Jack Ryan Gable

Born on February 24th, 2011 at 1:42am

7lbs 2oz

19.5 inches

He’s finally here! We just got home from the hospital and are soaking up the sweetness of this little guy. And you better believe his mama is kissing all over those chubby little cheeks. :)

More details to come. Thank you all so much for everything! xoxo

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  1. Congratulations! I’ve been thinking about you guys the past few days, was hoping you were holding your sweet boy and not still pregnant! YAY He looks perfect :)

  2. He’s perfect!!! :) Again, I’m sooo happy/excited for you guys! Can’t wait to get all the details. Yummy yumm baby :) I hope to have a little girl that he can marry someday. HAHA :) Is that weird?

  3. Congrats Morgan & Justin! Jack is such a little cutie! Can’t wait for more updates/posts/pictures in the future! :)

  4. I knew the time was coming close, so I checked your blog at least…….25 times a day. I know, it’s an addiction. Anyway, I figured I would check it one last time for the night, and WOAH BABY, THERE’S A BABY. Also, that might actually be the cutest newborn I’ve ever seen. :)

  5. He is super cute! I’ve been checking your blog each day for his “arrival!” Hooray Jack is here!!!

  6. YAY BABY!
    I somehow manage to WANT HIM even though I have my own baby lying beside me glaring at me balefully in case I should get the idea that she should go to sleep sometime soonish.

  7. Yay congrats to you all. I’ve been following you for about two months now. Those wreaths did me in!! Again congrats!


  9. Awww, he is just so beautiful!!!!
    Congrats with your little boy. And ofcourse congrats for the proud daddy and the big sister!
    Enjoy this time with all your heart!

  10. He’s a hottie ;-) Congrats! So glad your little man is here. Can’t wait until you share all the juicy details about his arrival!

  11. Both my fiance and I are thrilled you had the baby. He was getting tired of me stealing his Mac at random times during the last week to see if you updated with the news. Congratulations! He’s perfect. Look at those cheeks!!!!

  12. Congrats morgan!!! i’m so glad to meet jack…he’s adorable! i want to hold him! … now maddie knows where is jack hahaha… they going to have funny moments together

  13. Congratulations! He is adorable! Can’t wait to hear more about his arrival. And I’m so GLAD you didn’t have to take another belly picture!

  14. So happy for you~~such a sweet little boy! Welcome to the world of “moms of boys”~it’s a fun club, glad you’re here! Lotsa hugs, Dee

  15. Okay, I’m not usually a big commenter, and in all honesty I think babies, especially newborns, are all just very strange looking and absolutely not cute in any way. That being said, this little bundle of love actually made me say “OMGHEISSOFREAKINCUTE!” out loud, and compelled me to actually comment, both of which are just completely not like me. So, CONGRATULATIONS!!! to you and your family, he is just the most handsome baby I’ve ever seen. No exaggeration. He and his sister are lucky kiddos!!! love love love love love.

  16. those cheeeeeks!!!!! :)
    he’s SO adorable. I think you can safely put your fears of ever having an ugly child to eternal rest, because your children surpass cuteness.
    congrats again to you all. I hope everything is going smoothly. been thinking about you lots. :)

  17. Congratulations to the four of you! He’s lovely :) I love the name Jack (it happens to be my own son’s name, but no bias!)

  18. I can’t believe he’s here! He’s adorable, CONGRATS! It seems like you just told us you were pregnant :)
    ENJOY! Can’t wait to hear all about being a mommy (again).

  19. MORGAN! i’ve been secretly following your blog for some time now, and i just came over to check on you and see how you’re doing…and i can’t even believe it! he’s here!!!! congrats! he’s absolutely beautiful. Lots of luck!!! Give that little guy lots of love!

  20. Oh, Morgan!!!! He is PRECIOUS!! How how HOW did I miss that he already entered the world!?? Forgive me for my late post! He is just such a sweet, handsome little fellow..Im so happy for you guys! I bet Maddie is beside herself..I’m already fearing for Jacks adolescence. (Just ask my little brother – tee, hee) Just Kidding! They’ll be great pals – GREAT job Momma and Dad! And Welcome little Jack!

  21. Welcome baby boy….

    Did you know that a big part of the blogosphere all around the world still know you well…. and your incredible mother ?
    Congrats lady !

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