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A few months ago, it was no secret how terrified I was of having a boy. It’s not just about the whole little wiener issue… though after some new mom friends of mine have shed light on that particular subject, I can’t exactly say the fears have let up at all. There’s going to be a whole lot of pee in my future and most of that pee is probably going to go straight in my hair, but I digress.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t know how to entertain a boy. Toss some rocks in front of him and be all, “Have fun, buddy!” while me and Maddie paint our toenails? No. What games do they like to play that don’t involve tackling mom to the ground? Are they all as ridiculously stinky as my little brother was? Will Jack find it fun to bring live bugs and toads into his room? Will said bugs escape and come into my bed at night and make nests in my hair? And what exactly is considered cool for little boys to wear? Do they even care about that kind of stuff?


The point is, I’m in the dark about most of these things, but I’ve been reassured over and over that I’ll be fine and will figure out everything as it comes along. I think that’s true.

And after receiving some pretty adorable gifts from my sweet friends, I can lay to rest any doubts I had about cute boy things existing in the world. After having a fancy little froo-froo girl for two years, glancing into any boy clothes/toys/shoes section just gave me hives. THERE’S NOTHING CUTE. THERE’S NO PINK. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO!?

Well apparently, this is what I do:

Socks that look like shoes exist for boys. They’re adorable. And they’re not pink. (Thank you Sally!)

You can also find uses for ribbon that don’t involve hair bows. Sweet blankets. (Thank you, Julie!)

Do you have a little boy that barfs up all over you? I have this strong feeling I will. At least I can clean it up with the most freaking adorable burp cloths in all of humanity. (Thank you Shea!)

Getting excited.

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  1. Oh my word.
    My husband and I just found out yesterday that our first baby is a boy. I kind of hysterically laugh/cried in the ultrasound room and then was in a stupor for the rest of the day.
    All I could think about was the picture of you thinking about a penis in your belly, cause I was doing the same. However, I am reassured that I am not the only one mildly freaking out about having a son, and also about bugs/dirt/pee everywhere.
    PLEASE keep updating after he is born–I’m looking to you to blaze the boy trail!

  2. You will do great! I have 2 boys…one is 9 and one just turned 7 this week…and so far I’m still around! :) I was worried when I was pregnant with my oldest because I came from a houseful of girls. Not a boy in sight besides neighbors and as close as we were with them, we didn’t LIVE with them and know every detail about how boyish they really were.

    If my boys have taught me anything it’s that they can be so much fun too. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d enjoy video games (we LOVE the Wii!) or rough housing or that I’d ever look forward to going to a monster truck rally (my 7 year old son’s birthday request instead of a party). But I do and I am. Boys teach you so much. Yes, they are stinky and active and crazy, but I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything!

    (Thankfully I do have a little girl to doll up…but I think she’s taken way too many cues from her big brothers because sometimes she’s just as crazy as they are!)

    And for a little self-promotion, I happen to know a cute Etsy shop with some fun boy stuff ;) ( )

  3. Well, I don’t know if this’ll help you out much (or cause you to cringe, terribly) but boys under 2 don’t care at all what they wear. You can let them wear pajamas all day, or let them go naked all day and they don’t really care. My son lived the majority of his pre-crawling days in sweat pants (cringe? Sorry…) and t-shirts because that was simply the easiest and most washable things for him to wear. Now that he’s older he has several pairs of proper denim jeans and for the cold weather he’s got some lined with sweat-pant like material, but you can’t even see it unless he somehow got outside with his pants inside out.

    There is lots of cute boy things out there, but it’s definitely a learning curve going from cute girl things to cute boy things. Cute boy things often involve scenarios like camping, monster trucks and trains. Or teeny-tiny plaid shirts. However, there is lots of non-lame cute boy things out there. It’s so fun to dress them like teeny tiny little men…:)

    I won’t tell you that you’ll be fine – you know that :D

  4. You will just LOVE having a little boy! There are so many cute boy outfits now. Boys are so cuddly with their mamas. And you will get tons of art work on the wall from them peeing:) As I change Roman, I will keep a wipe on him or use a “wee block.” Eventually you will be an expert and change him without anything, but I still keep the wipe and wee block on handy!!!

  5. It’s funny, I always thought boy toys were way more fun! Every kid my age on my street was a boy so I basically grew up with all boys. They would compromise and play dolls and house with me and then we’d go play with their awesome pirate ships and castles and giant toy car structure things. Haha once he starts getting into toys I’m sure you and Maddie will have plenty of fun playing with him! :)

  6. You’re going to be a great mama to Jack. You’ll know JUST what to do when the time comes! :)

    oh, and p.s. Your brother was never stinky! ;)

  7. Boys are wonderful! I had a boy first and then my girl. So I guess it was easier that way! I think Boys as babies for starters are much easier to clean in the nappy are than girls! With girls the poop gets everywhere-gross I know, but true! With boys, it’s a wipe and it’s done! (ha ha!! Can’t believe I just wrote that! feel free to delete! ha ha). Boys are easier too….less emotional issues! They stress less and are not as difficult to please! I think the teenage years with my boy will be easier than the ones with my girl! Trust me… you will be fine!

