Wake up! Grab a brush and put a little makeup.

I’ve been home alone with both of the kids for a few weeks, but it only took about 2 hours into that first day for me to go abso-freaking-nuts. Seriously, I was mental. Justin came home from work and found me rocking back and forth in the corner mumbling something about Buzz Lightyear and I’m pretty sure I was drenched head to toe in newborn pee.

I knew staying at home with two kids was going to be a ton of work, but I really didn’t prepare myself for the constant noise and diaper changing and feeding and picking up after THE EXTREMELY TALKATIVE TODDLER OF DESTRUCTION that I was about to face. Alone. On 2 hours of sleep. It’s been such a huge adjustment and has not been easy.

I’ve never been fond of having set routines and always thought of moms who were on such strict schedules to be a little silly. Like, loosen up, woman… the world’s not going to end if you don’t have things go exactly your way. Newsflash: the world will absolutely end if things don’t go exactly my way. I am totally one of those strict routine moms who I used to make fun of and OMG I GET IT NOW AND I’M SORRY FOR EVER MAKING FUN OF YOU.

Thankfully, I’m developing a little morning routine to help get me going and feeling awake and alive. If I don’t do these things by 9am, I won’t properly function that day. I’ll just sit in my corner like a drooling zombie and we all know zombies aren’t the most productive things.

  • Make the bed
  • Get dressed, brush teeth, put hair up in Mommy Ponytail. Yes, I’m one of those now too.
  • Apply some form of makeup (a little powder, a little mascara… just enough to not send any visitors running for the hills at the sight of this mug.)
  • Open all the blinds – SUNSHINE IS SO IMPORTANT. It’s like the Batcave in here if I don’t.
  • Feed Maddie breakfast
  • Get Maddie dressed in actual clothes so she’s not laying around in PJ’s all day

Whatever happens before/during/after these things is usually up to Jack. My boobs are his personal slaves. I’ll spend the rest of the day spending time with Maddie, usually coloring, reading and playing “kitchen”. Along with the neverending task of picking up a toddler’s toys, I’ve also made it a goal to do one major chore each day. I’ll sweep, mop and vacuum the floors on Mondays, for example. Dusting on Tuesdays. Bathrooms on Wednesdays. These little changes to my old routine have helped me out so much… who knew that grown ups actually need schedules too?

Veteran moms and other organized, sane people: do you have any tips to share? How do you start your morning?

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  1. Stay home mom of 7-1/2 yrs here….and I absolutly loved this little post! Haha I. Am so the strict routine mom you used to make fun of…and proud of it. Stick to your little before 9am routine, its a great one, if I don't get up and showered and "ready" before the kiddos the day may as well end cause its not gonna be pretty!

  2. Yes! Need routines! For awhile, that site called Fly Lady helped me. But honestly, only for awhile! It was like I needed some structure or else! Also, setting up a playlist of music helps to keep PBS kids off the TV… and making little goals like, "laundry put away by noon" and rewarding yourself with a trip to the Quick Trip for a drink is helpful!

  3. Also the lady on Chronicles of Baby Wise Mom blog is a little nutsy about routines, but it was helpful for me to read through how to have 2 schedules of eating, clothes, etc mix into 1 routine for the family. It would be a good blog to add and browse topics like "extending toddler naps" and etc… :)I have 4 weeks until 2 babies at home! Keep writing about what works for you! And show me a shot of that mom pony. Because maybe I won't get my hair cut afterall!!

  4. I was never a good time keeper until I had Joshua ♥ I still only have Joshua, but if my morning routine doesn't work out, your guaranteed to not have anything accomplished for the day! I have the exact same morning routine, anything goes after that until 11.30 (lunch) then we have quiet time (whether he sleeps or just plays quietly in his room is up to him) this is until 2.30pm. I have this set everyday even on weekends, so that I not only get a break, but he is not wanting to go playing outside in the heat of the day. 2.30pm till 4.30 is whatever & then we start the dinner/bath/bedtime routine. So as you can see from my days you can be both a routine & a free mum altogether ♥

  5. I set a timer for 15 min and clean/straighten an area/room until the timer goes off. You'd be surprised at how much you can get done in that amount of time! Then have a "reward" of some sort (a coffee, or pastry or just sitting) you don't have that nagging "I should be doing something" feeling. Also get your toddler in on it as a game- see who can do more and let her choose from a list of rewards.

