35 thoughts on “Baby #2 – Thirty Nine Weeks

  1. Holy belly! Is it just me or has your Jack tummy tripled in size in the last 2 weeks?? I love it and you are adorable as ever. Can’t wait to meet your mister <3

    Ps I've made 75 felt flower pom poms since you posted the tutorial. And by 75 I mean 6. I love them.

  2. Morgan, you still look really cute! I seriously hope that I’ll look somewhat cute when I am pregnant and that far ahead – if not, I blame you. ;)

    I really hope that we’ll get to see Jack in your next pregnancy update! Mr. is definitely due!

  3. Come out come out little boy, there are so many people who want to see and meet you. Expecially your beautiful mommy, awsome daddy and your big sister.

    You look amazing on the pic! But I really hope for you that this is your last pic ever. It’s time for that little boy to come out and face the world :)

  4. I just found your blog! it’s so cute and so are you!!! You are so stylish for being 9 months pregnant! I love it! I just gave birth to our second baby a few weeks ago and I was NOT looking as fabulous as you are:) But it feels so good to not be huge anymore! Nice meeting you. I will stop back in often and congratulations on little Jack. Looking forward to seeing pics!

  5. also, kudos to you for actually getting dressed and looking super cute.

    if i were you i’d be in sweatpants permanently. oh wait… i pretty much already am. =)

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