Fashion Friday (not really)

Greetings from Knott’s Berry Farm (circa 1990)!

I really don’t have anything else to say about this. Happy Friday!

15 thoughts on “Fashion Friday (not really)

  1. those glasses are bad ass, I bet you could beat the other kids with them if they made fun of you. ;) I think I had the same pair but with darker frames.

  2. Hah! Don’t you wonder what your parents were thinking sometimes? I swear my bangs were about an inch too long for the first ten years of my life. Maybe that’s why I’m so anal about dressing my babe super cute all the time!

  3. hahahahaha….i assure that maddie will be so overdressed because you are dressed like this!
    i know i will never let t-a look like i did when i was small..hahahaha
    too cute!

  4. I love this! My mom forced me to have bangs with wavy hair -imagine wavy, sweaty FL bangs, on a very chubby child. Not. Cute.

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