  6. Well, I don't have a newborn…but my daughter and I wake up…eat breakfast and she watches cartoons for about an hour and I wake up during that time…then we get ready for the day!! And go for a walk…lunch with Daddy (he comes home at 11:00am) then we run errands or go to the park or have a playdate and then home for nap time usually around 2pm or 3pm…relax time for me (or cleaning) then dinner time, and then usually off to work for 3 and 1/2 hours three times a week!! Don't really have a set schedule for bedtime or bathtime!! LOL Still working on that! We usually try to get her to bed before 10pm! And a bath every other day depending on the activities she partook in for the day. I try to leave my afternoons between 12 and 3pm open for grocery shopping or park or playdate time! Just find out which days are errand days and which are park/playdate or even library days!

  7. I was never a good time keeper until I had Joshua ♥ I still only have Joshua, but if my morning routine doesn't work out, your guaranteed to not have anything accomplished for the day! I have the exact same morning routine, anything goes after that until 11.30 (lunch) then we have quiet time (whether he sleeps or just plays quietly in his room is up to him) this is until 2.30pm. I have this set everyday even on weekends, so that I not only get a break, but he is not wanting to go playing outside in the heat of the day. 2.30pm till 4.30 is whatever & then we start the dinner/bath/bed​time routine. So as you can see from my days you can be both a routine & a free mum altogether ♥

  8. I set a timer for 15 min and clean/straighte​n an area/room until the timer goes off. You'd be surprised at how much you can get done in that amount of time! Then have a "reward" of some sort (a coffee, or pastry or just sitting) you don't have that nagging "I should be doing something" feeling. Also get your toddler in on it as a game- see who can do more and let her choose from a list of rewards.

  9. When all else fails, there’s always arson.

    Wait, no. I shouldn’t say that on the internet. Who knows if google will find me.

    Stickers, stickers are gold to small kids. Jack won’t get a hoot, obviously, but I mean, if Maddie digs in her heels and decides it’s jammie time all the time, for example, you put a paper on the fridge and she gets to put a sticker on it when she gets dressed. Or brushes teeth. Or mixes mommy a drink. Whatever.

  10. One major chore a day? Like, what? I don’t even have time to do that and my boobs answer to no one but me. (Sadsies.) Obviously I am no help here, but you seem to be doing great. Hugs.

  11. You’re killing me, smalls! I’m sorry, I was rolling on the floor from laughing so hard. You are one funny gal.

    Ahem. In all seriousness, bless your heart for doing so much by yourself! I know I couldn’t. Please give yourself a big ol’ hug and pat on the back for taking the bull by the horns!

    I was one of those seriously uptight moms and the best thing that helped me was to learn to pick my battles. I know that sounds anathema to your routine thing right now, but girl, don’t sweat the small stuff. An aneurysm isn’t worth it. You’ve got a good thing going with your routine so far, but just know that sh*t happens and you’ll have to roll with it. But you can do it!

    Good luck!

  12. While I don’t have kiddos, I do spend time with 3 nephews all under the age of 5…. and I used to think when a toy was abandoned it was ok to put it away… and then somehow it would show up again, and again, and again. Sometimes to my pain of stepping on it or sitting on it, as if belongs in the middle of a couch cushion! So I just decided to never tidy up from the monsters (er, sweetest nephews ever) until they leave or go to bed.

    This does mean, I don’t have anywhere to sit most of the time, but at least I’m not hunched over and frustrated trying to keep up with them.

