Baby #2 – Thirty Eight Weeks

I had to move locations of the bathroom photo shoots to MY ghetto apartment bathroom this week. At least the crazy nesting I’ve been doing has kept it pretty spotless!

Okay yeah, so nesting. Cleaning. Organizing. Whatever you want to call it… I haz it. I’ve done so much sweeping and dusting and scrubbing of walls the past few weeks that I would honestly have no problem licking pretty much any given surface in my home. I won’t, because eww, OBVIOUSLY, but you get what I’m saying.

Things are pretty much ready for this little guy and I have this painful feeling in my uterus that he could be making his grand appearance pretty soon.  :D :D :D

38 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Thirty Eight Weeks

  1. Awww… You look fantastic!! And Im sure everyone is going to say this, but Im pretty sure we are all looking forward to meeting your little man!! Ill keep my fingers crossed for a quick and relatively painless entrance!!

  2. You look so good. And about that peanut thing that is what my grandson calls his. It is hard to get use to changing a boy after me changing 9 girls diapers my 3, 2 nieces, 2 great nieces and my 2 grand daughters and of course 1 boy. Just don't forget to keep it covered at all times there aim is good and your face is where it usually hits LOL good luck and please let us know when this little guy comes into this world

  3. you’re like, the most adorable pregnant person ever. :) Seriously. You look fantastic, I just love your outfit! And your hair! and the fact that you don’t look big anywhere else but on your tummy!! actually, that last one makes me a bit jealous…. but I digress. You’re gorgeous, darling, and I am SO excited for Jack to come! I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you a lot. :)

    ps. I made an adorable wreath this morning for my front door using your yarn-wrapped wreath tutorial and your felt flower ideas. whatever would I do without you, Mrs. Priss??

  4. HURRY UP JACK!! Well lets wait until Sunday cause i will be at Magic Mountain Sat and I cant miss you being born. Your sister was able to contain herself until I got home so you must do the same. ;-) Actually your mom called me that morning to tell me she was coming and I was passing Magic Mountain when she called. Haha. On another note Morgs I love you and am praying for you and I can not wait to meet your son! If you need anything let me know (even if its just to come take your daughter out so you and Jack can have some time together).

  5. So is that pain in your uterus mean there is a continuation of last night’s tweets? Hope so and you get to meet him very soon!

  6. I live in a ghetto apartment too! Haha. Oh to have a house oneday. You look so beautiful and you can pull off that yellow I’d just look like a bottle of mustard.
    Can’t wait forthe debut of your baby Jack.

  7. You look amazing! I can’t believe you are so close! I know everyone is so anxious for their baby to be born already, but as a mom of four, my advice to to completely enjoy and cherish this time with your little girly. :)

  8. Yay! More belly pics! Was starting to get worried when it’s been almost a week. Thought for sure we would see a pic of Jack. :) Glad you’re doing well. Relax all you can!

  9. How exciting!! I’m so excited for you, can you tell? Congrats on the little guy and all the terrific new baby moments soon to come!!

  10. I think I can live with this new bathroom situation. Under protest.
    Get thee hence, baby Jack! Out! Out!
    Ding! You’re done!
    (just for fun I’ll tell you that a friend of mine had a baby earlier this week… a full two weeks overdue and then an induction. whee!)

  11. Lookin’ god mama! And BTW… you don’t know what you are in for with this little guy…. He is going to pull those heart strings like you don’t know what!

    I thought I wouldn’t know what I would do with a boy… and then the love of my life, my little Maxwell, came along… and the rest really did come naturally…

    The old sayings hold very true… little girls become “Daddy’s girls” and those little boys are SUCH the “Mama’s boys” and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

    I can’t wait to hear about the new love of your life! (and see pictures, too, of course!) It is going to be the greatest joy for you! You can’t even imagine yet. I didn’t know until I held mine in my arms.

    Good luck and easy birthin’! I am so excited for you!


  12. so close! i’m soooo jealous–i’ve got 14 more weeks to go. can’t wait for this to be O.V.E.R.
    and of course, you still look adorable. i think my belly is 2x the size of yours.
    hate you.

  13. Wow Morgan, I’m so excited for you! how perfect to have one of each – a pink and a blue baby! You are going to be the most amazingly together, resourceful, fun stay at home mum who bakes and cooks and plans all sorts of amazing activities! You are an inspiration little lady! xxx

  14. You look awesome for 38 wks I didn’t look like you during my first 2 pregnancies! Can’t wait to see the little tyke! Is Maddie excited about her new brother??? I love reading your blog, I want mine to be as popular as yours please check it out @
    I love reading your blog it really cheers me up when I am stressed out looking after my 4 daughters! Good luck with the birth… :)

  15. This was written FIVE days ago, which seriously means you’ll be in labor at any time… EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!
    I’m so excited! (for you, I mean… If I was excited for me just because you’re having a baby any minute then that would qualify me as a little crazy.)
    Enjoy every last minute before then!
    PS. You look incredible. SO jealous!

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