29 thoughts on “Both kids are sleeping…

  1. Kristin, I can't imagine not being able to paint my nails for that long! I bet you'll go crazy with all the fun colors that are out right now when you can!

  2. Katy, YES. She's fabulous.Kristy, you totally get how exciting it is to sit down for 30 minutes and flip through a magazine, right? It's a small glimpse into the outside world and makes me feel so normal, lol

  3. So glad you have a minute to yourself!

    Also I first read that magazine line as Sex-Life Robot.. which seemed odd…

  4. It’s always nice when you can find a little bit of me time during the day. It’s so rejuvenating ! Love those colors of nail polish too!

  5. oh yay, good for you mama!! And guess what, I have that same color on my nails right now! Revlon’s “minted” right? LOVE. And my toes are pink! Such a cute combination. Love you!

  6. Lucky!! LOL Those few moments of quiet time are precious, so enjoy them! (I am currently 9 months prego and can no longer reach my toes, so I envy you!)

  7. Did you paint one hand pink and the other mint, like you did Maddie’s? ;) So glad you had some time to yourself! XO

  8. Nice!

    Wanted to tell you that since I’m such a huge fan of you and your blog, I wrote about your blog and gave you a little award today on my blog. I realize you are probably far too crazy busy (not to mention a super-famous blogger!) to play along, but wanted you to know and pass on the blog love!

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