    Hope all the cute baby cuddles make up for any non-routine :)

  13. I totally know what you are going through…I figured out that I needed some sort of a routine pretty quickly when the husband went back to work. ( I have a 3 month old). It can be pretty intense when you are by yourself, especially in those early weeks. Like you, I made it a point to take a shower, and try to tackle one chore a day. It’s tough! Anyways, I commend you because you are managing two little ones!

  14. my only tip is that it will get better as jack gets older. our third boy is now seven months old (or older. i forget sometimes) and i can actually get two chores done some days! ha! :) hang in there!

  15. Wow, you wear makeup? I’ve only seen Mommy in makeup, like, twice ever (I was not really pleased with it either time – I don’t like it when Mommy looks different) and I don’t have any brothers or sisters!

  16. This gives me flashbacks! I have a two and a half year old and a six month old. I remember those weeks after we were home and settled, my mom left, and hubby was back to work… craziness set in! I was letting my oldest watch far too much t.v./movies and decided things needed to change. I found if I scheduled outings I was much more apt to get us all ready and getting out in some fresh air made the world of difference. At first it was quite hectic to get two out the door alone, but so worth it.

    Also, once the babe was a bit older, getting him on a sleep routine was key. At about 3-4 months he was going down by 6:30 or 7 after his big sis was down around 7:30 we had the evenings to ourselves (I was typically in bed by 8, but still). :) Good luck! It WILL get easier. Try to enjoy every moment (even the crazy ones).

  17. So friend, I’m not organized, sane or a mom. So I don’t think I can help you much here. HAH :)

    I think you’re going to need a set schedule though. I know just for me on the weekends I need to make myself get stuff started earlier or else I will just be lazy all through the rest of the day and not get anything done. I think you are done a FINE job!

  18. I hear ya! Making the bed and brushing my teeth are the biggest things for me — otherwise I lay in bed all day and don’t eat because everything tastes gross. As for the never-ending game of pick up, I gave up. I pick up the front room during nap time and make my son pick up his room every night before bed. He is only 1.5, but he thinks cleaning up is a game of its own, so it works! Good luck!

  19. The one-day-a-thing routine has been a saving grace for us. Mondays are laundry day, Fridays are the “put things back where they belong” days…you can kind of fall into a pattern of what works for you.

    I’m the type of person that could lay in bed all day because I am simply that lazy. As long as I get up and get the kidlet ready for the day (brushing of teeth, putting on clothes) then the day seems to go along much better.

    Something that’s been a bit of a help to me is being okay with things being messy/untidy. Your husband’s not going to care, people who are your friends aren’t going to care if things aren’t spic and span 100% of the time, and the rest of your family is aware that you literally JUST had a new baby! It’s okay to have some time to rest and make sure that you don’t relapse into Zombie-ism.

  20. Dude! I’m lucky if I make it out of pjs by 5pm and I only have 1. AND she’s like the easiest baby of all time. I’m not really sure what happens once you become a mom but I’m pretty sure in the world of moms it’s only 15 hour days, not 24. Somehow all of a sudden evening is here and I’m like, “woah, a shower might be nice. Lunch would be good too.”

    You’re whole 1 big chore a day is an awesome idea. I’m gonna start that tomorrow. Maybe I’ll feel more productive.

  21. I have a 15 month old twin boys and a rambunctious two year old boy as well. I seriously don’t know what my hair even looks like down any more. It’s ponytail and go around here. I have strict nap times, but everything else is pretty carefree around here. My house is always a disaster, but my thinking is that if I have a super clean house then I’m not using my time correctly. They are only little for so long, and guess what if you leave it long enough your husband will pitch in! Oh and any family member who wants to visit and snuggle with that new little one gets to do the dishes while they are washing their hands to hold him. :)

  22. I let my 2 and 3 year old watch an hour of TV (terrible, I know) every morning, while I eat breakfast, make coffee and nurse the 3-week-old while reading a magazine. (Sometimes I surf the net while I’m eating breakfast)

    The rest of our day consists of little people bossing me around – but I did spend a small fortune at the party store buying bribes for the toddlers. It’s amazing what they’ll do for a sticker or some bubbles. Sometimes I’m able to get the house clean during naptime. Other times, I use that time to shower (napping isn’t really my thing).