  8. I’m on team all pink and frilly everything. My fiancee thinks if we have a boy, I’ll cry. I know your fears. When I babysit my nephew he’s all “Auntie, put up your dukes” and proceeds to perform Wrestle Mania and smack down. He’ll jump off the stairs on my back. Meanwhile my neice and I are praying to all Gods, this crazyman doesn’t come in and mess up our tea party. And the boy clothes? Ill pass. You’ll do fine!!! :)

  9. I LOVE having a little boy — that mama/baby boy relationship is very special (not that a mama’s relationship with a girl isn’t, but you know what I mean). Plus it’s pretty adorable seeing my little guy interact with my husband. My heart explodes from the cuteness multiple times a day.

    So excited for you!

  10. Haha you are hilarious! I love that you just jump right in “It’s not just about the whole little wiener issue”

    So I HAVE to know where you got that black and white space invaders fabric! Where?!?

  11. I had a boy first and I was worried about there being nothing cute! But here are some things for boys that are way fun. Boy hats are adorable, baseball caps, beanies, and from the gap you can get the hats that look like they are from the movie newsies! Also the baby booties from target that are leather have cute footballs or dinosaurs on them. My son likes to wear dinosaurs, sports stuff, cute manly sweaters from children’s place, and pajamas that have monsters on them that say “I don’t bite but he does.” Boy games my son loves, he likes to roar and growl at me, he loves when I pretend to toss or roll balls to him, he likes to play peek a boo and hide and seek. He is a big reader and has a little car he likes to push around or ride in. He also loves animals and their noises. I hope these suggestions help!

  12. Coming later this month, Dana from Made ( is planning of hosting a celebrating the boy month, which should have lots of cute ideas for boys! Maybe she can spark some more ideas.
    That taggie blanket is so cute! How did you finish the edges and still have the tags/ribbons sticking out?

  13. I can’t speak from experience I have 4 daughters but I know for a fact their are lots of cute boy clothes out there and you will do fine. I love my girls but would like the idea of a boy, but Im a single mother so thats not in my future. You can check out my experiences as a single mother to daughters at my blog 24 Kraft Street at
    I love your blog you are honest and hilarious keep blogging I love reading.

  14. I am on the hunt for cute boy things as well for my first son Henry due next month!! I’m always asking women on the “the bump” for cute ideas, searching on etsy… and when you find anything (and you will!) I hope you’ll share on your fantastic blog!

  15. oh my word.
    you crack me up.
    i just read the last 7 months of your blog life and finally had to get a hold of myself and get on with my real life. but not before laughing multiple times.
    in case you haven’t been told in a while, you’re funny.

  16. when i found out i was having a boy i was initially ecstatic because that meant unlike me any of my future daughters would have an older brother. yay. but then got terrified because i am anything but a boys mom or a tomboy. all things pink, frilly, barbie alllllll the way. ugh. no cute hair ribbons & endless outfit combination what was i going to do.

    but i quickly found out that having a boy is messy. and very scary for they seem to be born without the fear gene its not all ho-hum outfits like i thought. i get pretty creative with phoenixs outfits & i love it. and yes he likes bugs and dirt and all that stuff but he is still one of the sweetest things.

    and my mom who has 5 girls & 3 boys said boy have always been easier. for no one will ever love you the way your son does.

  17. Helpful advice that helped me when I had my boy…point it down.

    When changing the diaper make sure you point his penis down. That way when he goes it does not leak out as much.

  18. I have a 3 year old boy and was raised in a house full of girls. You have no idea what a blessing you are about to have with a boy compared to a girl!

  19. you are doing awesome on the boy goods! don’t worry, i was sure cooper was a girl so i had no clue what to do. it has ended up being so much fun!

  20. Was over at Hart + Sew blog today…she had posted illustrations from one of her daughters favorite books on Jan 27…It made me think of your posts about decorating your kid’s shared room….The last illustration with the boy and girl sleeping in their twin beds/owls in the window…cute!

  21. OH MY GOSH THOSE ROBOT BURP CLOTHS!!!! And that blankie!!! oh goodness. So flippin cute.
    I cannot wait for you to have this precious boy in your arms and for you to fall oh so deeply in love <3 He is going to ADORE you Morgan *sigh* I love mah boys. And I am so excited to meet yours :)

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