aaaaaand I’m spent.

I sat down here intending to get an actual post out about how busy life is with two kids, but I am having a hard time forming even one sentence about it. I. Am. Exhausted. Maddie is a crazy person all of a sudden, whose two favorite phrases are “BABY’S TOO LOUUUUUUD!” and “No, Mom. Go to your room.” Jack sleeps all day and is up all night. I am actually scared to look in the mirror because I don’t remember the last time I actually brushed my hair.

I apologize for not responding to emails and comments right away (or at all, eep)… I’m sure I’ll get my groove back soon!

If you happen to need me tonight at 3am, I’ll be on my couch watching some sort of Kardashian show on Netflix with a tiny crying person attached to my boob. Ahh, newborns.


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  1. Gah! I have sooo been there. Fortunately this period is only for a few months and then things will slowly get easier as you adapt. No apologies necessary!

  2. Hang in there, mama!

    I’m exhausted just imagining what you’re balancing these days. I’m sure you’ll get in a groove soon, though, and the newborn fog will lift.

  3. Take your time. It takes a while to get adjusted (the baby too). Focus on your family and don’t worry about the house, your hair, the blog etc. We will all be here whenever you post…and if that takes a while…that’s okay.
    Your doing great.

  4. NO ONE expects replies silly girl! We are all cheerleading for you out here in blogland!! The sleepless nights WILL end! Have a cup of coffee in the meantime…no limit of the cream and sugar!

    PS – love that rug!

  5. Take it easy mama. You will soon get the hang of it. I remember my first night home with 2. I ran bath ater for max andtold him mama wuld be in there to wash him after I fed the baby. (He was 5) nursed blake, blake puked all over me, my bed, and herself. Her entire meal. I freakeed. Cleand evrythbing up. Nursed hr again bc hello.. she didn’t get her meal. She puked all over me my bed and herself again. I’m bawling. I have no more clean sheets and my poor 5 year old is standing in freezing cold bathwater still waiting for mama to bathe him. Yeah I remember those days. Lol.most of us havebeen there and undestand. I’m sure u r doing a great job and take you time. Its precious. We’ll be here for you whenever your ready. Congrats again.

  6. Oh gosh Maddie sounds just like Bean. She always is complaining that her brother is being too loud. And she definitely has some ‘tude. Like when I am correcting her and she’s like “Mama can’t tell me.”

  7. It will get easier. It will get easier. It will get easier. Say this a few (hundred) times and I promise, eventually, it WILL be easier.

  8. oh boy, you are bringing back some memories for me. it’s so hard when babies get their days and nights mixed up. i remember saying craaaaaazy things in the middle of the night to my hubby from the delirium whenever baby would wake up. the next day, i was like, “that was not me last night. who was that girl?”

  9. You poor thing!! I can’t even imagine the exhaustion you are facing right now. I hope that little guy gets to sleeping at NIGHT somewhat soon. Otherwise, maybe you should all just switch and be nocturnal? no?

  10. Hang in there– it will get easier. Not sure what’s harder– having a one- two- three- or four year old with a newborn… ALL! It’s all hard. And we say and react in ways we’d never imagine. I swear when I delivered my second– a lot of patience went out the door.

  11. I’ve been there, sista! I remember the days of the newborn… and a big sister who totally was not down with the change in life :) but it gets better- with every month, it gets better!

  12. Hey Sweetheart~ just wanted to send e-hugs to you. Your post reminds me of the early days with my #2 son. Be kind to yourself and know that many, many people are cheering you on. Your e-friends have your back. And don’t hesitate to ask for any type of help, including and especially if you are nursing. La Leche League is a great resource and their volunteers take calls round the clock.

  13. Is Big Sis holding some time of mobile device? Just wondering.
    Sounds like you are doing fabulous to me!! My kiddies were round the clock nursers and nobody believed me that I loved it and everyone hinted at me sleep training and blah blah blah. I’m not much of a sleeper anyway and u know what, the house is really quiet that time of night Especially when the big sis is asleep!! While I was still riding the adrenaline train the first few weeks after my son was born, I’d throw in laundry or load the dishwasher and it made a HUGE difference for me because I didn’t feel as behind. And man is there some interesting tv on during the wee hours of the day ;) It can be a welcome relief from another episode of Dora…

    Little Brother is gorgeous and wowzers, YOU TOO, Momma!!

  14. We had the same problem with both girls wanting to sleep all day and be up all night when they were tiny. You can use light to reset his sercadian rhythms. Just turn on every light and open all the curtains during the day, make it as bright as possible. Then make sure to use as little light as possible at night. (I remember doing feedings in pitch black. Not all that easy, until you get the hang of finding the baby’s mouth without needing to see, but it makes snoozing while the little one eats a lot easier.)

    It doesn’t matter if he is sleeping or not. The mind still registers the light changes, resetting the sleep/wake hormones. It takes about three to six days, but it works, I promise.

    How old is Maddie? That sounds about right if she’s between 18 and 24 months or 30 to 36 months. Big leaps in cognitive development around then can cause some odd behaviors just before and during the leaps, sometimes compounded by trouble sleeping. Just be patient, she’ll settle down once she gets accustomed to the changes.

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