    4:30 is when we all run around like crazy people picking up toys (etc) and cleaning up the kitchen before daddy gets home. :)

    My advice to you? Don’t have baby #3 until baby #1 is old enough to go to preschool several days a week – usually age four.

  23. I don’t even have kids and I find I can’t function without my schedule and routine (maybe I’m uptight?) I’m completely terrified of what will happen when I do have kids. It sounds like you’re doing a great job!

  24. Adjusting to 2 is by far the most difficult (in case some day you’re thinking of a third, it’s a piece of cake!). The hardest part (imo) was to realize you don’t get anymore “me” time for awhile – their nap schedules never mesh, once the oldest is in bed it’s time for the baby to get up and eat, yadda yadda. This too shall pass :) Now you know why Bill Cosby said you’re not a parent until you have 2!

  25. You are doing good! The morning routine is perfect. I always make sure I have the beds made and I’m showered/dressed before my husband leaves for work. (I have a 10 month old and a 2 yr old). Right after he leaves, the kids eat and I get them dressed. Then I do one main chore each day like you said. You are doing awesome! Hang in there, it will only be like this for a couple months, then Jack will be taking regular naps most likely and you can develop a more solid routine. It is hard, I know, but you are doing awesome! :)

  26. I only have one very busy 10 month old – but I have to have some sort of routine to keep myself sane. I try to do the same thing you do, certain household chores on certain days, maybe one bigger thing each day. Now that the weather’s nice, I also try to get outside for a bit each day – though that’s probably harder for you with a toddler too! It breaks up the day for me, though :)

  27. I definitely know what you mean! Scheduling is a love hate kind of relationship for me. And, isn’t it weird how something as simple as making your bed can give the day a nice kick start? Mine major task that always keeps my head above water, aside from the bed making, is keeping the dishes put in the dishwasher as I go. If I can end the day without a shit ton of dirty dishes in the sink I consider it a win, and usually the rest of the house is less messy too. Another trick I’m slowly learning is that I can’t just have ONE laundry day. I don’t get it all done (plus I cloth diaper too). So, I’ve started with a laundry schedule and it’s awesome. Monday Maddie (I have one too :) and Misc., Tuesday towels (I’m already half way done!), Wednesday whites etc. And then I have to actually fold clothes and everything before I am done for the day. Oh, and the age old, don’t go to bed until the house is clean rule. So helpful!

  28. Mommacita, it sounds to me like you’re doing awesome!

    Everyday you somehow manage to:
    1) Keep a toddler alive.
    2) Keep a baby alive.
    3) Keep yourself alive.
    4) Give the baby delicious mommy milk which is SO good for him.
    5) Play with your daughter.
    6) Not collapse from exhaustion.
    7) Allow your husband to work worry-free because he knows his kids are with the woman who loves them most in the world.
    8) Teach your kids about their world.

    And you do chores on top of that? Great job momma! You have a toddler and a babe who’s a few weeks old. You are doing awesome. It’ll get easier pretty soon. :)

  29. Okay, my girls are 14 and 16 now, but when I stayed at home with them (by the way, thanks for the shout out about how difficult it is) I really felt like I was just a poop cleaner-upper, sippy cup filler. But, like you, I did have some routine, otherwise, I’d be in my pajamas to THIS DAY! I got up and dressed too, fed the kiddos and then from about 9-11 was my really big “Do” time…laundry, run the sweeper, dishwasher, whatever. Then from 11-12 it was PLAYTIME! Then lunch and nap. Now I’m just saying, NAP WHEN THEY NAP! You almost have to. Then after nap, I had another section of time I set aside for house stuff (maybe a few errands or even some more house work kind of stuff. Mind you this was long before the days of internet, email and blogs otherwise that might have been where I was). After dinner a night a week while my hubby watched the kids for just a bit, I went out—to the grocery store, the hallmark, heck, I parked my car in the bank parking lot if I had to! It seemed to help just get my head on straight.
    You can do it! I believe in you—and your blog is so much fun to read because I fell like I could have written it myself 14 years ago!

