weeks. (!!!!!)

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  1. Funny story I probably shouldn't share- when my sister was about 2, she was obsessed with everyone's eyes. she would follow the dog around saying, "eye," but she was really pointing to his pooper. She's 16 now and will never live this down! I'm sure she'll be thrilled I just shared with you all :)

  2. So yesterday, Nicole is all like,
    “Mommy, I’m sitting on her REALLY GENTLY.”

    So, good luck to you.
    (no babies were damaged by being sat on really gently. Second babies are tough as nails.)

    On the bright side, when baby Jack is like one year old he will pick up a bat and just wail her one. We always told my younger brother that the even-younger-brother would do that some day if he didn’t stop being mean to him. And guess what? I swear he was walking like two days and BAM! Baseball bat to the head. Revenge complete.

  3. This is SO sweet and OMG HER CARDIGAN! I cannot wait to see these two together. They’re going to be the sweetest, more adorably dressed siblings ever!

  4. Maddy is getting SO BIG, it’s insane! Also, I think you should post Maddy related blogs more often – I really miss seeing her on your blog!

  5. Hope you don’t find this creepy/weird that I am commenting on your blog since you don’t know me. I just found your blog yesterday, and I LOVE it. You have such a fun writing style and you are hilarious. Your daughter is a cutie and congrats on your pregnancy.

  6. Ok first of all. She is freaking cuter than words. Don’t worry about Maddie poking her baby dolls eyes, I caught Brynn’s Beebee’s (as she calls it) head wedged between the gate that blocks the kitchen and the wall. That doll was defying some gravity and it creeped me out a little. Anywho, so xcitied for you and your new addition.
    Hope all is well.

  7. My daughter would just lob her baby dolls on the floor, but as SOON as that baby sister was born, she was so soft and gentle! She was only 21 mos. when baby sis was born, and she’s STILL very good with her “baby” (now 23 mos old) sister!

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