• opened a Go-Gurt for Maddie (most difficult thing, EVER)
  • ate breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • fell asleep
  • put on a full face of makeup (no simple task)
  • made a shopping list
  • talked on the phone
  • had an argument
  • read a book
  • colored with Maddie
  • fixed her hair
  • Tweeted
  • picked up a spilled glass of water off the ground and set it on the coffee table using only my feet
  • answered the door
  • typed out this post

These things have all been accomplished while nursing Jack.

I kind of feel like Kramer in that one episode of Seinfeld, where heĀ installs a garbage disposal in his shower so he could prepare food in there and waste less time. Every time I pick up a magazine to read or start eating a bowl of cereal while Jack is stuck on there, I can’t help but think of Kramer rinsing the lettuce.

Sometimes you just have to get creative with your time saving techniques!

15 thoughts on “Multitasking

  1. Not to brag, but I have made chocolate chip cookies while nursing. It involved a kitchenaid mixer and a cookie scoop, but I was impressed with myself nonetheless.

  2. LOL!! Malachi is always bringing things like Go-gurts to me while I’m in the shower for me to open for him- the multi-tasking never ends!!
    The poor 2nd kid is always slung around while being nursed while you attend to various tasks…so different than your first go ’round where the baby lies peacefully and you stare contently into their eyes the whole time ;D

  3. haha its amazing what you can do when you have 2 kids. I was holding our newborn, fixing the other 2 kids lunch, and trying to talk on the phone and my father-in-law walked in and said “wow I dont know how you do it, its amazing” hey you do whatcha gotta do!

  4. I feel like we should make a list of crazy places we’ve nursed. ;)

    Mine include the bathroom during church, right after a shower (multitasking by taking Gabe into the shower with me…), and while ironing.

    Oh, and once while doing yoga. Ha.

  5. You crack me up!

    I LOVE Seinfeld and that is such a great episode! Best part is when they are eating the salad and he tells them he created the entire meal while in the shower.

    Honestly, I’m surprised you have time to blog at all, so Way to Go!! You should get a gold star or something!

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