  30. First I have to say that I LOVE you blog! I’m pregos with baby #2 and am SO sick: I’ve established a pretty good relationship with my bathroom. You are so funny and say the things I feel sometimes.

    Anyhoo …

    I too think you’re doing great. One thing that helped me with baby #1 is a feeding/sleeping schedule that had my little one sleeping for 6+ hours a night by 3 months that made ALL the difference in the world. Read “On Becoming Babywise” if you’re interested.

  31. It sounds like you’re doing great!! I have a just-turned-2 year old and a 6 month old. The best thing that will happen is when they start napping at the same time (which they’re doing right now. . . mommy bliss!) That started regularly here around 3 months and is the biggest thing that I am militant-schedule-mommy about.

    Also, I make it a point to try not to waste nap time on things I can get done while the kiddos are awake. I let my toddler draw on her chalkboard in the kitchen while I do the dishes, for example. And she gets in the shower with me every morning, which kills two birds with one stone since I get clean and she thinks it’s the most fabulous play time ever. Now that I have 2 babes, I try to use my little bit of “me” time each day for a little bit of relaxing or exercising or computer time. . . things I can’t do while the little ones are awake.

    Other than that, I’m just winging it :)

  32. It really does get easier I promise. Took me a month or two to get things going so you are doing pretty good:) I am expecting #3 in a month so I will let you know how that is… yikes!

  33. I just had my fourth baby two weeks ago. My house is madness and we are still adjusting. But after each child, I always learn to take it easy and not be so hard on myself.

    Relax and enjoy your kids. Learn to embrace a little mess at this time in life. Things get easier as they get older. You just had him, so you could probably use time to just lay around in jammies with them. ;)

    Routine will come! don’t worry!!

  34. Two thoughts~
    1) have a basket with all the things you might need once you sit down to nurse (phone, toys, book for you, water bottle, granola bars or other munchies, hand cream, hand sanitizer, etc.)
    2) sort a load of laundry and put in the washer, ready to go in the morning. If your washer has a delay start function, set it for the time you’ll be getting up. Just having a load ready to go makes you feel like you have a start on the day!

  35. You are doing great!!
    Two is not easy! I had number two when number one was two years and 4months old and even with that gap it was hard! I had two in nappies for a while (was busy potty training the first one when the second one was born).

    you do feel like your life consists of one long nappy changing, breast feeding, zombie like state!

    but it does get better!

    Routine does help, but don’t forget its also good to break it every now and then and do something totally spontaneous! And if you are feeling brave , venture somewhere new and baby/child friendly! (just not the mall!!)

    Having my kids that small feels like a vague memory even though the second one is only 7…it passes so quickly. So just enjoy them while they are little!

  36. I have three children, and am a SAHM and my house can be crazy at times too! Give yourself a break, it has only been two weeks!! You will get in the groove before too long! Here are a couple of suggestions,

    1. A routine is wonderful—you are right.

    2. Try to join a MOPS group. It is for mothers with children age five and under. My group meets twice a month with breakfast, and there is childcare provided. It is a great place to meet other moms who are in the same place you are in your life, and get tips and hints on how other moms do things. It is great support for young moms and a great place to make friends. http://www.mops.org

    3. Get some sort of wrap, like a MOBY, if you don’t have one already. I never did get the hang of nursing with one, but my friend did and they are fabulous! They are so multipurpose, and can allow you to help baby if he is fussy and still have time with your toddler. I used mine like crazy with my second, as he was colicky and wanted to be held all the time. Definitely worth the $$$. Makes shopping trips easier too.

    Keep up the good work. You are doing great!

  37. I have to applaud you. My sister is currently going through the same adjustment from one to two children. From what I’ve heard, this is the most difficult step. She says that regular nap times are the most important for her two. You’re doing great!

  38. I have 4 daughters and 2 are at school/preschool. I have my two that stay at home with me I made a chart out of felt that they use each morning they get dressed with a little help from me, brush their hair with my help, brush their teeth with my help, and pick up their toys and put them in their box they move their marker up one each time they do something and each day they get to the end I mark it on a sheet of A4 paper that is stuck to the fridge and they get a small treat at the end of the week, my twins are 2 and I have my other daughters 5 and 3 who have a similar chart that has stuff to get ready for school. It works for me I have recently started selling them after my friends started asking. Check out my blog 24 Kraft St at http://kraftstreet.blogspot.com

  39. I’ve so been there. I was a total militantly by the schedule mom just after my youngest was born. The only thing I can tell you is don’t cling to it to the point where it drags you down. I can’t tell you how many times I got down on myself because I didn’t do “enough.”

    Oh, and the schedule/routine will likely need to be revamped every few months as the little ones’ needs change. I know we’ve gone through a dozen or so of them in the past two years, and mine won’t be 3 and 5 until mid-summer.

    Sounds like you’re doing great.

  40. I am seriously so proud of you, if I haven’t already said this enough. A two week old bebe and you’re already getting a routine down? I’m in awe of you! hugs!

  41. hahahahaha seriously i just can’t stop laughing at your hilarious way with words. i almost woke up my hubby from all my gafawing.

    you need to write a book. or just keep blogging:)

  42. Well, little Mama, you don’t really need any advice! Sounds like you’ve got yourself all sorted out (as sorted out as one can be at this season in life!).

    I’m a newbie to your lovely little blog and haven’t ever commented before, but wanted to encourage you! I’m a homeschooling Mama of 6 kids (yep, 6), the youngest of which are identical twin girls-14 months old. I feel zombie-ish quite often myself! But I will tell you that you’re on the right track with getting a bit of a schedule and not sitting around in your pjs all day with spit up or pee soaking your nighty! Also, trying to get Jack on a schedule is key! KEY! You don’t want to be a Nazi about it, of course, but the better he eats and sleeps (with some semblance of order!) the better LIFE will be. Take some walks if you can-getting outside when you can is really good for all of you too. And DO NOT attempt to take both children to the grocery store (or anywhere other than a drive -thru!) alone for at least 3 more months. Seriously, our twins were like 6 months old before I attempted this with 6 kids! (I’m kind of a scaredy cat).
    Anyhow, you are a delight to read and just wanted to encourage you!! :)

  43. Though both of my girls are grown now, I can remember VIVIDLY the times you are talking about! I didn’t have the outlet of Blogging to express myself and felt very isolated. You are doing the best thing possible by talking about your day. It will help you in the long run. Your sense of humor is wonderful, you had me giggling through out :-) Enjoy Motherhood….it flys by sooooo fast..

  44. Reading this post took me back in time when I had my second baby and I was feeling exactly the same way. Those first few months were soooooo hard to adjust.

    My husband came home to find me sitting on the couch, sobbing my eyes out. I never thought that caring for a 2 year old and a newborn on very little sleep would be that difficult. But it was and I was losing it.

    So I can relate. I feeeeeeel you!

    And having that routine and schedule is a MUST. It keeps your sanity. It keeps the kids sanity. lol

    Not to mention, the good news is that it does get better and more fun. Hang in there. You’re much stronger then you think you are :)

    Love your blog!

  45. LOL..you are hilarious. I know I’m late on the comment bandwagon but I can tell you as a mom who’s raised 3 and who now has a 2 year old (as of this Saturday) I understand the toddler thing & juggling more than one child. Avery’s favorite response to most things is “NO MOMMY” and “OHHH NOOOOOO” followed by dramatic, face-in-her-hands sobbing and dropping to the floor. I’ve gone thru many days of rocking in that corner, chewing my hair & babbling incoherently because of sleep deprivation, a demanding baby that just barely started sleeping full nights…correct, I haven’t slept a full night in 2 years…and a messy house, which I’m a complete freak about. I’m also a single parent, adding to the insanity. I just remind myself it’s a phase..she’ll be able to pick up her toys soon enough and to just enjoy this time because soon I’ll wish she wanted to play with mommy & all those toys & demand all my time.
    Biggest thing…give yourself permission to not be perfect…to have a bad day, a messy house, no make up, and a jammy/sweats day. Schedule it if you have to…just know it’ll happen and it’s ok. Why? Because you’re human and I have yet to meet the laundry, dishes, toy-picker-upper fairy maid that comes in the middle of the night. It’ll be there for you to start a fresh new day and try again.
    OH YEA…and ask for help. It takes more courage to admit you need it than to try to do it all alone all the time.
    Your family’s beautiful and your on the right path for keeping your sanity. Just enjoy every moment…good and messy. My older kids best memories are of the time we spent together and not the condition of our house or how together mommy had it. It’s in those crazy moments that some great memories were made!!

  46. Not a mom yet, so I have no tips. But I do commend you for bravely staying home with 2 children, that’s got to be tough!!

    And you’ve also made me feel extremely lazy for the lack of housework I do…it’s not like I have any kids to use as an excuse!

  47. Sounds like you’re doing fabulous!! What saved me the first year was to shower and do the makeup thing and breakfast thing before my husband left for work, ensuring that I was at least semi-human. After awhile, I learned not to stress about the house if I didn’t get to it (but, truth be told, I did get help for almost a year w/ that once a week). But I absolutely had to maintain a laundry schedule to stay on top of that.
    And come 4pm, it was tv time for the oldest (who was 2 at that time). I had to get dinner going for some semblance of normalcy. As long as my twins were fed and dry, if they fussed for that half hour that I was making dinner, they fussed. Otherwise I went insane. Because they were colicy hell for 3 months and I had to have that dinner made for my sanity

  48. You are doing great! In a few short months we’ll turn over the car keys (along with a St. Christopher medal) to the youngest of our three and trust that he will do his part to keep the roads around here safe. Blogging would have been such a blessing, if it had existed back when I was deep in the muck of mothering. What a great way to connect with other young moms, a great way to document and savor your memories, and a great barometer to make sure you keep a healthy balance as you navigate through mommyhood. I’m sure you’ll be fine! God bless…….

  49. I just started being a stay at home mom this year, too. It’s crazy how much different life is and how much time I can waste if I am not on a schedule as well. My son is 5 and I don’t have any babies (yet) to take care of, but it’s still difficult to get up and get things done. I have found myself still in my PJ’s when my husband got home from work, and I was like “uhhhh, I’ll go get dressed right now.” LOL. No, seriously, though, routines and schedules help so much. I made a list and taped it inside the cupboard above the washing machine of which loads of laundry get washed each day. I make sure to wash my face/brush my teeth/make the bed as soon as I get up and I won’t allow myself or my son to eat until our teeth are brushed. I also made a list of chores for my son to do every morning (like 7 easy things- brush teeth, get dressed, make bed, empty little trash cans into big trash can, etc) before he gets to watch tv or play. Those 20 or 30 minutes give me my sanity and a few min to catch up on my blogroll or whatever I want. Then he usually plays or watches tv for an hour and I get my chores (dishes, laundry, etc) done and freshen up. Also, one of his chores is to put the laundry from the dryer onto the couch. Then he sorts them for me- underwear in one pile, shirts laid flat in another pile, or if towels, then laid out flat. It makes it easier for me when I sit down to fold them and plus they are on the couch. I can’t sit and relax until they are done or they just sit there and stare at me. LOL.

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